The user in PDM manages the research of the model

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One. The information age that foreword forms in computer network, must want to have corresponding information management system, incidental information jams or break down otherwise. The attributive that personnel operates to information is the substantial of information management system, actually the user management in Pdm is a the mainest component. Run a model through building an user, will implement the setting of pair of data manipulation attributive and provision, assure the requirement of the security that the enterprise supervises to product data and confidential sex. The Pdm that is in an enterprise carries out a process in, the first issue that the enterprise builds a model is user management model build. 2. The management of research content user of user management is in charge of undertaking controlling to the entrance of Pdm database. To can be founded, change or read business object and data object, pdm system user needs to have a special limits of authority. Group of user of OK and divisional object, user mixes the system the visit attributive of the part. To each administrative target must define concerned regulation. Nevertheless, the way that provides different regulation respectively to every user is wasteful. Should be right the jurisdiction that certain user group determines with part allocation, differ to distribute Pdm system user the user group that concern and part according to what what execute the mission. When building user management model, should decide user group and part and corresponding regulation, also should decide electronic storehouse and respective visit regulation and deferent regulation likewise. 3. Model of user government target manages an object in the user kind in, basically include to organize relevant object with personnel kind, attributive is controlled kind and the object related to working environment configuration kind. Will organize relevant object with personnel kind the member that abstraction grows up is organized kind reach its subclass personnel kind with the part kind, personnel kind can divide into the user further kind with user group kind. User target is defined in Pdm system, can be in to a certain user the government that all individual data in Pdm system has unity. Use these individual data, can remove in the light of an established project task organization as far as possible perfect project set. The user is the use personnel that points to Pdm system, user group and part are pair of personnel in group, user group is according to the project one kind to the user differentiates, and the part is according to function or working property one kind to the user differentiates. Store abstraction of working environment configuration into data kind, data stores kind of cent for electronic storehouse and memory position two kind. Electronic storehouse is a logistic location that is used at memory business object and data object, it can be the individual database on a server, also can be the distributed database that distributings to go up in much station machine. Store the position is to the file physics deposits the position enclose, be equivalent to a method of named file system catalog. An electron storehouse can be mixed many memory position is corresponding, can install for an electron storehouse for example a certain number of memory position, use at depositing code of Cad graph, Nc respectively, detect data. The action of electronic storehouse and memory position object is screen data is actual deposit the position, make Pdm user OK safe, access data transparently. Electronic storehouse can be divided for demesne electronic storehouse and share electronic storehouse two kinds. Demesne electronic storehouse is used at memory individual data, it is working space of the individual, and the data that shares electronic storehouse to be used at memory to share, be a group share working space. According to data share range, share electronic storehouse to be able to be divided again share for overall situation model, the project is shared model share with the group model wait for a few kinds. Graph the 1 boy or girl friend that described user government is statified model. Graph the 2 between each object relations in showing user government. Project group is the dynamic origanization construction that faces a project. In group of a project, can install a certain number of project group and part. There can be many members in group of a project, the member is to point to the user that belongs to specific project group, a member can have many parts, a part also can be allocated many members. Group of project group, project and user have his electronic storehouse respectively. Electronic storehouse can store go up in many different lead plane or server. 4. The management of management of user of attributive management model and electronic storehouse is the foundation of attributive management. The job that each registered Pdm system user assumes according to its is allocated to have certain limits of authority. This attributive decided this user allows to carry out what activity, what information should get after finishing certain activity, allow to what what data object conveys to wait in electronic storehouse. Normally all sorts of attributive are deposited to be in a file, all sorts of regulation and the requirement that must satisfy and the attributive with corresponding place included in this file. Differ according to attributive pilot means, attributive can be divided again for static attributive and dynamic attributive. Differ according to what control a target, attributive can divide amount to to occupy attributive and functional attributive. Static attributive includes: Functional attributive, namely the use attributive that management user governs a function to the system, like data type file of definition, data, personnel organizes the system such as the definition to govern a function; The user operation to static data attributive, static data includes already the data of file and the data such as all sorts of standards that support product development, standard; Be aimed at specific data object, to the special authorization that user, part or user group place have. Static attributive management belongs to a kind of passive attributive to control strategy, the user is restricted to the access of function or data according to " after be being installed first, use " means undertakes, static attributive management can undertake administrative through the means of special authorization. Dynamic attributive is the operates set attributive of the product data that points to status of different to lying job, it relies on a system to be in right now condition, the condition of the part that is like an user, data, mission that executing. Dynamic attributive is a kind of active attributive control strategy, namely the become effective of attributive or invalidation are by systematic automata. The control pattern of dynamic attributive is mixedder, it is the difficulty of a technology of Pdm technology. The object model of attributive management is shown 3 times like the graph. Functional attributive object is the relation between user and systematic government function, data object can be documentation version object or component version object, data manipulation object is a certain operation that points to specific data object, object of static data attributive is the relation between object of the person that visit and data manipulation object. Object of the person that visit can regard the rally of the user, it can be group of user, part, user, group owner of medium part, all user, data. Through introducing boy or girl friend of the person that visit, can simplify the setting of attributive, because can undertake to an user gather attributive is installed, and need not be an user every time of an user go setting limits of authority. Access control to express (Acl) the description that is attributive of pair of data of systematic static state, it is by attributive of data of many static states the object is formed, object of attributive of data of a static state is equivalent to the group in Acl. In dynamic attributive management, located to the visit control of data and data lifecycle condition is concerned. The regulation of tubal reason attributive of dynamic attributive and regular processor are comprised, the visit control asks with regular form the definition is on lifecycle condition, by regular processor basis current condition is undertaken attributive is differentiated, implement the automation of data attributive. Attributive regulation is used after descriptive object enters specific state, what personnel can have what kind of operation to this object. An attributive regulation is object of the person that visit by and composition of an attributive vector. The person that attributive vector describes a visit can is opposite data object undertakes what is operated. To every condition in data object lifecycle, can define many attributive regulation, these attributive regulation form the dynamic attributive that issues data to this condition to control jointly. 5. When conclusion is built and implementing enterprise Pdm system, connect those who cross personnel model to build, we made clear the way that iformation flow changes and various site, built orderly product information flow, normative the duty of various personnel and attributive, build working flow and product model further on this foundation next, with having news compositive and share, management of progressively implementation documentation, forms for reporting statistics is generated, flow management. Final implementation and the information that the company produces sectional Mrpii and other department are communicated, make compositive information manages industry trend computer. CNC Milling CNC Machining