The car changes rack numerical control to show one's skill of puissant figuration grinder

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The treatment program that the car turns to rack has a variety of, domestic manufacturer home is used commonly insert cut, milling and broaching. Abroad basically machines a method to be figuration grinding. Machine methodological photograph to compare with other, figuration grinding has his to showing a characteristic, be used extensively by more and more manufacturer place. Graph 1 car turns to rack to turn to rack: The gear of main component rack of the car turns to a system is one kind when car, small-sized van uses generally turns to an orgnaization, and the car turns to rack is rack gear the key in turning to a system. Its job principle is simple, group of gear of rack gear type is by the bag in canal of a metal, each tine end of rack are outstanding outside metallic canal, be together repeatedly with horizontal pull rod. A pinion is in repeatedly turn to an axis to go up, when rotational car steering wheel, steering gear gear is rotational, make to it the rack of clench the teeth moves along axial. In rack each age the horizontal pull rod of end turns to an axis turn to an arm to go up, the linear that changes steering wheel whirligig into need of wheel drive place through rack moves, make control horizontal pull rod to drive thereby change a section to or so roll, make change direction to the wheel realizes deflexion and realize a car to change direction. The system changes direction in rack gear in, it is very important that the precision that turns to rack, clench the teeth spends on any account, turning to a system is decision car the crucial assembly of active security. Turn to rack precision difference to be able to be caused change direction not acute, operate flabby, need to turn considerably steering wheel, affect the operation appropriate human nature of the car not only, can cause even change a system to breakdown and cause an accident. On international, car production big plant ever appeared by Wu Zhuai the example of to systematic issue recall. Graph the appearance that 2 rack gear turns to turn to rack to car of systematic sketch map and treatment turn to rack to be able to be divided for spur rack and helix rack, also can be odd flute profile in order to divide rack and change flute profile rack. The width of flute profile part is 200mm left and right sides commonly, treatment deepness is in 5-10mm. Home still uses the technological process that regards tip line working procedure as heat treatment at present, the groovy treatment of rack is a flute profile is ground on the material that did not quench, like that after temper by dipping in water is hard. But foreign some manufacturer already end of grinding actor melt into working procedure, because if be in,integral temper by dipping in water is ground directly on hard hypostatic data,give complete width flute profile to be able to improve treatment quality and manufacturing efficiency apparently. Long-term since, the automobile industry of our country is used mostly insert cut, the treatment that milling or broaching method have the car changes rack to flute profile. From the point of the actual application of these craft, insert cut, the precision precision of milling is inferior, efficiency is general, and the precision of broaching is a bit good, efficiency is taller also, but these a few kinds of precision that machine means and efficiency not as good as puissant figuration grinding, and uses cutting tool cost is high, of treatment flexible poorer. By the production that tine figuration did not change to grinder inside Wu Guo, restricted the development of auto industry badly thereby. Abroad, going up early of the century 60, 70 time rose to apply puissant figuration grinding extensively, german Si Laifu faces company of the Blohm with subordinate group, Maegerle to have corresponding machine tool, the figuration grinding that grinding machine of set of the MMS of grinder of figuration of series of the PROFIMAT MT that is like Blohm company, MC and Maegerle company, MGC can undertake the car turns to tine is machined. The series of grinder of POWERLINE CNC figuration of company of the MICRO-CUT-A set grinding machine of German ELB company, Aba also can undertake changing the figuration of rack to grinding. In addition, italian FAVERETTO company, Spain amounts to Nuobate our company can make the ridge of company, Japan corresponding can grinding car changes the numerical control of tine to puissant figuration grinder. The car turns to rack flute profile to suit to undertake machining with puissant figuration grinder most, can calls puissant figuration grinder the most typical workpiece. Change craft of rack dentiform grinding to Hangzhou aircraft group the figuration grinding treatment that its numerical control puissant figuration grinder uses the 10 numerical control of MKL7150 × with the better versatility in series of puissant figuration grinder successfully to turn to rack at the car. Up to now, this machine tool already batch offers component of nearly 10 domestic cars to create a company, one most first after purchased 8 MKL7150 numerical control puissant figuration grinder. Nextpage this machine tool uses nap of gyro wheel of table King Kong implement or the method of nap of figuration of implementation of linkage of axis of Y of application of form of dish of table King Kong, Z, the nap on the emery wheel that is 240mm in the biggest ply gives rough sketch of rack tooth form. Through using delay feed the means of puissant and deep-felt figuration, on the complete width of emery wheel grinding gives integral tooth form. Turn to rack to employ 5 worker worker clamp of hydraulic pressure clamping apparatus, outfit places 5 (3 seeing a picture) . Graph 3 5 labour this machine tool uses hydraulic pressure clamping apparatus system of numerical control of Xi Menzi 840D, in grinding process, outside assembling and unassemble except workpiece, all process of executable numerical control completes treatment automatically, grinding job is circularly " essence of – of emery wheel of kibble – nap is ground " , 8mm of perpendicular total feed, wear a figuration tooth directly, odd a handling time about 1.

4 minutes. Of course, the element such as efficiency of batch of the equipment of oneself, treatment, production uses each manufacturer foundations different treatment technology. If the machine tool passes the actual production test and verify of the car component manufacturer such as grand of constant of city of domestic chaste tree, use circumstance is very good. The position that puissant figuration grinder manages the numerical control of a few MKL7150 that this company place purchases basically to work continuously at 24 hours. Now, this company produces equipment originally to make full use of, process charge about with season, also machine efficiency to rise further, by original kibble, essence the knife that grind cent is undertaken, change going up before grinder undertakes figuration grinding, go up in workpiece with milling machine first mill gives an end face, go up again puissant figuration grinder grinds MKL7150 numerical control one knife falls expected, every machine tool everyday crop is controlled in 1000. Need to explain a bit, puissant figuration grinder can mix MKL7150 numerical control completely also foreign machine tool is rivalled, grind a flute profile outline that turns to rack directly on the hypostatic data with hard temper by dipping in water. Because,be only home still continue to use regards end as line working procedure heat treatment working procedure, this kind of craft still suits the likelihood to produce practice at present. After, if the user asks to use this kind of technology, MKL7150 numerical control is puissant figuration grinder can be competent completely. And this numerical control is puissant figuration grinder besides with turn to rack at the car, still can use the figuration grinding that changes sector of rocker arm shaft to tine at the car. The tine ministry modulus that the car changes sector of rocker arm shaft to tine is 8~10m, common treatment craft is tooth form boils to cut or insert the cementite that cut after to quench, more advanced technology is to quench after uses figuration roll flute with raising tooth form precision is mixed reduce surface roughness and prolong service life. The figuration grinding that sector ages is the principle of clench the teeth that according to changing transverse tooth thickness ages continuously and those who become. MKL7150 numerical control is puissant figuration grinder this grinder structure is advanced, belong to domestic initiate, wu Lizhu of buy of course of guide of its horizontal stroke is mid two side, slideway of axis of X, Y, Z3 has advanced structural sex and craft sex, feed delicacy, treatment precision is tall. Its can use a variety of figuration nap technologies, if pen of nap of gyro wheel of mesa King Kong, King Kong passes X, Y nap of two axes linkage or use dish of form nap technology with advanced international, nap figuration precision is tall. The machine tool is fore-and-aft have fast feed function, can realize the reciprocating type grinding of common plane abrasion. Grinding area uses structure of whole sealing type, carry out at the same time mandatory safe level, collect prize advanced, operation appropriate human nature is good. Be worth what carry is, while Hangzhou machine is supplying treatment equipment for the user, a form a complete set offers the technology that still studies in development user craft after will be reliable user. Turn to rack polishing width to be in in the light of the car 200mm, cut be in greatly 5-10mm, and the actual condition that material is entity, the power of electric machinery of wheelhead main shaft that technical secondary school of 10 grinder series uses MKL7150 × to change rack grinding to the machine tool at the car is as high as 77KW, it is a greater variety in this series machine tool. Emery wheel width can amount to 240mm most, for home is the at present widest. Grinding of emery wheel complete width is cut deep most greatly 8mm, can come true to exceed wide emery wheel efficiently, exceed high-power main shaft to cut grinding of dark puissant take shape greatly, the enterprise that masters this advanced technique in the world also amount to is not much. Logarithm of auto industry development accuses puissant figuration to grind bigger demand predicts 2020, crop general can amount to the car of our country 18 million, the country asks at the appointed time car production place needs machine tool of high-end numerical control to 80% come from home. Comparative and current the lead plane of component of our country production car is mixed in breed the current situation that horizontal field still cannot satisfy need, the development that is machine tool industry undoubtedly offerred rare opportunity. Concerned expert thinks, today after is our country 10 years those who develop homebred automobile equipment is optimal and most after strategy good luck period. For this, manufacturer of our country machine tool is necessary to face auto industry to offer more numerical control puissant figuration grinder, extend the applied domain of this kinds of machine tool with all one's strength, continue to seek the work that suits treatment of puissant figuration grinder. pair of at car user character, change rack to this kind of grinder with had comparatived mature actually on the technology like the car, the treatment technology that its make level and maturity basically is worn with abroad the congener product of a manufacturer already was equal. Accordingly, the author thinks, domestic car component the factory can be at ease use, and need not again the machine tool with costly mouth of confine Wu Jin. CNC Milling CNC Machining