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Company of one wife and children treatment acquired two new machine tools, any machine tools that use before than this company are more advanced. The latent capacity that G&G Precision company is throwing these two machine tools with all one's strength disentombs in the job. G&G company places outfit technology in the work that creativity used on low cost machine tool, use at making the accurate part that is worth at high price, such as is used at the embedded content product that rachis orthopaedic uses. Although the company is joint,the project that everybody Paul Gombar and Rich Griffith can complete this kind of high level to his enterprise all the time is designed and feel proud, but they realize, the skill of these creativity can bring them current development level only. The client's commission works complex degree rising ceaselessly, this asks they acquire more and sophisticated equipment. Accordingly should the pace that company general must step a development ahead, perhaps be very big one step. This opportunity was in new machining center to appeared 2012. New commission produced the task to put forward two great opportunity to machine difficult problem to this enterprise. A task involves a titanium alloy part that processes exterior form hard, g&G company deflection at purchasing type of a 3+2 machining center; Another task by tens of the component number of mutual correlation is formed, ask to carry out clip to install the treatment that finish on center of turning of a 8 axes. This company continued these two business, bought these two kinds of machine tools at the same time next. To a small business, this is very tremendous progress. The cost that these two machine tools add up surpassed this industry the cost of all and other equipment that buys before this. Type of these two kinds of machine tools or this company place unfamiliar, because simple machine is relied on before this enterprise,machining center is mixed lathe. In addition, these two machine tools arrive at the same time almost. The time difference that they complete installation is in two weeks less than, ask this industry runs investment of these two machine tools at the same time thereby. Graph this 1 machining center used burden bend inclined pivot will satisfy 3+2 type engine to machine Mr Gombar to work to make two machine tools are thrown at the same time, his arrangement stands by these two machine tools ground installation to be inside the manufacturing site that a designed extend comes out each other, he installs these machine tools mount fittings, use at machining new assembly, learn how to use these machine tools effectively thereby. These two machine tools to G&G company not be indispensable. The end that this enterprise buys machine tool of this 5 axes is to finish to transfer of the face greatly treatment, and this transfers the face cannot use 3 rods machining center passes clip outfit to have effective treatment. Similar, this enterprise bought complex turning center, use at machining those to need for many times to place on simpler machine tool to hold the part that ability machines. In fact, a kind of any parts of production will have on these two machine tools, g&G company never has been produced. Compose in the article when, american food and medicaments management board (FDA) to using the checkup of these medical treatment products still afoot. At best says, g&G just has him confidence to will machine these components, but not be affirmatory and undoubted. And buy these new machine tools to take a risk with respect to some. But holder of these two companies thinks, this is an inning, one lets an enterprise have the inning of the powerful process capability that these two new machine tools can provide. Had these two machine tools, g&G can carry on not only the treatment business of similar medical treatment product, more will capable to extend their scope of business. Graph the main reason of machine tool of type of 2 choices 3+2 is to ensure component of this titanium metal is similar to fin piece transfer the 3+2 form that the high quality of the face processes high accuracy to be bought newly machining center is a Kitamura Mycenter-3XG product, the burden bend inclined that deployed Koma Precision is pivot workbench, and the interface of Big Plus main shaft of a Big Kaiser and relevant knife clip, deployed the positioner of laser cutting tool of Renishaw at the same time. Mr Gombar says, these all choosing fittings is to ensure the precision on dimension. They choose these two machine tools and its pivot account is the consideration that stems from pair of precision and stable rate. The means of double surface contact of main shaft interface also ensured of stability reach, and the deviate measured value that positioner of laser cutting tool can take accurate cutting tool. This machine tool is faced in many at it is very costly for G&G, because,be not only its price, still ask Mr Gombar costs a large number of time to learn at the same time. System of a complete set of of this machine tool is covered as by Flint company undertook installing, and the support that Mr Gombar also praises to this company is offerred, without their help, he is impossible to overshoot with rapidder rate of relevant learning process. The workpiece fixed position of the precision of this machine tool and 3+2 type is very significant to G&G company. The titanium component that will machine on this machine tool is to be used at the patient among the two type orgnaization of vertebral vertebra half bigger. There is an exterior figure that is similar to piscine fim on this component, use half at cooperating another, and this fim piece the transition between as other as the component position formed hard the area of smooth treatment. Although the milling on machining center is machined and archetypal product is become in a 3 axes, but this enterprise must use longer cutting tool ability to achieve this appearance. Deflective meeting brings about cutting tool to produce apparent discontinuous trace in this intermediate zone region. Although the client is paid no attention to to this, but the harmful response that Mr Gombar and Mr Griffith worry about an user however. Accordingly, they say, g&G has the reputation that manages high quality treatment, and the component that the company gives out may is his most important sale step. Accordingly, this company transfers this for treatment face and the 3+2 type machine that investment bought high accuracy machining center, hope such process capability also is opposite in future the task of sex of other tall challenge brings precious value. Nextpage pursues center of this 3 turning deployed two to oppose the main shaft that decorate and two complete set turn the new technology that the tower wants to be carried out on this machine tool in the light of G&G, flint company recommended G.


The product of upright milling cutter of Schultz company. This recommended incentive G&G to develop a chain of cutting test, in order to search the most effective cutting tool and parameter. When G&G wins 150 to produce order for goods beforehand, the mechanical master of Mr Gombar kisses Paul Gombar, sr.

Supervised this test, involve the work that uses different cutting cutting tool and different cutting condition to combine treatment to differ among them, can come down relevant function with documentation means record thereby. When these experiments end, this enterprise used G not only.


The cutting tool of Schultz, and used to G&G the method of a kind of different milling titanium metal, the cutting deepness that the rotate speed with this kind of will higher method and feed rate and industry custom use was united in wedlock to rise. Mr Gombar says, this kind of method will throw the application when production in new assembly number. In the meantime, method of this kind of treatment had gotten applying between other operation. The employee Daniel Dimonda of G&G described an instance. In machine of a small-sized vertical the craft that titanium metal component machines on machining center undertook finally redesigning, its purpose is the skill that uses rate of this kind of tall feed, shallow deepness. Reduce span to be able to let cutting speed increase 350sfm from 100sfm, and feed rate also increases with same proportion. Shortened treatment is periodic. Mr Gombar inspects the improvement of this kind of craft accident additional benefit, this kind of benefit lets him have self-confidence to the valence watch of new-style machining center. Promotion used the setting of higher value to bring good luck and impetus at the same time to this enterprise, let them be able to improve the treatment skill that has formed. This improved the job to bring valuable progress, this kind of value is reflected not only go up in this machine tool, and reflect the other machining center inside the enterprise to go up. Before although be in,the full load production on new machine tool has not begun, the experience that gains from this machine tool had promoted the performance of this enterprise the standard. Another when productivity G&G place buys new machine tool is center of turning of a 8 axes, the main shaft that has two contrary settings and two complete set turn tower. This machine tool is in apparently as similar as a CNC Swiss lathe, although did not provide case of slip type main shaft. This machine tool will be used at producing 3 components series, add up to 36 components number, these components are the embedded part that is used at rachis confluence art entirely, and use PEEK material to machine entirely and become. Although did not ask to have the part of turning among these components, but Mr Gombar thinks center of much task turning just is correct solution, its reason is not confined to circularity. These are petty careful component asks to be on two faces and whole perimeter undertake machining. On this machine tool treatment of the makings that use a stick makes these components can let this enterprise can carry sheet second clip outfit completes treatment, reduce error as far as possible. In fact, club of a PEEK material sends this machine tool to will make these components OK grow with cycle but unmanned hold the treatment loop that defend is whole batch treatment comes out. These components did not enter full load production at present, but when should throwing full load to produce, turning center will make the machine tool with G&G highest productivity. Graph these 4 production components special small, need custom-built collet ability to be close to all treatment surface Mr Gombar gentlemen to say, he is familiar with this machine tool already completely now, because he was cost recently,get much time to be mixed quickly more than expect fathom this machine tool. When the client asks to make archetypal part, they are returned cannot will already the aftertreatment program that some CAM software use to this machine tool. Accordingly, he wrote the program of this machine tool by hand finally. He says, perhaps this kind of means is best method instead. Thanksed to the challenge that place of work of this process designing poses, he understood the ability of this machine tool adequately. He thinks he still is made up gave to compare CAM software more the program that applies to this enterprise. Adopt single program, in order to rely on variable means, covered all 36 components number, in the light of different component design program changed the athletic way of the machine tool. Modify a program relatively easily in the light of component of a complete set of so, add new part to these range of products in future. He still discovered a few can efficient the means that uses this machine tool. This turning center was used on configuration turn by the component that tower treatment is located in the first main shaft to go up, turn by another the component that tower treatment is located in the 2nd main shaft to go up, software of CAM of Mr Gombar suspicion also can be planted with this means undertakes process designing to machining cycle. When a dentate cutting tool is used on two ranges that need pair of parts, the program of Gombar is: The tower should turn to use milling of this cutting tool by the 2nd when this component still is located in on the first main shaft this component. He says, this kind of means that practices ability of more familiar machine tool still conduces to him realizing the potential of the machine tool better. Machine tool of this 3+2 type, representing quite strong full load to produce the ability that is worth a component at high price. He says, oneself industry hope causes other change through having this kind of capacity, can affect what all exercise carry out means to pervade namely the change of whole industry. Obtain attestation the regulation that one of these changes are use cut tool. The main and traditional business of G&G is part of treatment production prototype all the time. This makes this company lacks structure and consistency in respect of use cutting tool. One-time treatment task needs very urgent consign normally, and the enterprise needs to choose only think applicable cutting tool satisfies need with respect to enough oneself, and also be adopted on cutting parameter imagine kind similarly. But, seek the course of best cutting tool and parameter for this new titanium metal assembly, have announce first-rately sexual meaning. Mr Gombar asks his employee reduces cutting tool option to be able to be put inside detailed list of a standard, ask this detailed list can apply to this company customary all executive operation. This standard detailed list lets establish the model of avery kind of that they begin to be aimed at these cutting tool establishs best parameter. A particularly precious value is shown when this knowledge will hold the larger share of this business productivity as productivity job. G&G still is going after ISO attestation. These two everybody express, g&G is complex part successfully to produce prototype in effort all the time, but always missed productivity job win take. And the account that devoid ISO attestation often is mentioned namely. And the component that this company makes the success that go up in prototype also is this problem actually. All the time since, the productivity job that wins in the fundamental place of the archetypal success that make already enough makes them ceaseless busy. In these among the case, client the impression to archetypal product very deep, as a result ignored G&G to cannot satisfy them at them all to what make requirement, among them one is attestation. Mr Gomber says, they accord with ISO standard, but without attestation, and accord with a standard to carry on with respect to enough normally business, g&G will remedy this flaw thoroughly. CNC Milling CNC Machining