The 5 experience skill that lathe of large numerical control machines

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Model numerical control lathe can appear in treatment process a lot of cannot beforehand the problem of appraise, because lathe of this large numerical control processes operation personnel besides 4 kinds of when should know numerical control lathe is machined common classification and 5 elements that raise numerical control lathe to machine efficiency, still must want to know the experience skill that lathe of large numerical control machines, such ability are machined in lathe of large numerical control is the time that reduces processing problem. What experience skill does treatment of lathe of so large numerical control have? One, the process designing skill that lathe of large numerical control machines 1.

The treatment of the spare parts is ordinal: (1) end is made the same score after bore first (when can preventing bore, shrink makings) . (2) first thick car, again fine vehicle (can assure spare parts precision) . (3) machine tolerancepublic errand first big rework common difference is little (make sure Xiaogong differs size face to be not reached to prevent a spare parts to be out of shape by cut) . 2.

According to material hardness choice reasonable rotate speed, feed reachs cut deep: (1) carbolic steel material chooses high rotate speed, gao Jin gives an amount, cut greatly deep. (2) low rotate speed of hard alloy choice, low feed, small cut deep. (3) low rotate speed of titanium alloy choice, tall feed, small cut deep. 2, what lathe of large numerical control machines is direct center of right to spare parts of knife skill choice end panel is pair of knives to nod and set for at 0 o'clock, after the machine tool answers origin, the cutting tool that each need uses is with center of spare parts right end panel right at 0 o'clock knife; Z0 of input of right end panel of cutting tool bring into contact with is clicked measure, filling value meets the knife of cutting tool the numerical value that next self-recording measurement, this states Z axis already was finished to the knife, x cuts pair of knives to try to the knife, the circle outside using part of cutting tool car is less, measure by numerical value of the circle outside the car (if X is 20mm) input X20, click measure, what next knife filling value will be self-recording measurement is numeric, at this moment X axis also has been been opposite; This kind is opposite knife method, calculate a machine tool to cut off the power, pair of knife values still won't be changed after the incoming telegram restarts, produce same part for long at large quantities of quantities applicably, meantime shuts lathe of large numerical control to also do not need to undertake pair of knives afresh again. 3, lathe of large numerical control machines debug skill the process designing that lathe of large numerical control machines reachs pair of knives to adjust after finishing, appear to prevent a program to go up mistake and the error to the knife, cause bump into machine accident, we can undertake treatment of idle stroke imitate undertakes debugging lathe first, cutting tool is faced in the coordinate department of lathe right the 2-3 of overall length of integral translation spare parts times; Begin imitate treatment next, after imitate treatment is finished, affirm the program reachs pair of knives to not have by accident, resumptive undertake machining to the spare parts, after treatment of first spare parts is finished, first self check, affirm to express to debug an end after qualification. 4, the treatment skill that lathe of large numerical control machines 1.

First rough machining, the redundant material take out of workpiece, next finish machining. 2.

Oscillatory happening should avoid in treatment. 3.

Avoid the hot denaturation when workpiece is machined. 5, lathe of large numerical control machines prevent collision skill 1.

The diameter that affirms cutting tool and length input are correct. 2.

The dimension that confirms work and other and relevant geometrical dimension input are correct. 3.

The initiative position fixed position that affirms workpiece is correct. 4.

The setting of workpiece coordinate department that affirms numerical control lathe is proper. 5.

In affirming numerical control lathe was machining a process at 0 o'clock not by replacement. 6.

The order of the movement that retreat a knife that affirms numerical control axis is right. Above is the experience skill that lathe of large numerical control machines 5, the personnel that lathe of large to be engaged in numerical control processes should be met the help that has little, these treatment skill are point of a few basises merely, need draw inferences about other cases from one instance, sufficient play imagination and start work the skill of experience of treatment of lathe of large numerical control that ability goes to perfecting oneself. CNC Milling CNC Machining