In coordination the concept explains applied value afresh for OA

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Apply the market to show in coordination high rate is developing, and among them the most typical, also be development the fastest domain is to cooperate with OA. We believe, mature with each passing day as what apply in coordination, in coordination OA changes to what traditional OA brings the new climax that is sure to start informatization field. Compare other informatization spheres, the historical it may be said of OA " long " , OK even the getaway that informatization of restrospect to enterprise builds level. The development that waits for dynamic with ERP, CRM is compared, the in developing course it may be said that OA is in more than 20 years " not lukewarm not fire " , will look from some kind of angle more resembling is abandon regrettablly, the dull that feed chickens ribs. In fact, long-term since all the time cautious and conscientious is being loaded " OA " the OA of important task, helped an enterprise be marched toward quickly from traditional manual office on one hand turn office without paper, become informatization to build the sign of a milepost on road thereby; On the other hand, as the change of market big environment, of business management concept update ceaselessly, traditional OA cannot have satisfied the requirement of business management more and more as a result of its limitation. However OA is done not have at this point " sink into " , afterwards cooperates with concept, after using generation in coordination, long-term " fatigued and weak " OA begins occurrence lease of life, present the picture that gives flourishing increasingly. See essence through the phenomenon, brought into advanced concept when OA, the systematic framework of OA is producing change, the connotation that bear the weight of ceaseless and outspread when, if the definition of OA and application are explained afresh,we realise, perhaps be in before long in the future, OA not only won't nearing one's ends, return a when can make informatization field powerful new force instead. In us the attempt is examined again to OA and hunting before its value, the application that is necessary to pass the phylogeny that reviews OA to analyse traditional OA is characteristic. Applied bewilderment: Is the special skill of OA " article secret " ? If say the OA that indicates with documentation electron melt into was an enterprise to open,one is led to " turn office without paper " gate; The member that the OA that realized the job to spread automation level subsequently begins a company each one, departmental door passes flow correlation to be together; And the demand that the OA that changes B/S to the structure in the round from C/S structure resolved long-range office and mobile office from the technology, what fall to Internet environment is trouble-free office is crossed took one step; So at the same time we also must notice, although be in development process, new technology, new function is in ceaselessly for OA " add weight " , the OA that traceable government works did not jump all the time it seems that however the mode with original emergence. Mention OA now, we or meeting very naturally it and " archives management " , " news announcement " , " program is arranged " wait for connection to be together, as to a few functions that join in the future, the work that just also handles original handiwork at most undertook so called " the electron is changed " . Perhaps " OA " inherent implication demarcate we are right of OA " associate " -- " office " whether to show the archives is on the move, announcement of arrangement of information of archives management, human affairs, program, announcement; And the pattern that changes a few data into the electron is saved rise, share and communicate what release implementation data with simple working flow, BBS or information whether to cry " automation " ? When company business flow increasingly complex, correlation and across are frequent between business and business; Huge information shows linear growth, knowledge is shared and accumulate extremely urgent; Between person and person, between branch and branch, when the communication between enterprise and enterprise and cooperation send protruding to show value more, we discover, the information that traditional OA place handles and covered range are really narrow, and its are in in coordination the requirement that gender and flexibility respect cannot satisfy an industry more. "Article secret " resemble the specialty that is OA, the company undertakes with it the general affairs of a few foundations is handled, even more moment, just serve as it OK and cheap obtained software product, the handiwork that can cast off one part handles official bussiness and stride informatization to build an entrance door " transitional managing tool " . When the enterprise needs farther informatization to plan, original OA system often by " desolate " aside. So whether can the fixed position of OA be only " article secret " , where is the value of OA after all? Change an angle to think: The value that seeks OA becomes us the look from " OA " removed in inherent definition, when the more extensive management that pays close attention to an enterprise and operation, we discover, will tell from the angle of information management, the information of the enterprise covers each business segment, wear along with the change with constant routine, information content also presents linear growth, interior of announcement of the news that these information include a company, announcement, enterprise is accumulated or from exterior all sorts of business data of acquisition knowledge, enterprise, in the meantime, these information with different structure (like EMAIL, memorandum, communication, demonstrate documentation, scanning documentation) exist on system of server of different database, lead plane, file, application, and make Gu island type distributing, mutual between the passageway that lacks correlation, get to the enterprise, discriminate and used information to bring a barrier; Will tell from the angle of business management, daily office routine still covered the management of the respect such as all sorts of pair of manpower resource, project, asset, business flow, and each other close these administrative link the department is close together, annulus annulus photograph is buckled, change meets the element of each link to produce an effect to other link; The angle that runs from business will tell, of every general affairs in the enterprise those who undertake needing all sorts of resource such as relevant person, money, content, information, knowledge is effective cooperate, be like information share, of knowledge accumulate and travel, of personnel, financial capacity, goods and materials reasonable allocate, the cooperation that consistency is based on between person and person, branch and branch, enterprise and enterprise. And while conventional informatization construction brings advantage to the enterprise, inevitable also generation " information Gu island " , " applied Gu island " and " resource Gu island " 3 catastrophe problem. A lot of moment, on the enterprise all sorts of professional software, still be faced with resource to consolidate management hard however, information system is severally blast circumstance, consequently need uses new IT, get through the Gu island between these resource, from management local optimize what go up to whole then; In the meantime, the enterprise also manages a tool from what pay close attention to some respect, to the application that pays close attention to whole, the palm that the hope realizes all sorts of pair of operation link through an unified platform accuses, allocate chime to make. From this we discover, it is the demand that the enterprise combines resource to rectifying on one hand, it is all sorts of professional software show his in protruding on the other hand local government dominant position while, be in " cooperate with and integrated " the inadequacy that go up. Cover in traditional office accordingly with the fault with there still is important between all sorts of professional software, apply in coordination namely. Differ with the software that pays close attention to local managing, apply in coordination pay close attention to more at to the enterprise all sorts of dispersive existence or conformity be undertakinged by disjunctive resource, produce the value with these the greatest natural resources thereby. And in coordination the essence of the concept also depends on breaking resource just about (person, money, content, information, flow) all sorts of camp between and border, make they undertake for common cause be operationaled harmoniously. Should cooperate with when the concept, OA system that uses the convention that be brought into in coordination is medium, it is assumed merely no longer " article secret " part, apply in coordination the help OA comes true again leap -- arrive from traditional OA in coordination the leap of OA. Cooperate with OA: Cooperate with applied promotion to new height OA be born out of at traditional OA, cast off the confine of traditional OA again, just as its name implies, it came true to cooperate with in the round quality. This cooperates with the gender is wraparound rise reflect in tripartite face: "Website shape " , break information Gu island namely, offer for the information node that cuts apart originally stereo change " meshy " associated passageway, from any information node can arrive at aleatoric pertinent information node, build thereby stereo, multidimensional information is gotten, the environment that share and uses; "Business is related " , offer the program that has conformity to each business segment namely, face whole business course to undertake administrative. Every application can start other correlation application automatically, what finish relevant data is newer; "Along with need and answer " , of the enterprise " person " , " money " , " content " , " information " and " flow " the government that undertook sufficient integrated and hand-in-hand travel is united. Spark when the enterprise course of a business when, relevant resource can be brought into play subsequently and be joined automatically, undertake be coordinated cheek by jowl and be operationaled thereby. Below the system that cooperate with, cooperate with the applied value that OA body reveals higher level to go up and particular character: Associated: The information in traditional OA and application often isolate each other, and as a result of its limitation, they also undertake interacting with the other natural resources of the enterprise hard. And in coordination OA more resembling is " plumber " , " braid labour " , the builds the passageway between all sorts of resource to form logic to go up correlation that makes an enterprise more convenient. Pass such correlation, on one hand the enterprise is OK more accurate, comprehensive understanding all sorts of information, for decision-making provide more scientific basis; Also facilitate the enterprise is opposite on the other hand the person, money, content, information and knowledge government that has centralized is allocated with what optimize. Cooperation: The cooperation of traditional OA is low administrative levels, use the means such as mail, BBS, instant chatting tool, simple flow to undertake communication more commonly, communication content is scattered and finite, later undertake very hard also be arranginged further as a result to its. And cooperate with the cooperation in OA is perforative each link at management. For the content from cooperation, can be all sorts of knowledge documentation that the enterprise accumulates, or it is a certain task in project progress, or the flow of countersign of a contract that is an enterprise; For the object from cooperation, can be one person to one person, or much person is right much person, can happen in the enterprise between same department employee, OK also in happening cross sectional employee between, can be the cooperation of headquarters and branch, also can be different company, the cooperation between enterprise and client or partner; For the means from cooperation, can go up through area of intellectual documentation, theme discussion, net the conference, instant chat, task allocation have club. In the meantime, synergic process and result can get very good government in the system, form the one part of intellectual system finally. Agile: In coordination the flexibility of OA is reflected on one hand in its powerful but custom-built sex and expansibility, can satisfy the personalized requirement of different company, because organize the demand of the generation such as change of flow of structure, personnel structure, business,contented perhaps enterprise is in in different development phase. Also reflect what helped an enterprise create to open in its on the other hand, agile, office environment of individuation. Deepen: The application of traditional OA is Cong Jing condition merely, isolated, the OA comes true on the meaning of low administrative levels. And in coordination OA expanded greatly its connotation, deepened its application. It with " integrated " for the target, with " cooperate with " for the method, antenna outspread in each link to business management and operation, for example intellectual documentation, project, asset, financial, client, flow, provide personalized information for the user with unified interface. In the meantime, in coordination OA still will use all sorts of technology methods, farther implementation and the butt joint between all sorts of professional software. For summary, in coordination OA was cast off completely " article secret " part, it is to be an enterprise to offer information to release the tool that handles with flow no longer, in the functional framework that blends in advanced administrative idea and business mode the product however, explain with broader point of view " OA " meaning, help enterprise builds a correlation, cooperation, agile, deepened management platform, make an enterprise OK extend administrative eye shot each link, go to the lavatory to undertake to all sorts of resource conformity is mixed optimize, implementation concentration, agile with efficient management, promote its competition ability thereby. Apply the market to show in coordination high rate is developing, and among them the most typical, also be development the fastest domain is to cooperate with OA. We believe, mature with each passing day as what apply in coordination, in coordination OA changes to what traditional OA brings the new climax that is sure to start informatization field. CNC Milling CNC Machining