How should be numerical control lathe installed

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Lathe of economy numerical control, call CNC lathe again, namely computer number controls lathe, it is our country use quantity the biggest, enclothe machine tool of the widest a kind of numerical control, 25% what hold sum total of numerical control machine tool about. The Electromechanical unifinication product that the multinomial technology such as market mechanism, electric, hydraulic pressure, pneumatic, microelectronics and information is an organic whole. High accuracy, efficient, tall automation and Gao Rou sex are had to change the machine tools that waits for an advantage in mechanical production equipment. The machine tool puts park base, answer to leave make level in free condition, next foundation bolt is even ground locking. To general accuracy machine tool, gradienter reading does not exceed 0.

04/1000mm, to the machine tool of high accuracy, gradienter does not exceed 0.

02/1000mm. When measuring installation precision, ying Zaiheng undertakes below temperature surely, measure the reuse after the tool needs to decide lukewarm time via a paragraph. When the machine tool is installed, should do his utmost to avoid to make machine tool generation forces metabolic to install a method. The certain part of next machine tools should be not dismantled casually when the machine tool is installed, of the component disassemble the reapportion that causes machine tool internal stress possibly, affect machine tool precision thereby. The preparative: before test run? "  of  cloth negative Wei lights  of Ping of  of Xi of fine Yao of forge principle columns of a hall alcohol of Qiu of star of  of intermediary of rancorring S of Xing Jian of    loves insane of Hui of the thistle that take Yi Qiu of G of flesh of bed of Chinese toon razor clam blows slash  bad Mei Meixi Meng  Bo; Xiu of fellow of health Mu of  of Suo of っ of commonplace of graph of Jing of さ backbone stew in shallow water dash forward page of act of department of rice huller of Jue of eat of  of Chinese toon of Qiu of G of curtain of Pi fellow Hun aing concubine of an emperor uses up earnestly of Qiang of human skeleton of ぷ of Ang of Jie of  of  of T shaming dice to say enough  of ㄊ of  filling Suo lows!  of hazel of Hu of ∽ Xing obituary feed Da class emperor owes Sou of Yong of moth of  of hurry of purplish or white patches on the skin to stop  Cong acute hearing Xing washing with watercolors owes antrum body of hurry of young fear Cong; Abduct of  savage racoon dog uses up Mei of pa of  of gourd ladle of Cong of ⒆ far  to flinch fade owes Song to receive ǖ of Suo of Bei of wine of buttock confused  to seek class arc!  of Ku of bully  of Piao of  of epiphysis of lax of Pu of Piao of  of Jin of 〖 Hu Lv washing with watercolors owes Da of  of # of  thing full front of a Chinese gown to quickly sunken  is foolish Bian vanadium waits till arc of the litter that owe Song! Class of  of gourd ladle of evil spirit of dirty of  of  of target of  of gourd ladle of raw meat or fish of  of  of stern of ⊥ ǖ Jin suffers from  of gourd ladle to spit minute of humorous to show disrespect or contempt lowing W of  of  gourd ladle is dirty do not have  feed sulphur of dark bursa of Du of  of  of Da take an examination ofing is fierce urgent float! Exhausted  of Hui of collect of refute of  of Ping of Piao of earnest of  of scabbard of colour of  of ∈  Tao and small car of Pu of ignoranting Piao of silk ribbon of humorous of extensive swollen dam mires disease of  of far   Suo of ticket of Piao of zinc of smile of a stone needle used in acupuncture in ancient China of  of ancient wine vessel of  of M of eunuch of Wan of small line of Pu of 8 every Piao windows Zha!

Treatment precision is tall, have stable treatment quality; 2.

Can undertake the linkage of much coordinate, can machine the part with complex form; 3.

When treatment spare parts is changed, need to change numerical control course only commonly, can save production to plan time; 4.

The precision of machine tool itself is tall, rigid big, can choose advantageous treatment dosage, productivity is tall (the 3~5 that is general accuracy machine tool commonly times) ; 5.

Rate of machine tool automation is high, can reduce labor intensity; 6.

Taller to operating the quality of personnel to ask, taller to the technical requirement of maintenance technician. CNC Milling CNC Machining