How does finish machining cutting tool raise a metal fast excision rate

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Time of large part rough machining to mould factory have challenge sex. Normally rough machining expends a large number of time to be used at excising very big mental allowance, but still leave finish machining cutting tool to complete much work. This brings about treatment cycle is lengthened and output falls. B& ; JSpecialty company (Wawaka, IN, b& of the following abbreviation; J) is manufacturer of a die. Need a kind when it can when apace is finish machining cutting tool to remain the cutting tool of least mental allowance as far as possible to spare parts rough machining, also encountered this problem. Challenge this task to involve the rough machining of the P-20 mould steel of hardness HRC36-40. The need on the design of the mould excises the material of more than 2000 pounds when rough machining. To finish job of this burden rough machining, need a large number of time and resource. B& ; The attempt of the first treatment of J is dedicated at costing the large mould rough machining of a large number of time, the milling cutter of face of round razor blade that uses a level in certain circumstance should spend several days of time even. Milling cutter of 4 inches round razor blade uses original use diameter at rough machining. The every cutting blade of bit can machine about 15 minutes continuously only normally, the treatment parameter of hard to temper by dipping in water P-20 tool steel is cut deep 0.

Speed of 035 " , feed is 40ipm about. Such cutting function behaves far short of B& ; The requirement of J. Its task need is right 30 inches wide, 48 inches long, thick 11 inches workpiece undertakes rough machining. Further, cutting tool of this kind of rough machining has radius of very big circular arc of point of a knife, that means finish machining cutting tool to will come up against more treatment capacities finally. Listed these interests, b& ; J begins to search can with shorter time rough machining the cutting tool of its mould, and still can leave fewer mental allowance for finish machining cutting tool. This can help B& ; J becomes more businesslike, and for its client production gives better product. When the solution should hear rough machining to have a problem, b& ; The Iscar delegate of J offerred a few proposals. The first solution is 4 inches profile modeling milling cutter. Original this plan produced a few breathtaking results. The razor blade of use IC908 brand, b& ; J is in rotate speed 450rpm, cut deep 0.

The feed rate of 65ipm was achieved when 05 " . When using this milling cutter, the bit life of every cutting blade is a hour at least, for original fourfold. With former photograph of 15 minutes of life compares the every cutting blade of cutting tool, it had huge to rise. Although had had these advantages, but their Iscar delegate believes metallic excision rate can rise further. The milling cutter of bit body type that a kind of design uses at the metal to be excised quickly is received go down he suggests to do a test with FEEDMILL, that is a kind of special design is used at the metal to be excised quickly (F.



) milling cutter of bit body type. Joined the very little settling time, cutting tool life that improved and the faculty that run below extremely tall feed, make FEEDMILL becomes B& ; J is used at the superior choice of task of its rough machining. FEEDMILL series cutting tool uses the triangular bit of a kind of special appearance, it can bear be as high as every tine 0.

The feed of 138 " . Triangular razor blade uses big circular arc radius, cutting blade appearance makes cutting tool runs below very high feed rate, every tine excises very large amount. Additional, bit design contains table of a protruding into bottom, can hold razor blade photogenic the Kong Li that match. This makes bit can bear higher cutting power, make its can run at higher than convention feed rate. Had this kind of design, bit can be released accordingly by firmer clamp normally action arrives the major stress of clamp bolt. Then action of axial of cutting force edge arrives on main shaft, although treatment is hanged longly from time to tome,extend also conduce to provide stability. If FEEDMILL and special design are used at fast feed milling cutter deep model what antrum applies is new-style long dangerous extend knife handle of BT, DIN69871 to be used together, deep model antrum milling becomes more easy. These knife handle considered to increase stability on the design and improved platoon bit. This kind of new equipment makes B& ; J can improve productivity greatly and become more businesslike on its rough machining (with taller feed speed rough machining whole pattern, and a razor blade also does not need to change) . Point out like some mechanic in that way, "Feed speed leaves us deep impression really, what go up in main shaft when you especially is dangerous extend more than 8 inches, use 2.

5 inches of FEEDMILL, cut deeply 0.

040 inches, we can run with rotate speed 800rpm and feed speed 250ipm. " B& ; The round razor blade that the equipment that J uses formerly is 16-mm remains when cutting big circular arc radius. Change the bit of the IC908 brand of identical norms, b& ; The bit life that J can get every blade 45 minutes. "Had show of this kind of function, we know we found a solution, " project manager JimReed explains. Searching field of new cutting tool, through using the FEEDMILL of Iscar, b& ; JSpecialty company can reduce settling time greatly, improve cutting tool life and shorten treatment is periodic. CNC Milling CNC Machining