Face the CAPP system with production compositive enterprise

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Summary: It is jumping-off place with manufacturing industry informatization, point out the design end that faces the CAPP system with production compositive enterprise, train of thought and implementation way. The key discussed the systematic program, compositive technology, technology design that is based on P-BOM to wait for crucial technology, the problem that should note gives a specification. The functional module of a when introduced this company economic system and interface concern, made to the development of CAPP system finally looked into. Current, the IT that is core with computer technology is getting applied extensively in manufacturing industry, informatization has become the key of production technology to develop one of way. The key of informatization depends on data, the informatization that does not have data is an a bare outline only. And the main component that the technical data that CAPP generates is product data not only, it is enterprise PDM, ERP more wait to move normally " blood " . Accordingly, CAPP executive stand or fall will be the watershed of success or failure of enterprise informatization construction, begin the dog and implements the rule research of pair of CAPP technology levels deep, great to sense of contemporary production business, far-reaching. 1. Production enterprise is compositive contemporary and as compositive as CAPP system production system (Contemporary Integrated Manufacturing System, CIMS) IT, government technology and production technology photograph join, use each level of as complete as company product lifecycle. Pass information share with compositive, process and resource optimize, those who realize corporeal shedding, iformation flow, value shedding, knowledge shedding is compositive and optimize move, raise work efficiency and design level thereby, promote the ability of market meet an emergency of the enterprise and core competition finally capability. Production enterprise is compositive be in computer network technology, database technology and systematic technology prop up below, come true from design, management, be shared to production data and the process is compositive, graph 1 it is the structural frame with production compositive enterprise. Apparent, CAD just is in charge of turning design ideology into blueprint, producing a course is the gather of many disperse incident, they cannot achieve company level compositive, also cannot give a company decision-making provide macroscopical guidance. And CAPP passes product data share and the harmony between the system, solve technical data get, processing, management and accumulate a problem, implementation assembles quickly, optimize integrated, efficient use enterprise resource, it is an enterprise decision-making provide support. Visible, CAPP system is arrive from the design production bridge, the assemble that is product information the ground, it is the has decision sense truly decisive technology link with implementation production compositive enterprise. 2. The system designs a requirement 2.

1 face product complete lifecycle to be in intellectual economy times, production product is in to individuation, much breed, change batch way develops, the enterprise must consider the TQCSE of the product integratedly, still include effect of culture, society even. If CAPP system still stays in the function that just turns blueprint into in kind, cannot have satisfied modern production industry far the demand to CAPP. Regard an enterprise as mobile hub, the whole process that CAPP should participate in an enterprise to analyse after service from the market (show 1 times like the graph) , from the product complete lifecycle sets out, offer quickly technical data, efficient undertake intellectual answer is used, get pertinent information, all-around in time to optimize design result, whole journey to participate in each activity, achieve the design of big technological process and administration. System of this requirement CAPP can be in project design phase, the producibility that considers a design, can assemble gender and but the feasibility of maintainability, craft and but schedule of the cost of inspectability, production and benefit, product and function, to the complete lifecycle of the product expression makes craft evaluate. Graph 1.

Production enterprise is compositive structural frame 2.

2 support are collateral collateral project emphasizes the engineering each activity should begin the business as early as possible, strive for a success; Emphasize a system the mutual connection between, mutual support and restrict each other; Emphasize passing effective communication and collaboration, achieve whole to optimize, those who improve whole system is flexible with competition ability. Above all, technology design interior is much task, much part, CAPP itself must be a collateral job, harmonious undertake, the platform that information shares. Next, CAPP should consider spare parts function negative charge of cost of experiment of requirement, engineering capability, environment, quality inspection, production, installation and plan plan are waited a moment, it is the center with the harmonious function between each systems. Realize the craft evaluation that product complete lifecycle behaves, it is the cause that CAPP system supports collateral project and key. 2.

3 implementation enterprise is compositive introduce PLM, WEB and database technology CAPP system, build a kind multilayer distributed architecture, interior of implementation CAPP system and run paralell with the data between other system transmit and information is exchanged automatically, realize knowledge share answer use and the enterprise of information is compositive. Compositive the process that is a mutiple level, grading, successive, the key is to accomplish business information orderly between each system, can accuse, safe, convenient deliver with exchange. Implementation enterprise is compositive it is CAPP faces product complete lifecycle and the technology that support collateral project to realize a way. 3. Crucial technology is analysed 3.

Level of structure of the manufacturing kind that design of technology of 1 system program involves a company, product, tooling, technology, have very strong dynamic sex and experience sex, it is the most active ingredient in company production activity. In the meantime, put in mechanical, electron, substrate, general assembly to wait for much major to cooperate with division of labour again in CAPP system interior problem. So, the carries out the complex issue that is a model process seeking solution of CAPP. The enterprise carries out experience to make clear, the system plans to need to had solved the following 8 sides issue: Flow of mode of requirement of systematic target, function, architecture, job, business, executive measure, personnel is organized and prop up platform. The systematic program of a sufficient, deal with concrete matters relating to work is CAPP system the first requirement that carries out smoothly and the biggest assure. 3.

What 2 compositive technologies are based on the CAD/CAPP/CAM/PDM/ERP that information shares to wait is compositive it is to show the emphasis that compositive application carries out stage business. Compositive method basically has 4 kinds between the system: (1) the data of layer of system of unified database implementation corresponds; (2) develop respective interface, visit the other side each other; (3) use dynamic number to exchange a technology (DDE) ; (4) the means with neuter file. The first kind of method is most good, but development executive difficulty is the greatest also. PDM design BOM (D-BOM) output in order to provide the EXCEL document of the format, after CAPP system undertakes to its filiation is adjusted, the craft BOM that is changed into oneself again (P-BOM) , this method needs to solve change synchronous problem. The data base library of CAPP uses the method of as automatic as database of content shedding material synchronism, real time gets material information, the information model that this asks content sheds a database to use unified level with assuring information answer with. CAPP system opens his data structure to PDM, ERP, PDM, ERP can read the news such as norm of the craft course that takes CAPP, man-hour and statistical collect through interface program. 3.

The 3 craft that are based on P-BOM design the news list that BOM is structuralization of a kind of product, it reflects the stock in product structure and stock the associated information between and a kind of develop message that stock changes to another kind of stock. Craft management system is fountainhead with D-BOM, undertake according to craft course necessary adjust, found product P-BOM. There already was a file to compare in building BOM general and technical data warehouse, cent is become use, be out of shape and new design component 3 categories, undertake the design of new technology file according to classification, refer craft management system again. Administrative system makes etc of collect of of all kinds statistic automatically according to P-BOM, at the same time output gives other system, be purchased for company managemant decision, goods and materials and produce an organization. Of BOM introduce, mean CAPP from face individual spare parts to transform face whole product. CAPP system is guidance with P-BOM, develop each work around P-BOM. Craft is designed even if P-BOM is gotten, adjust, quite, organization and constituent process. The processing that needs settlement technical difficult problem to pair of D-BOM are changed among them and the correspondence of many craft version are politic. 4. Group of science and technology of electron of China of systematic function introduction begins 38 times to carry out applied CAPP from 1997. Compare with manual design, work efficiency and quality have rise significantly, the design is more normative, new personality fosters pace to get accelerating, craft reacts ability promotes greatly quickly. Through old company practice and to latest technology dog research, in the fact of CAPP bestow application respect is having very rich experience and deeper knowledge. Below the demand drawing that in whole place whole program and systematic oneself develop, begin from 2003, undertake to original system the technology upgrades, graph 2 signal the functional module of new system and interface concern. Graph 2.

Custom-built system offers the function of CAPP system and card of craft of interface sketch map pattern plate of standard craft card, the correspondence that builds craft card and database concerns. Technology design system offers to be in to design personnel the assists next undertaking that craft is designed platform of technology base library and typical craft library, complete craft file refers craft management system to undertake careful autograph be on the move. Administrative system basically is in charge of product craft file (program of blueprint of diagram of process card, working procedure, tool, NC) the management of organization and management and system, flow and interface. Share in the information with other system with compositive respect: The system gets D-BOM to reach from inside PDM change message, spread systematic synchronism material and stock information from content, supervise systematic recovery equipment and bear case from production; And the information such as norm of course of information of division of labor of detailed list of demand of the etc of collect of of all kinds statistic that makes the system, stock, workshop, craft, man-hour, cost accounting parts to be outputted to other and relevant system. New system is over the foundation of old system, in the macroscopical description to product craft information and business information compositive respect play gives huge advantage. 5. The development of system of new generation CAPP is looked into 5.

1 without seam compositive enterprise to be among the process of executive informatization, the information flow between the system when regular meeting discovers is very not smooth, existence a few repeat consistency of labor, data poorer, work efficiency is low problem. Settling way is: Build applied platform layer / business logic layer / the system of construction of distributed three-layer informatization of core data layer, build the model of unified product job that is based on unified database, begin the work of each systems for core with product BOM, all information are typed, what logarithm comes true to occupy the visit of the library and information through intermediate logistic layer between each system is orderly, can accuse, safe, convenient delivering and exchange, accomplish truly without seam compositive. 5.

2 intelligence change the intelligence of CAPP is to build the scientific research that designing a process to craft and computational technology base over, introduce the artificial intelligence technology such as network of expert system, artificial nerve, use the memory capacity of the computer and operation rate, through imitate and learning the thinking of human expert, the substituent of utmost the partial mental work of human expert, be perfected and develop the person's wisdom. Intelligence changes a key is to want those who solve technology knowledge to get, expression and memory and inference are decision-making and algorithmic, core is the algorithm that the knowledge that the experience that wants to will design staff, skill and ability solidify become symbolism and form change, drive engineering technology to march toward real engineering science. CNC Milling CNC Machining