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Presswork adornment is a treatment of a lot of plastic products is indispensable important segment, more color, more agile suiting is contented and ability, specific the innovation solution that field applies typical feature that has made progress of field of this one . Italian mechanical manufacturer is mixed with rich experience innovation ability, roll out new technology new product ceaselessly in this one domain. Decorative Printing In Plastics Processing Is An Important Part Of The Packaging Industry, which Have To Meet Customers Requirements Of Design And Color.

The Latest Printing Machines Created By Three Experienced Italian Machinery Makers Aim To Fulfill These Needs.

Company of MOSS of Italy of * of   of   of   of * of   of *     is Poland a cosmetic is packed with hard canal and tube production business installed one apply mechanically at doing an illuminative MO 2280 of new-style and automatic equipment. This equipment can decorate 8 kinds of color at most, adscititious go up lacquer, manufacturing rate can amount to 200 Ppm above, in the original equipment that still can distribute stock canal to carry a system through selling catenary to merge into. New-style to load and uninstall device to still be applied to " bushing " (be in charge of two end to start to talk) , although be in,processing also can achieve extremely high rate when the canal of this kind of special appearance, for example, the speed when bushing diameter is 50 Mm can amount to 160 Ppm. MO 2280 distributes stock high-powered graduation turns tower, turn there is 18 cores axis on the tower, can handle high 40~225 Mm, the canal of diametical 12~60 Mm. This machine uses technology of offset print of 8 kinds of dry type (wet offset print technology is used at paper quality to presswork commonly) , can achieve extremely tall chromatically precision, tolerancepublic errand is hundreds of 1/0 millimeter (screen printing is a few millimeter) , besides can use 4 common kinds to presswork, use 6 kinds of technology very easily still, decorate thereby can achieve extremely high quality. To make sure working process is stable, achieve the adornment result of high quality, device of pneumatic of drive of a report is used to will presswork when tubal extreme and working place are contacted the head is raised (" without container, do not presswork " ) , prevent to imprint on core axis. Assemble the 2nd use device to it (" without container, without printing ink " ) will wear Mo Gun removeds from forme, avoid the printing ink of excessive of the employ on the canal after empty core axis. Use a kind of special device to be able to undertake the lacquer on zero dioptre, suit follow-up very hot Yin Bo to decorate. -- Www.


It -- the   of   of   of * of   of   of   of new-style Aurelia Uv Jet* of Aurelia company * Italy Aurelia Offset Digital S.



It is a company that ROTOPRINT company establishs newly for property right of trademark of continuance Aurelia Offset, company independent development expands, produce printing machine of set of new-style Aurelia Uv Jet, Leonardo, printing ink of the solidify that use UV and varnish are in plastic, lumber, glass is aspirant linage word type ink-jet printing. These printing machine fit duplicate scanning image particularly, in plastic on print design of copy marble and copy Mu Wen, use at if build profile or furniture,going up. Characteristic of Leonardo set printing machine has: Presswork mode: One-way type pressworks width: 72~702 Mm resolution (fore-and-aft) : 360 Dpi resolution (horizontal way) : Can choose by coder and software, 360~ 1440 Dpi pressworks speed: OK adjustment, depend on chooses resolution, 12 ~60 M/min pressworks head park prevents vibration in a large board, rubber roll is together by screen cable and interface card join, carry printing ink to ink box by soft plastic pipe. What BFM company rolls out recently is new-style without gear soft edition printing machine has a variety of new characteristics 8 kinds. The BFM company that * of   of   of   of * of   of *     comes from Italy likewise was rolled out recently new-style 8 kinds do not have printing machine of gear soft edition, its match stock diameter to be the platen of the embossing central of 2000 Mm, presswork length 300 ~800 Mm. This printing machine is called Marte GL 3080, fabric width is 800, 1000, 1200, 1400 Mm, distribute stock platen of the embossing central, forme and axis of reticulation of pottery and porcelain control a system directly. The main good point of this kind of printing machine is: Can adjust quickly when the machine is started, covering all standard procedure is medium pressworking platform fixed position can come true automatically almost; Because sensitive colophony edition and data rate are synchronous, presswork so quality is high; Roller of reticulation of pottery and porcelain has superior performance, pressworking can rotate with appropriate rate in the process. Filmy to pressworking dry system undertook improvement, use automation system to control the hot air scale that place of dry and different colour needs, at the same time hot air undertakes recycle, and partial recycle, be helpful for reducing energy cost. Central platen sets double wall speech, thereby OK and accurate control and presswork the outside face temperature of filmy contact. Still the diameter is 2200 Mm " increase model " , presswork length amounts to 1200 Mm. Pressworking when the process stops, every presswork the ordinal and detached roller that platform matchs stock oneself. Before using this system to stop in printing machine, can move from forme go printing ink, prevent printing ink deposit (meeting influence pressworks quality, need to clear artificially, can waste material consequently, the loss produces time) . Deploy in printing machine " sleeve " of roller of reticulation of pottery and porcelain and forme " cantilever system " conduce to an user changing quickly forme, rise presswork quality. -- Www.


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