Machine of laser beam welding repairs the application of exact pattern

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Machine of laser beam welding repairs exact pattern, this one technology only then at going up century 70 time, at that time basically is western country family expenses will solder the careful component of nuke. Probably 6, 7 years ago, this one technology is used in exact pattern to repair, and have the tendency of ceaseless development the Chinese People's Anti-Japanese Military and Political College. Laser beam welding receives a mould, have energy height concentration, calorific low characteristic, the workpiece after soldering won't produce the phenomenon of thermal strain and cave in, can revamp horn of all crack, collapse and the close sealing side that wore away effectively. German O.


Laser laser welder is Europe famous laser product produces business, they are aimed at mould of mobile phone nicety, car technically large mould repair, rolled out a series of product. Basically have 4 big range of products at present: 1.

LRS opens type series, suit to solder all sorts of in small exact pattern, take workbench; 2.

HTS opens series, take orgnaization of shift of dragon door mood, suit to solder all sorts of large moulds; 3.

MLS opens series, solder for articulatory type orgnaization, suit to solder particularly the mould of oversize, wait like car, autocycle; 4.

Lasercab is enclosed series, take numerical control workbench, four-axle linkage, suit solder to take over camera of machine, number to wait for exact pattern. CNC Milling CNC Machining