Stimulate the control method that Zhen Pin leads

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The resonance that decide frequency is stimulated namely from the first-order resonance frequency that begins to all use component part to the end brace up, can undertake amplitude at the same time, of time-speed-distance curve monitor. This is the method with more application. Much frequency resonance is moved namely according to first time, all formant that frequency character shows on scanning curve are corresponding frequency, arrive from low frequency high frequency stimulate respectively brace up proper time, this is in large solder the leveling that the application on component part conduces to leftover stress. Successive slow scanning adds resonance to be similar to, law of scanning of frequency character curve. Use in the forward position of the first formant 3, slow scanning of 5 minutes of time comes resonance, again via 10 minutes of resonance hind, again classics 2, make frequency rises the 2nd formant to undertake resonance stage by stage 3 minutes, till will all formant scanning is over to repeat again can, the end that such doing depends on because increase suddenly of speed of meet an emergency,preventing cause welding line to be in occurrence brittleness crackle, can improve fatigue life. CNC Milling CNC Machining