Numerical control machine tool is transformed

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One, the machine tool of necessity numerical control that numerical control machine tool transforms has the advantage that highlights below than traditional machine tool, and the might of the computer that these advantage all come from place of numerical control system to include. 1.

The complex part such as the 1 curve that can machine a treatment of traditional machine tool not to come out, curved surface. Because the computer has excellent operation capacity, can instantaneous is calculated well and truly the athletic amount that gives instantaneous of every reference axis to should move, because this is OK and compound,become complex curve or curved surface. 1.

The 2 automation that can implement treatment, and it is flexible automation, thereby efficiency can raise 3 ~ than traditional machine tool 7 times. Because the computer has memory and storage capacity, can remember the course of the input coming down with memory, the order that sets by the program next is carried out automatically, implement automation thereby. Numerical control machine tool should change only a program, with respect to the automation that can implement another workpiece to machine, make thereby odd with pre production be able to automation, reason was called to realize " flexible automation " . 1.

The precision of 3 treatment spare parts is tall, dimension is spent dispersedly small, it is easy to make assemble, need " of " make repairs and supply replacements no longer. 1.

The 4 concentration that can implement multitask order, reduce a hardware between the machine tool carry often. 1.

5 by above the advantage of 5 derive. Be like: Reduced labor intensity of the worker, saved able-bodied person (a person can attend to much stage machine tool) , reduced tool, shortened cycle of new product trial-produce and production are periodic, can make quick response wait a moment to market demand. Above forefathers imagination is less than these advantage, it is an earthshaking breakthrough. In addition, machine tool numerical control is changed or carry out FMC (flexible production unit) , FMS (flexible production system) and CIMS (CIMS) the foundation that waits for enterprise informatization to transform. Numerical control technology has made the core technology of manufacturing industry automation and fundamental technology. 2, numerical control changes transformed content 2.

1 extensive recovers from an illness function, the breakdown part that exists to machine tool, product line undertakes diagnose and resumptive; 2.

2CNC is changed, on general accuracy machine tool addend shows plant, or addend controls a system, transform NC machine tool, CNC machine tool; 2.

3 face-lifting, to raise precision, efficiency and automation rate, undertake face-lifting to mechanical, electric part, assemble treatment afresh to mechanical part, restore former precision; The CNC system that not contented to its production asks undertakes updating with newest CNC; 2.

4 technologies are updated or the technology innovates, to increase function or class, or to use new technology, new technology, go up in original basis relatively what increase level and class substantially is newer transform. 3, numerical control changes transformed characteristic 3.

1 reduce investment, date of delivery short purchase photograph of new machine tool to compare together, can save 60 % ~ commonly the charge of 80 % , transform expense low. Especially large, special machine tool especially apparent. General and large machine tool is transformed, only beautiful new machine tool purchases the 1/3 of charge, date of delivery is short. But a little special situation, if high speed main shaft, tray hands in those who trade unit automatically to make,take a lot of work too with installation, costly, often transform cost to raise 2 ~ 3 times, with purchase photograph of new machine tool to compare, can save investment only 50 % left and right sides. 3.

2 mechanical function are stable and reliable, the structure accepts the base such as the lathe bed that is restricted to use, pillar it is heavy and solid cast component part, is not the sort of soldering component part, the machine tool function after transforming tall, quality is good, can continue to use as new facility old. But get the limitation of rigid before structure, unfavorable do transform revolutionarily. 3.

When maintenance of equipment of 3 familiar understanding, facilitating operation buys new facility, do not understand new facility to whether can satisfy its to machine a requirement. Transform criterion otherwise, accurately computation gives the process capability of the machine tool; Additional, because be used for years, handlers understands the character of the machine tool already, be used in the operation and maintain a respect to groom time is short, get effective fast. Transformed machine tool has been installed, can realize full load movement. 3.

4 can make full use of existing condition can make full use of existing foundation, when need not resembling purchasing new facility, need to build foundation afresh in that way. 3.

The 5 development rate that can use newest control technology to be able to be innovated according to the technology, improve the automation standard that produces equipment and efficiency in time, increase equipment quality and class, will old machine tool changes the machine tool of current level. 4, the system of choice numerical control of numerical control system basically has 3 sort model, when transforming, answer to undertake choosing according to particular case. 4.

1, the pace pulls the open loop system that use into electric machinery (of contented major machine tool transform need, low-cost. ) the servo actuating device of this system basically is the pace is entered into pace of electric machinery, power electric machinery, electro-hydraulic pulse motor. By pulse of instruction of feed of missive of numerical control system, after via drive circuit control and power magnify, make the pace turns into electric machinery, through gear deputy as deputy as ball guide screw drive implements a part. The amount that should control instruction pulse only, frequency and electrify are ordinal, controallable the displacement quantity that executive component moves, speed and athletic way. The actual place that this kind of system does not need to measure place and speed feedback to input end, friend says for open loop system, the displacement precision of this system basically enters the angular displacement precision of electric machinery on the pace definitely, the pitch precision of the transmission component such as gear guide screw, displacement precision of the system is so inferior. This construction of system is simple, debug maintenance to go to the lavatory, the job is reliable, cost is low, easy change one's costume or dress successful. 4.

2, asynchronous electromotor or dc machine procrastinate move, the system of closed circuit numerical control that grating surveys feedback 4.

3, hand in / dc servo electric machinery procrastinates move, the company manufacturer that the system of numerical control of half closed circuit that coder feedbacks produces numerical control system currently is more, of foreign well-known company be like SIEMENS company, FANUC company; Domestic well-known company if benevolence with the company (economy is practical model) with Shenyang research center of project of country of high-grade numerical control. The requirement of the power that electric machinery of all sorts of precision that the machine tool after be being transformed according to numerical control should achieve, drive basically is when selecting numerical control system and user. 5, numerical control is transformed in main and mechanical component changes his costume or dress discuss a new numerical control machine tool, want to achieve on the design: Have tall static dynamic stiffness; The coefficient of friction between kinematic pair is small, transmission does not have clearance; Power is great; Facilitating operation and maintenance. Afore-mentioned requirements should be achieved as far as possible when machine tool numerical control is transformed. Cannot think numerical control device and general accuracy machine tool join was together to achieve the requirement of numerical control machine tool, still answer main part to undertake proper design asks be transforminged accordingly making its are achieved, ability obtains anticipated transforming purpose. 5.

1, sliding slideway deputy logarithm accuses lathe for, slideway is mixed except oriented precision outside craft sex, have even be able to bear or endure goodly attrition, wear away characteristic, reduce because of attrition obstruction deadly area. Want to have enough stiffness at the same time, should have reasonable slideway defends and lubricate. 5.

2, the gear of deputy common machine tool basically centers gear in main shaft box and gear-box. To assure transmission precision, the gear accuracy class that uses on numerical control machine tool is higher than general accuracy machine tool. 5.

3, slip guide screw and drive of guide screw of ball guide screw matter to transmission catenary precision directly. Of guide screw choose basically depend on the precision that adds workpiece asks and procrastinate move torque to ask. General situation is slip guide screw should not under 6 class, nut clearance changes greatly too nut. Use slip guide screw value of opposite ball guide screw is inferior, but satisfy the spare parts treatment with taller precision hard. Loss of attrition of ball guide screw is small, efficiency is tall, its drive efficiency can be in 90% above; Precision is tall, life is long; The moment of force when the moment of force that start and motion is conterminous close, can reduce electric machinery to start moment of force. Because this can be satisfied relatively high accuracy spare parts machines a requirement. 5.

4, safety defends efficient must be premise with safety. In the machine tool corresponding step should be taken according to actual condition in transforming, must not ignore. Ball guide screw deputy it is nice element, dirt should be taken strict precautions against to cut bits and hard arenaceous bead to enter raceway especially when the job. Also can add shield of integral iron plate on fore-and-aft guide screw. Procrastinate greatly board the two end panel that contact with sliding slideway want sealed good, the eyewinker that prevents horniness grain condition absolutely enters slip face to injure slideway. CNC Milling CNC Machining