Roller press is online v rehabilitate technology

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The compression roller on press of roller of technology of roller press rehabilitate is the crucial part in product line, the wear-resisting layer of compression roller surface has 10mm only normally thick, exposed metal is exposed to be ground and can cause compression roller deepness to wear away inside cutty time after wear-resisting layer wears away. After reason roller press works for some time, need to its exterior wear-resisting layer has v repair, by working state cent is the rehabilitate that does not tear open compression roller (abbreviation is online repair) with the rehabilitate that tears open next compression roller (abbreviation leaves line rehabilitate) . Among them, of online rehabilitate because its are periodic short, little to producing an effect merit makes the rehabilitate of most compression roller uses this kind of means, the following difficulty can exist in spot construction: (Cycle of 1) requirement construction is short it is better that online v rehabilitate asks cycle is shorter, in order to satisfy the requirement that cement switchs on the mobile phone as soon as possible after product line maintenance. (The diameter of the risk big compression roller that quality problem appears after the diameter of 2) roller causes v greatly is in normally 1000~1800mm, and the width of roller face also is in 450~1400mm. The meeting when the sincere roller v of this kind of big diameter, big ply produces very great welding stress, and solder leftover stress is very great also. Welding stress makes the material of tall hardness wear-resisting of roller face v flakes very easily, or solder leftover stress causes v wear-resisting layer to flake with working load overlay when the job, make compression roller damages.

(3) solders workload is big and solder craft makes the v that needs rigorous compression roller work besides begun one share is dig outside cutting, the rest is welder is made. V the roller of press of a roller differs according to model need 2000~4500kg differs welding wire, odd a roller everyday v 400~600kg welding wire. When the characteristic of wear-resisting v decided to solder, need to use transfer layer, repair layer, wear-resisting layer solder differently material and welder art, this gives welder art make and carry out raised taller requirement. 2.

Roller press v is carried out in the light of above roller press a few of online rehabilitate main difficult point, point, sound construction plan, welder must be made before the construction of maintenance art the measure such as guidance, in the process of construction must strict monitoring all sorts of construction craft in order to assure quality. (1) organization carries out the controller of evening shift of middle shift of specific project controller, safety and quality superintendent, day shift, and specific construction number. Make specific construction node reasonably, must cut by preparation, warm-up, dig, Xiu Yuan, v transfers layer, repair layer, wear-resisting layer, decorative pattern layer and the working procedure node such as long edge finish on time, in order to satisfy short construction cycle. (The tool that 2) construction place needs and solder the according to project spot circumstance preparation before material construction solders enoughly the machines and tools such as tool of equipment, hoisting, burnish tool, cut tool and cable, and the bad news capable person that place of form a complete set needs. The solder material foundation that v uses solders the welding wire that craft prepares different type, make good budget be ordered in order to facilitate. (3) solders of craft make welder art what come out surely is make after the material that is compression roller of the understanding after be being communicated with manufacturer technology before construction, need those who use different sort to transfer in the light of different roller body material the layer solders material, solder in the light of what differ the position solders to what issue put oneself in another's position voltage of electric current, electric arc, solder the parameter such as speed. Use the technology that automatic planing machine is cut and solders as far as possible in order to assure compression roller the quality of this kind of great work, and the labor intensity that can reduce a worker. Soldering clearly material, solder after parameter, the warm-up with right choice and solder the temperature between the layer. Warm-up and heat preservation are to avoid the welding stress with the difference in temperature of weld zone region and other area is too big and large generation and leftover stress, the spot uses the methodological warm-up that blaze heats and heat preservation normally. Accomplish the spot every solder personnel hand solders craft instructor, avoid to solder the quality problem in the process. (4) construction carries out detailed rules to make strict construction carry out detailed rules, make everybody coachs the working content inside every node will improve efficiency. Be as follows for example construction measure: Deal with → of good construction formalities to tear open inclined flashboard → to tear open dig of side fender → to divide side of roller of → of layer of roller face exhaustion → of fender of side of installation of → of inclined flashboard of installation of comprehensive solder filling → clears → tries field machine. Above of these plan carry out assured my company to show the plan of field and quality in rehabilitate of many roller press, adopt practice examine specification, the programme of construction that my company makes and solder craft is reasonable. The hope is optimized ceaselessly in the following job, get taller efficiency and better quality. 3.

Epilogue roller press is online the welder of v rehabilitate technology art complex, the requirement is strict, need background science and engineering science cooperate closely to be permeated with across, innovate actually ceaselessly according to the project and develop. As ceaseless development of the technology, technology of online v rehabilitate also meets roller press upgrade ceaselessly, master roller press in the round each technology of online v rehabilitate, those who be industry of our country cement is prosperous and hard. CNC Milling CNC Machining