Use AT89C51 sheet piece engine control plane shear

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The article introduced a kind to use nicety is to use the electric equipment such as switch of communication contactor, auxiliary relay, journey and foot switch to control plane shear to cut. Because cut frequency,be in in manufacturing use process tall () of 1 minute of about 30 knives, plane shear works often for a long time in this kind move below condition, occurrence breakdown of regular meeting of classics of hard to avoid, the influence manufactures efficiency, accentuated maintenance workload. Breakdown basically behaves following a few respects; Contactor of journey switch, foot switch, communication and auxiliary relay. Be aimed at afore-mentioned problem, use sheet piece machine as pilot core, with relay of three-phase communication solid state JG-27F / 40A380 replaces communication contactor to be electric machinery power supply. Three-phase communicates the characteristic of solid state relay: Photoelectricity segregation, odd silicon opposes shunt-wound output, have be short of photograph protection function, special apply to the working way that starts often. Can consult about detailed data relevant website, http: / / Www.



Cn. Be close to the contact switch instead inside the journey switch of spacing and foot switch switch. Be close to switch to do not have any mechanical function, have life long, answer speed to wait for an advantage quickly. Install hot protector BW-9700 inside electric machinery winding at the same time, when the temperature that its action reachs a setting at the temperature rise inside electric machinery winding is worth, heat up protector movement, to protection electric machinery avoids the risk that is burned out since. Following plan institute show circuit job principle, odd of a machine 18, brilliant is received outside 19 feet brace up. 9 feet, c1, SB1, R5, VD1, r6 comprises electrify and hand to use restoration circuit. 1 foot uses input end for sheet, installation steps in the foot inside small-sized and adjacent AX of switch J1(LJ12A3-4-Z / , 30V of ~ of working voltage 5V, NPN output. ) , when every trample, sheet metal keep out is close to switch, low n signal increases 1 base directly, at this moment 21 feet output low n to make U4 of smooth electric coupling guides, tall n adds relay of three-phase solid state the input IN end of V1(JG-27F / 40A380) , solid state relay guides, electric machinery of communication apply the brake (ZAJ-132S-4) gets report to move, join the sheet of 39 feet moves VD2 of condition glow diode to shine. Circular a week, the journey is close to switch J2(J0224-8ZWA, 30V of ~ of working voltage 5V, NPN output. ) by metallic content keep out, low n signal passes 12 feet to input. Then 21 feet output tall n, cut of U4 of smooth electric coupling, relay of three-phase solid state V1 also ends, electric machinery breaks report to stop to move, VD2 goes out at the same time. 2 feet use input end for the dot, should press a dot to move pushbutton SB2 electric machinery to move, loose SB2 electric machinery quits movement immediately, join 38 feet dot moves VD3 of condition glow diode to shine according to the condition of SB2, extinguish. 3 feet are carried to use an input repeatedly, move pushbutton SB3 electric machinery to move repeatedly by, should be close to switch J2 to be stopped by electric machinery of metallic content keep out one second, circulate repeatedly next. Join of 37 feet move VD4 of condition glow diode to shine repeatedly, if want electric machinery,stop to move to need to press SB3 again only can. Heat up protector Q1(BW-9700, to often leave model, temperature setting is 80 ℃ ) , reach the temperature value of a setting when temperature rise, heat up protector Q1 to shut a station, u3 of smooth electric coupling guides, low n signal increases 13 bases, at this moment odd a machine answer instantly interrupt, all output are locked up when. Join the VD5 of condition glow diode of 36 feet twinkles at the same time. Debug application to join electrify source, move pushbutton SB2 by the dot, communicate electric machinery of apply the brake to drive cam to rotate through main transfer machinery at this moment, one pace ground adjusts Jian Ren the above-listed to choose the place can. Loosen the fixed screw of cam adjusts the top range of cam the effective distance that is close to switch movement next, install the condition indicator light that nearing switch tail end to shine at this moment, had secured its again move pushbutton SB2 to make cam leaves by the dot again be close to switch. Step on foot switch, electric machinery of communication apply the brake rotates drive main transfer machinery to make cut blade from go up to be cut downward, again upgrade carries. At this moment cam just rotates a week, be close to switch by keep out movement, electric machinery stops. Although communicate electric machinery of apply the brake to contain function of apply the brake, but cannot overcome all force, cause be close to switch to be absent from beginning to end the condition of keep out. If cuts blade and going up dead center position but the position of readjust cam is adjusted end to be able to be used. CNC Milling CNC Machining