Cutting cutting tool changes boracic bit with cubic nitrogen

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PCBN cutting cutting tool changes boron with cubic nitrogen compound piece it is nitrogen of much brilliant cubic metre what the layer that change boron and hard alloy matrix issue agglomeration in high temperature of extrahigh voltage ─ and become is compound exceed hard data. It has cubic nitrogen to change boracic hardness, wearability, of thermal stability and hard alloy fight concussion tenacity, it is the good stuff of metal of tall hardness black and treatment of cutting of nonferrous metal alloy. Be like,apply to stuff of metal of hardness HRC45-65 black: Quench steel, martensite is cast-iron, sclerotic the treatment such as aperture of the car of chromic alloy of bearing steel, nickel, mill, boring, bore with a reamer. CNC Milling CNC Machining