How are numerical control drilling machine and milling machine chosen in circuit board treatment

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Numerical control drilling machine and CNC Milling are one of circuit board treatment important equipment, this equipment price is high, choose numerical control machine tool not only mix to set of operation, craft safeguard it is very important to include to have to producing the quality of the product. Stem from pure technology and the consideration that handle a side as a technologist, of numerical control machine tool choose index to begin from the following respect commonly: 1.

The tigidity of machine tool mesa and stability: To make the machine tool has enough stability, tigidity to avoid vibration a lot of manufacturers use marble to serve as the material of lathe bed, the manufacturer of certain Japan uses rolled steel to make lathe bed, because rolled steel is in what different temperature falls,be out of shape Bidalishi is big, not stable, works chamber of commerce uses compensation to eliminate in software be out of shape the precision loss that cause. At present most manufacturer is used is natural marble or scagliola serve as lathe bed, the proposal uses the device of marble lathe bed, marble is in safeguard at ordinary times use the essence that wash clean and water to swab, cannot use alcohol. After be being brushed, wipe with dry cloth, the ability after cent waiting for water volatilizes completely can work. 2.

The rotate speed of runner shaft and stability: The runner shaft that uses at present has two kinds to be scroll bearing rotate speed highest 80 thousand turn, another kind is air bearing rotate speed highest can amount to 120 thousand turn. If be,milling machine should use scroll bearing, because its bear the weight of fore-and-aftly relatively air bearing is good, its get collet also is to purchase be a key to inspect limits, some get collet to change not easily safeguard difficulty, some get collet to wore away to become bad news capable person very quickly and change charge is very expensive, some need daily defend wasteful time. Of runner shaft controlling a foot also is another, its life and design are unreasonable also can cause very big trouble, if the axis is mixed,press do not have between the foot sealed the capital waste that creates cleaner to want very great power to cause cleaner to purchase or the power of central aspiration are wasteful, circuitry of possible generation discharges the situation with bad bits inside board aperture. 3.

The mobile precision of mesa and displacement repeat precision: This is the most important when choosing a bit, also be cannot carry a picture or run what can see commonly, after be being bought only via testing ability but attestation, current equipment can reach design level when just leaving factory, the key is to move to come 2 years the following precision whether very stable, what the machine tool that manufactures in this respect Europe does is better. 4.

The feed rate of axis of X, Y, Z: The pace of the lever that use silk with feed current and average rate enters electric machinery, speed is 25 meters minutely, and new product already used servo electric machinery, high feed rate can raise high yield can 20 % - 40 % , the speed of Z axis is gotten the influence feed rate of material by broach and place, to manufacturing efficiency the influence is not very big.


The shift of mesa reachs fixed unit: The shift of mesa bears the weight of previously a lot of give priority to with slideway, also what move in order to enrage float as mesa bear the weight of, use gas surplus mesa mobile and agile and safeguard convenient, first selection is because of making when purchasing. Mesa secures the device of circuit board to be pneumatic collet commonly, after this collet design is right of equipment change have main effect, general requirement wears away not easily, because of one of the most serious places wearing away in the equipment when the place wears away. Once wear away,change reach debug should handy, include to locate to the machine tool of precision debug (use pattern plate to making milling machine) . At present a lot of manufacturers offer automatic outfit to place unit, if you do not have fine installation to safeguard an engineer to had better not be chosen, the demand that because use automatic fluctuation to expect fit is right,maintains an engineer is very high, and current line board auger want above of a hour sometimes, home was not necessary to choose commonly. 6.

Dimension of the biggest treatment: Dimension of the biggest treatment is the basis needs to purchase, at present major machine tool can satisfy your need, besides the is used at sample or clamping apparatus of the test that make machine tool of certain sheet axis or double axis. 7.

Operating system and control system: A lot of machine tools use interface of general Windows operating system now very friendly, some still uses Chinese, easier begin learns and operate, but stability of virus of the computer in the meeting differs its defect a bit and management is more difficult, some uses industrial system or Unix system, advantage of this kinds of system is stability good, give trouble not easily, management is convenient. But operation interface is English, operation start is a bit slow. The point of view that defends from craft and equipment will tell recommend use latter. 8.

Cutting tool runs a system: The machine tool cutting tool previously is rarer only 8 cutting tool are placed, cutting tool of major now numerical control machine tool can put about a hundred bit, some systems still have auger detect automatically reach a diameter to detect length and radial and jumpy system, in type selecting when the item that requires an attention is, the broach of bed of major numerical control is put in the front of mesa, this design means has a drawback, the circuitry that if be when the job,machines board it is very easy to because solid decides problem start,escape whole bit includes batter broach clamping apparatus. Design of some broach clamping apparatus is put in machine tool upper part, if the machine tool of partial Switzerland production won't produce this problem, detect the sensitivity of the orgnaization is mixed too high too low pair of machine tools are bad and common good with on the low side. 9.

The choose and buy of bare feet system: At present the measurement of major numerical control machine tool the system used bare feet to survey feedback system as the position and precision, also have adopt magnetism rule, the systematic stability that adopts smooth rule and defend oneself rate is high, because of bare feet read head and feet body to did not contact attrition, life is very so long, but should maintain equipment cleanness to reduce dust pollution as far as possible at ordinary times. 10.

Aspiration system: If the company uses common industry cleaner without central aspiration system to serve as the word of form a complete set, should notice cleaner power wants big, the power that needs than original design very much most is great 30 - 50 % , because as a result of,be in in actual use process of filter jam power can drop a lot of, next the flour bag of cleaner should have sufficient capacity, if the size is too small,can make worker often influence of shutdown processing dust manufactures efficiency. 11.

Protection system: The encounter an accident and designs protection system that prevents to harm accident happening and equipment itself accidentally on the software that points to equipment and equipment, if grating protects infrared ray to protect air switch to wait a moment, wait like infra-red protection need to design reasonable, some protection design is not very convenient to maintenance. Want overall balance so. Recommend the equipment that purchases European production to be like Switzerland and Germany relatively, although the price may be more tallish than Japanese made machine tool but content is worth somewhat, and the following upkeep costs is more reasonable and occurrence problem is less, use time is long. As individual viewpoint one connects the history cannot approbatory person or country, to a small contract that already signed, how can you say the acceptance inside the contract that makes the history can assure again? CNC Milling CNC Machining