The underwater Plasma Cutting of efficient environmental protection

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Normally, when machine of production enterprise use Plasma Cutting machines steeliness or aluminium makes work, noise of generation of the metropolis in treatment is amiable body. And adopt method of underwater nicety Plasma Cutting, every weekday can add section chief to amount to the Ban material of 300m, and can achieve almost when exercise 0 discharge. The Eichholz company that is located in Germany to issue Sa Kesen city Schapen needs have the aid of to grow the Ban capable person that amounts to 300m at treatment of method of underwater Plasma Cutting everyday. This company uses this kind of special cut method every year, the aluminium that treatment weighs hundreds tons board with high grade armor plate. The cut machine of the Oerlikon company research and development that Eichholz company purchases is inside a year of many time after put into production, move reliable, got this company approbate. Introduce according to Eichholz company, the Ban material workpiece of cut large size is the major servicing of Eichholz company, manager Mr Helmut Kock that Eichholz company is in charge of producing and its employee are in early had used investment of equipment of Plasma Cutting of the first underwater 1996. Graph 1 use Plasma Cutting machine to machine steeliness or aluminium to make workpiece can come true almost 0 discharge, the noise that cut machines is very low also of equipment the core Eichholz company that moving effectively is creation value is in early the device of Plasma Cutting of the first underwater that put into production used 1996 is by the SAF company at that time, namely present Air-Liquide group, the parent company that is located in Eisenberg with Oerlikon company produces jointly. Equipment of this underwater Plasma Cutting is in 15 years since Eichholz company go into operation, every weekday executes two trade that make, carry out a proof, this is an efficient cut equipment. The function that this company thinks this covers equipment of underwater Plasma Cutting to have user place to hope and sexual price is compared very tall. Graph device of Alphatome IIPlasma Cutting of 2 high accuracy has two cistern (working surface integral is not 6m × 3m and 8m × 3m) , undertake in a cistern cut works, in another cistern assemble and unassemble workpiece is when specific type selecting, eichholz company chose Alphatome II 35 HPC whole set of equipment, what this equipment chooses is machine of Nertajet HP 300 Plasma Cutting. Nozzle of the CPM 300 Wi that one still includes to use technology of Vortex underwater Plasma Cutting in this whole set of equipment cutting torch and the CNC Machining center that contain compositive automation database. The technologist place of company of Eichholz of no less than says in that way, this company uses this to cover equipment to create value inside taller limits. Eichholz company thinks, they purchase Alphatome II whole set of equipment is a right choice. Intensity of electric current of the biggest design is this cut machine 300 A, the intensity of electric current of the biggest design of machine of the 120-A that this one value uses than this company cut is worth tower above one times much. Eichholz company uses Alphatome II whole set of equipment to be used at machining aluminium to make work already, use at processing steeliness work again, the technical data that processes work is as follows: Ply of the biggest cut is ● 50mm; ● cut speed is 10.

0m/min; Speed of ● treatment process is 22.

0m/min; Precision of ● fixed position is ± 0.

1mm; ● cut machines width to be 3500mm; ● travel orbit grows 17000mm. The data of respect of source of Electromechanical of Nertajet HP 300 Plasma Cutting is: Intensity of ● cut electric current is 15~300 A; ● uses up power to be 85kVA; ● puts through time is long 100% . NextpageEichholz company is investing the decision-making phase of Alphatome II 35 HPC whole set of equipment, the technical data of machine of the cut in this equipment is decision-making to investment the effect with rose main. The engine of high accuracy cut that Oerlikon company produces contains the double oriented tabulator of two Y direction; All drive axis all installs word of know exactly about sth to change synchronism alternating current actuating device; All linear axes contain globose loop control equipment; The fixed position precision of all linear axes all achieved ± 0.

1mm. Graph the cistern device of machine of Alphatome IIPlasma Cutting of 3 high accuracy all is designed by Eichholz company proper motion and make, derive from cistern the mainest in the treatment job that reduces air or clear empty cistern to need 30s to drop risk Eichholz company only is cut aluminium makes work, 90% what this holds this company total portfolio, the others is fine steel workpiece 10% . The material of these workpiece all is be not rustily material, so, use method of underwater Plasma Cutting particularly ideal. The steam that produces when undertaking underwater Plasma Cutting works and metal volatilize the amount is small, because this does not need,provide vacuum air extracting device for cut machine. In addition, the noise when the engine of high accuracy cut that Oerlikon company produces is machined is very low. This good point that covers equipment still depends on, cut working procedure undertakes in underwater, because this prevented cut exercise effectively to produce flying foam, and the dazzle eye effect that avoided plasma ray. With compare with photograph of machine of type Plasma Cutting, the cut device of new Alphatome II whole set of equipment is enclosed structure. The silo that have the aid of of company of graph 4 Eichholz produces at place of method of treatment of underwater Plasma Cutting is the biggest height is 36m, the diameter raises productivity to make up in the bridge of an unexpected support for 6m have prevent blindfold fender, through pushbutton the operation rises or fall. Alphatome II whole set of equipment has two cistern, eichholz company proper motion is designed and these two trough are produced. These two cistern are answer bottom cistern, have an air chamber, can control change depth of water through bearing face pneumatic so. The advantage of such settings is, after the rough sketch that when Plasma Cutting machine automatic in a cistern cut gives work, operation personnel can be taken out from workpiece of another cistern lieutenant general and intend new work. Can improve the productivity of equipment so. Because setting of Alphatome II whole set of equipment has system of compositive automation CNC, because this realized the maximize that cut machines, improved productivity greatly thereby. In addition, this whole set of equipment still has the advantage with simple operation. Because installed two cistern, the 2nd cistern can be used at the preparative work that cut processes, improved the productivity of Alphatome II whole set of equipment not only so, operation personnel still can attend the other operation in pull current Cheng at the same time, be like the memory circumstance of monitoring storeroom. While cut machines flow automation to carry out, operation personnel also can attend the welder order that places the electric welder workbench opposite and other operation. Alphatome II whole set of equipment is research and development of Oerlikon company proper motion, make and sell, this type realized mechanical fixed position to move. Graph device of Alphatome IIPlasma Cutting of 5 high accuracy was achieved 0 discharge, and treatment exercise noise is low, the operation is handy, can machine aluminium to make work already, the workpiece such as the power source equipment that can machine machine of Nertajet HP 300 of fine steel workpiece Plasma Cutting again and CNC system formed the integral technology plan that matchs each other. When undertaking cut is machined, undertake by accurate CNC unit chime moves work flow and plasma ray controlling. Fixed on the bridge of unexpected support have a watch for an opportunity, camera moves at the same time along with the bridge of unexpected support. This camera undertakes cut exercise photographs, deliver picture feeling screen to go up directly by electronic component, facilitating operation personnel watchs the process that cut machines. The protector of Alphatome II whole set of equipment is comprised by 7 supervisory equipment. The around on the bridge of unexpected support feels of two smooth telex implement, enter Plasma Cutting operation area in order to prevent staff. In addition, alphatome II whole set of equipment still has many urgent cut off the power switch, device is on all corners of the workshop and work station. Operation personnel can pass wireless remote controller to control the main function of Alphatome II whole set of equipment below dynamic state. In flow of whole cut work, the data between the CNC system of personnel of CAD data, technology, PC and cut device is delivered never discontinuous. CNC system unites what the fixed position that controls each workpiece and Plasma Cutting work to carry out, can choose cut gas by oneself, and adjusting control is whole cut exercise process. Because have but compositive the cut database that changes configuration, because this reduced the workload that handles personnel, if the database receives cut data to dictate, transmit the data of CAD data and specific and single work. All cut data all downloads from inside the database that designs a section directly. CNC Milling CNC Machining