5 axes of GE Fanuc series of 16i Model B 18i MB5 of system of Che Xi CNC

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5 axes mill and car treatment can be in after clamp make much flank treatment, can save auxiliary time so, because of,prevent for many times what clamp causes is not accurate. In addition, cutting tool can arrive to have the place of the operation hard better, and treatment greets horn to be able to choose arbitrarily. The computer number control equipment of GE Fanuc company (CNC) provided patulous function for this, use these functions, very complex even treatment process also can come true. The CNC of series of 16i Model B 18i MB5 of GE Fanuc company, undertook optimizing for the sophisticated treatment such as 5 axes mill and car treatment. To higher performance demand, can use 30i series and CNC of 31i A5 series. All these control equipment can provide patulous 5 axes function, use these functions, very complex even treatment process also can come true. In the meantime, these functions support all sorts of machine configuration, no matter be head of job of circumgyrate of installation cutting tool, still use circular workbench, or both is used. Regard special 5 axes as the function, can do a hand to move feed (Manual Feed) , cutting tool length is compensated (TCP, tool Center Point Control) , cutting tool direction is compensated (Tool Posture Control) compensate with cutting tool radius (TRC, tool Radius Compensation) . Although very complex treatment process can use this kind to agree with,the controller that 5 axes machine gets the hand moves feed to facilitate the movement controls a hand to move feed coming true is a very main function, it can fall in occurrence emergency, cutting tool and work are handled with handiwork well when rupturing like cutting tool. When 3 axes are machined, the main shaft that operates personnel to get on Z axis OK and simply and cutting tool recall. And when 5 axes are machined this are done very hard get. Use " manual feed " , machine operator presses button OK and simply, recall cutting tool, perhaps run its to the direction with orthogonality of cutting tool direction. Can recall cutting tool reliably to initiative position or safe place so. When compensation of cutting tool length basically is used at circumgyrate is being done to move in cutting tool head, make the cutting tool of different length also has campaign accurately along the course of the hope. For this, control equipment considered the center of axes of cutting tool of cutting tool edge. Main shaft head carries out circumgyrate to move during move, make the center of cutting tool maintains the athletic line in the hope to go up, consequently similar ground reflects the axes of whirligig. Can observe the cutting tool way of the definition with such means. Besides linear motion, this kind of function still is inserted inside supportive circle. Cutting tool direction is compensated (graph 1) be above the compensatory of mentions cutting tool length around cutting tool center is patulous. This function conduces to flank treatment greatly, in greeting horn to be in constant change when the sleeve when mill cuts treatment or pyramidal for instance. In the meantime, permission athletic way depends on again corresponding plane. Cut of the flank when because walking,this can prevent move and the material that appears not to hope to appear decreases. Graph 1 when should using alterable horn milling to machine sleeve or cone, compensation of cutting tool direction has radius of good cutting tool to compensate greatly in flank treatment is compensatory of cutting tool of 5 axes treatment another kind of form. The radius compensation of cutting tool is OK the actual diameter that presses the geometrical appearance of workpiece process designing cutting tool has a balance: When cutting tool is lesser, make feed a bit small when feed is bigger than cutting tool, the outline that gets from this is the dimension of a hope fitly consequently. An internal angle that still can avoid to appear not to hope to appear additionally is tangent (Interference Check) . The way that CNC control equipment still can discover to cutting tool is about to happen changes, can reduce feed in time, so that be in the curve,do not send milling excessive. Work place is compensated (graph 2) (Workpiece Setting Error Compensation) , machine error is compensated (Machine Error Compensation) , tilt the treatment on working surface (TWP, tilted Working Plane) and cutting tool hands in countervail of meeting have a snack to stave off hunger (Tool Cutting Point Compensation) wait for 4 kinds of functions to will have more improvement. When after workpiece is machining a process, getting off, undertake metrical for instance, next even proceed treatment, use work place to compensate (graph 2) . Compare with former clamp photograph, minor on size error is inevitable. This kind of function is OK in measuring a result to bring into the treatment process from the back as correction factor. Graph compensation of 2 work place is OK measure a result to be used at from the back the correction factor CNC that machines a process is OK still undertake compensating to all sorts of machine errors. Particularly advantageous to 5 axes treatment function is, to rotating linear amlposition of the axis undertakes be compensatinged automatically. Up to now, this kind of wheelbase must try to collect and consider when NC process designing, now, the person that use can adjust these memory is in control equipment, and need not try to consider in every program. In addition, machine tool production manufacturer still can is opposite the axes of error edge cutting tool of the machine undertakes additional temperature is compensated. Be gotten to machining a form simply to be like or cut whorl, can use declining working face. Gyral axis can be adjusted for this and secure the angle that hopes in place. Can undertake machining with 3 linear axes next. And also need not use special clamp device in that way like simple 3 axes machine tool. "Tilted Working Plane " this one characteristic can be offerred tilt the function that machines on working surface. A when reduce job of NC process designing useful function is compensation of cutting tool point of tangency. Here involves the calculation of point of tangency that cuts material to cutting tool. Special cutting tool is like echelon milling cutter or need of round horn milling cutter has special correction, these values are an input normally in CAM software. The new-style CNC of GE Fanuc company is after be being measured, be worth these permanent protect existence controller in, press key-press to be able to be called. This simplified not only NC process designing, and also need not change NC course surely and change inside short time cutting tool. Because performance is superior,Naminei inserts the appearance that achieves nicety, the new-style CNC controller of GE Fanuc company offerred a lot of advantages for 5 axes machine tool. So complex machine tool also can use the CNC controller that place of 3 axes machine tool uses the convention to develop the new product that give later of course. For instance Naminei inserts a law (graph 3) it is the one big strong point that controller of CNC of GE Fanuc company makes quality of extremely narrow face, this makes a respect have the market very much in cutting tool and mould. Controller uses this kind of function to make the fixed position statement that is an unit with accept rice, just also make a number exact consequently servo emerge as the times require. Use this to plant inside insert, need not make to the nearest whole number to the smallest instruction increment, advanced servo can undertake to the contrail of cutting tool very even dog, mix quickly in feed consequently revolution can achieve first-rate appearance below high case. The graph inserts a help to make very fine surface quality inside 3 accept rice, revealed in the graph use X/Y rod for 3: The scale of 1 undertakes cone machines (left: Traditional structure law; Right: Accept rice interpolation) the function that essence of rice of a kind of accept be callinged grinds can be used at linear program, a lot of machine tool production manufacturer still are using this kind of function now. Such, these linear processes are changed automatically to be Nurbs curve, this will conduce to pair of surfaces having evener treatment greatly, make process moves " more fluent " . Of course, the milling that the greatest sense of Nurbs curve and surface depends on pair of free model surfaces is machined (graph 4) . The controller that introduces above can introduce Nurbs curve from inside CAD/CAM system, can do very accurate inside insert, make the geometrical dimension of the work that makes and CAD agrees completely. Feature of a few maths also made full use of in the meantime, if transfer continuously. They can make process moves fluent freely, make the surface even and flowing. Graph treatment of 4 5 axes agrees with very ideally treatment of free model surface, be machined in gas turbine for instance or in cutting tool mould a when improve productivity advantageous function often is being used in making is function of choice of machine tool condition (Machining-Condition-Selecting- Funktion) . According to the requirement to precision, NC program can divide 1 ~ on controller 10 level press highest precision or the oldest rate undertakes optimizing, and can part to all programs and treatment process undertake optimizing handling. Can be for instance when rough machining is OK give rate with very tall preferential sex, and adjustable when finish machining to very tall precision. What data flows is constant when undertaking to free model face high speed is machined, have lots and lots of small need undertakes machining with express order. At this moment, forecast a function to produce main effect: It is in charge of making controller has stable data to flow at any time, make treatment process can undertake uninterruptedly. This kind of controller that introduces in front is OK intermediate memory 1000 small, prepare to be called at any time. CNC Milling CNC Machining