Applicable of numerical control technology undertakes innovating upgrading at all sorts of mechanical products

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As the promotion of technical progress and manpower cost, unmanned factory gains ground gradually inside alive bound limits. Make unmanned plant, core equipment is numerical control machine tool and industrial robot. Manufacturing industry digitlization, intelligence is changed is new round the core of Industrial Revolution, included product innovation, production technology innovation, industrial pattern innovation 3 respects. Reform the manufacturing mode of manufacturing industry and industrial pattern deeply, it is the core technology of new Industrial Revolution. Do not pass to mechanical product word, numerical control technology is to realize what mechanical product innovates to overturn sexual general character makes can technology, core is digitlization. The application of numerical control technology makes the connotation of mechanical product produced essential sex to change, make product function great and rich, function produces simple change, from go up at all enhance product level and market competition ability, and make mechanical product is changed to intelligence undertake developing. Numerical control technology is a kind of general character makes can technology, applicable upgrades at undertaking innovating to all sorts of mechanical products. The numerical control that records model machine for instance is changed and intelligence is changed, the figuration that note model is the most effective plastic shape method. Help out of dean of Chinese Academy of Engineering ever emphasized: "Speak of numerical control, be about to allude numerical control machine tool, but this is not all apparently, can say numerical control machine tool is applying product of machinery of innovation of numerical control technology to be provided most only representative " . Mention numerical control machine tool, very may much person is not special understanding, but the fundamental pillar that it is industry of numerous industry production however. Regard typical Electromechanical unifinication as the product, numerical control machine tool can solve the spare parts of complex, nicety, small lot, much breed to machine a problem, be a kind flexible, the automation machine tool of tall efficiency, represented contemporary machine tool to control development direction of the technology. China rises of the labor cost of a few industries ceaselessly at present, the barren using worker worker that appears subsequently provided field of another potential application for numerical control machine tool -- intelligence is made. Chinese enterprise produces the effect that transition is in short supply with reducing labor power increasingly to intelligence, the enterprise needs can the machine tool equipment that 720 hours of continuous high quality run, this makes the dependability of machine tool equipment becomes especially important. Especially latter, of numerical control machine tool and industrial robot cooperate to use more make intelligence is produced or " nobody are changed " the factory makes development trend. Numerical control generation and intelligent generation are informatization and the child with industrialized shirt-sleeve deepness, the numerical control that can see mechanical product is changed and intelligence changes innovation to have bright feature, substaintial law, can apply generally innovate at all sorts of mechanical products, can cause mechanical product upgrade replacement, the profundity that causes machinist trade changes. This also is to put forward now " numerical control generation " and " intelligent generation " notional cause and basis. Intelligence is made is product of numerical control equipment besides complete immediate treatment besides the task, should promote product craft adaptability more, can get used to the treatment characteristic of disparate industry, different product, this is intelligence is made indispensable, and should achieve these requirements to need intelligent machine equipment to own an enough and open numerical control system platform, on the system that opens a gender in only, the user just has an opportunity to design all sorts of newest originality and idea be in harmony to the robot in making. However current general condition is a product coessential change flush, appear the reason of this one circumstance depends on, a lot of manufacturer are being used on too court handy, save trouble, use a few enter Chinese market prior to close the numerical control system with extremely strong sex, bring about equipment finally very standardization, craft adaptability is poor, the product is similar, become low end finally to produce can shove a hand. The scope of numerical control industry of our country is less, those who lack relevant industry catenary prop up. Add numerical control product coessential change the price that cause malign competition, product profit margin is in inferior level, the scale of software development group that can sustain accordingly is more special and finite. In addition, at present the develops mode and other application field software of software of our country numerical control develops mode to also be put in bigger difference. Because numerical control software asks to have real time,this is gender, embedded feature and face specific workmanship the characteristic of special analysis, make threshold of admittance of industry of numerical control software higher, average software company is more difficult thorough this one domain. The breakthrough that because technology of industry of our country numerical control develops a source,nods at key of a certain technology, lack demand analysis of the system, did not undertake abstraction and concept, logistic design very well, the result that create is very difficult from before the extraction in the product goes out a few useful, the technology of general character is used for the product place later. Together with, the product of a lot of companies of domestic is had rarely successional, often be a new product complete begin all over again, do not have the least bit relation with old product, in this kind development mode falls, software function perfects degree, the dependability of software product, can develop ability to get continuously very big confine. In process of whole industry development, low-level repetition the phenomenon of research and development is relatively common also, make the technology is accumulated slow. CNC Milling CNC Machining