The treatment of canister of crock of deep aperture thin wall

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My company is the professional manufacturer that produces a colliery to drill equipment, k25 borer of production is colliery safe production necessary equipment, basically be used at groundwater drill. Crock canister is the main part on this borer, graph the 1 part drawing that is this crocks of canister. Material is 45 steel, achieve 220 ~ 260HBS through moving qualitative hardness. Can see from part drawing, demand of precision of the aperture inside this crocks of canister is high, especially exterior surface roughness is worth low, not be patient of is transverse reach fore-and-aft knife mark; can see from crock canister structure, this spare parts belongs to long sleeve structure, aperture machines difficulty inside big. What I introduce with the treatment method that rolling the fashion that control to machine Bao Bishen aperture is a kind of efficient, high quality. Graph part drawing of 1 crock of canisters 1.

Craft analysis can see from structure of this crocks of canister, treatment of this spare parts belongs to Bao Bishen aperture to machine, want treatment to give the product that accords with design requirement, be about to choose reasonable craft line and treatment method. Craft course undertakes respectively for thick car, fine vehicle, the aperture inside the juniorest travel boils pressure. According to spare parts structure, add man-hour to use chuck of main shaft of clamp of one aspect of the matter, the way holding clip that another end supports with central wearing machines idealer; rough machining to use reaming boring, the aperture inside finish machining car, the appropriative that uses proper motion design pulls milling cutter (if the graph is shown 2 times) pull inside aperture, stay 0.

4 ~ 0.

6mm surplus is used at boiling to press, the field roller that designs with proper motion finally (if the graph is shown 3 times) undertake the design asks boiling pressing coming. Machine efficiency to rise, make sure the spare parts machines quality, when fine vehicle chuck of design appropriative mouth is mixed pull the aperture inside mill to use special tool -- fixed position is covered (like the graph 4 show) , this tool can be used repeatedly, assemble and unassemble convenient. 1.

Cutter hub 2.

Bit 3.

Bolt 4.

Oriented cover 5.

Round nut pursues 2 pull milling cutter 1.

Axis 2.

Bearing 3.

Roller 4.

Bolt 5.

Pressure fill up 6.

Copper is covered 7.

Impaction is covered 8.

Join covers a map 3 field roller pursue 4 fixed position are covered 2.

Treatment craft and turning measure (1) expects below thick car ① 506mm of × of 12mm of × of 68mm of Φ of seamless steel tube. The aperture inside ② thick car is, the circle outside the car is 68mm(detailed craft summary) . (① of half fine vehicle places 2) one aspect of the matter, wear one aspect of the matter, the car makes the same score end panel, the aperture inside half fine vehicle is, length is 250mm. ② tune, outfit clip is Alexandrine, the car is 500mm endlong, the aperture inside the rest of half fine vehicle is. (3) plays the hole inside mill ① shows the picture 4 times fixed position suit to enter the hole inside main shaft, will lubricant vitta from main shaft aperture back end and pull milling cutter oily aperture to join, will pull milling cutter to direct cover a part to load fixed position to cover inside aperture. Arbor is installed on ② tool carrier, adjust good arbor center tall. The chuck on ③ , workpiece blocks one aspect of the matter, wear one aspect of the matter, will draw milling cutter and arbor connection, back feed plays the hole inside mill. Of broach before horn is 10 ° , horn is 5 ° after, tool cutting edge angle is 8 ° ~ 10 ° , radial distance adjusts two knives for 49.

5mm, symmetry is less than 0.

01mm, bit material is W18Cr4V. Because pull mill cutting rate not tall, short of of aperture surface surface roughness asks inside, accordingly, need to undertake boiling pressing machining improving exterior quality. (4) boils pressure boil when pressing treatment, workpiece outfit clip and play the hole inside mill identical, will pull milling cutter to change join for field roller and arbor, boiling to feed pressure inside aperture. The influence rolls the main factor that press to have interference, boil press F of speed V, feed and cutting fluid to wait, the choice of these parameter is narrated as follows: The choice in principle of ① interference is to make roll pressure as far as possible small, assure to achieve the dimension precision of a requirement and exterior surface roughness. Choose interference to want to consider not only be out of shape through plasticity a primitive surface is microcosmic and rough degree iron smooth, and the stretch deflection that goes up in radius direction considering workpiece even, boil press interference to be more than 0.

When 1mm, although crock canister can make sure the design asks, but the life of the axis of field roller and roller can be reduced, how to improve the service life of field roller? Experiment through relapsing, roll the control that control an amount to be in 0.

04 ~ 0.

When 06mm, made sure the design asks already, prolonged the service life of field roller again, accordingly, when playing the hole inside mill, stay 0.

04 ~ 0.

The surplus of 06mm. ② rolls the exterior surface roughness that presses speed V to boiling to affect not quite, basically be influence production efficiency, the accretion of speed accepts the restriction of machine tool system, speed can cause machine tool vibration too quickly, make machine the surface to produce corkscrewed yarn, still can increase the temperature rise between workpiece and ball at the same time, accelerate field roller axis and ball wear away, affect work measure and exterior surface roughness. The course experiments for many times, affirmatory crock canister boils press speed to be V=50mm/min. ③ feed F is crock canister rolls the main parameter in pressing treatment, it affects the exterior surface roughness that rolls the workpiece after pressing and treatment efficiency directly, via experimenting to be mixed in main shaft rotate speed the circumstance with changeless interference issues change feed, feed by original F=0.

2mm/r raises F=0.

4mm/r, can make sure workpiece satisfies design requirement already, shortened again odd what treatment needs time, work efficiency raised one times. ④ chooses cutting fluid correctly to be able to reduce a spare parts to roll the exterior surface roughness after pressing to be worth, reduce those who roll pressure and machine tool power to use up, rise roll provided life, reduce the heat of workpiece to be out of shape, the intermixture cost that uses total loss system to use oil and kerosene is higher, use the system of bad news of useless total loss after filtering to still can be achieved with oil expect the result, and reduced cost. The place on put together is narrated, when playing the hole inside mill, stay 0.

4 ~ 0.

6mm surplus, roll the speed when pressing to be V=50mm/min, feed F=0.

4mm/r, using the system of bad news of useless total loss after filtering to regard cutting as fluid with oil is more reasonable treatment method. The course produces practice, prove technology program and the choice that machine parameter are logical, help milling cutter and field roller structure simple, fixed position is reliable, can make sure the design asks, raised efficiency and yield. CNC Milling CNC Machining