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How does scroll bearing come true decrease brace up fall the target that a confusion of voices improves life (on)

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1, summarize Normal > bearing industry " 15 " development program compendium decided Chinese bearing trade is total development target, defines technique tackles key problem the task basically has two, it is to raise bearing life and dependability, 2 it is roller bearing is decreased brace up fall a confusion of voices. To scroll body, "15 " the key that tackle key problem is the two big jobs that tackle key problem around bearing, the production level that analyses system of our country scroll seriously and quality standard, be aimed at the main factor that affects noise of bearing life vibration, solve scroll body key to make a technology, cooperate cheek by jowl with bearing manufactory, promote scroll the quality of body in the round, implementation roller bearing is decreased brace up fall a confusion of voices, raise the life of bearing and dependability. Normal > is opposite level of scroll system product, quality standard, equipment standard and testing instrument level and detect method, and abrasive is ground, on the foundation of the circumstance survey of the respect such as tool and grinding fluid, create the problem of level and existence in the light of scroll body major, put forward to roll body requires the step that the technology that have tackles key problem and takes. 2, the life that improves scroll put oneself in another's position and dependability 2.

The current situation Normal > scroll system to bearing life is in theoretic be next to inner ring to discharge the 2nd, supervise in national bearing quality examine the center is supervised nearly 3 years selective examination in life test, scroll body destroys the proportion that holds bearing invalidation a cycle of songs in a traditional opera to be respectively: Was 80 % 2000, was 36 % 2001, was 31 % 2002, although be in step down, but scale still comparatives tall, and product of foreign famous brand is destroyed because of scroll body and the scale of invalidation is inferior however, it is in some experiments even 0. Normal >2002 the end of the year is supervised examine center, right domestic and international the life contrast that the bearing of a few model undertakes experiments eventuate: Deep trench ball bearing 6208, 6304, 6307, circumstance of 6311 life test is, 4 model in 9 groups of bearing, it is good to have a type at abroad (SKF, NSK) sample, 3 type life under foreign sample; Home 6208, 6304, 6307 reliability Re are less than 90 % , in experiments 77 home bearing, the bearing of steel ball invalidation 8, in the 73 abroad bearing of the experiment, steel ball did not produce invalidation. The autocycle that experiments at the same time experiments in all with 63/28 bearing 9 groups, k from 1 ~ 25, have > of 4 groups of K 12, 90 % of Re > . K of experiments tapered roller bearing is 1.

33 ~ 3.

65, reliability Re is 90 ~ 99.

99 % . Can see home rolls body life and dependability and abroad still have difference, but at the same time, through the ceaseless effort of scroll body industry, also had certain quality level. 2.

The main factor Normal > from the case study that brings about scroll body to destroy, basically be: Normal Align=left> (1) the composition of raw material rolled steel, be mingled with and organization are loose reach mass; Normal Align=left> (2) scroll body hardness; Normal Align=left> (3) microstructure of scroll body metallographic; Normal Align=left> (4) appearance of form of scroll substance appearance and quality; Normal Align=left> (5) condition of stress of scroll substance appearance; Normal Align=left> (6) wellability of scroll substance appearance and lubricating film; Normal Align=left> (7) burn of grinding of scroll substance appearance and soft spots; Normal Align=left> (8) scroll body accuracy class; Normal Align=left> (9) roller protruding, protruding spends value short of to design a requirement; Normal Align=left> (10) roller is differred in group. CNC Milling CNC Machining