Brief introduction of machine of cut of Si Nirui numerical control

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Portable plasma / characteristic of structure of machinery of blaze cut aircraft: 1. Instrument type construction is designed, the technology is masterly, beautiful and easy; 2. Adopt the design of openly man-machine interaction that human nature changes, the person that went to the lavatory to use charges a sex to the drill of equipment; 3. Used the fission structure design of lead plane and transverse arm, huge is convenient the production of the product, carry and pack need; 4. This equipment used plasma cable to just manage a construction, realized the unifinication design of plasma cable and mechanical transverse arm, the equitable distribution that machines equipment to optimize construction site provided requirement; 5. This product is used modular design, when maintain or maintaining facility, can depart numerical control system and mechanical system, huge went to the lavatory to maintain and be safeguarded of this equipment. Product characteristic: 1 baseplate whole machines: Stability is good, changeless form; 2 use linear slideway and double sliding slideway, precision tall; 3 transverse arm are used dismountable structural design, make carry, installation is convenient and quick; 4 structures beautiful, harmonious, weight is light; System of 5 numerical control uses Beijing Si Dawei pace to control characteristic of technology of SH-2000UHA; of technical limited company: Gao Ke relies on function, fight plasma interference, prevent be struck by lightning, surge; 32-64M exceeds memory capacity of big user program; Interface of Chinese and English operation is changed; When plasma is machined, finish corner speed automatically to increase the software function with control rich; , practical blaze / Plasma Cutting craft, especially the processing of program of small line segment, can apply extensively at the makings below the metal and advertisement, Tie Yi to wait; But augment function of 4 axes linkage; Dynamic graph shows, 1-8 the graphical enlarge of times, move a dot to dog automatically; Use U dish read take program and seasonable software to upgrade; Buy abounds practical graphical library inside, make process designing simple learn easily. Technical parameter selects a replacement: Economy package: Full automatic the graph changes expert of Fast CAD of process designing software package: Full automatic the graph changes cutting torch of Fast CAD of process designing software: Blaze cutting torch 1 / plasma cutting torch compose capacitance increases a dynamoelectric elevator implement arc pressing is increased implement controller of handle of 40A-120A plasma power source CNC Milling CNC Machining