English-Chinese of machine tool industry contrasts (one)

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3 claw of 3-Jawsindexingspacers, break up tool head A.



Bayonet of equipment of balance of Balancingequipment of successive and deliquescent holding furnace blocks Aluminumcontinuousmelting&holdingfurnaces of library of knife of machine of System machining center Bearings bearing Beltdrive takes chance of treatment of bearing of Bearingprocessingequipment of fittings of buccal Bearingfittings bearing Blades of razor blade of Blades of transmission Bendingmachines bender, saw curiums a Bolts, screws&nuts bolt, screw cap and Cablemakingtools of boring machine of Boringmachines of head of aperture of screw Boringheads evade build route aircraft Casting, aluminium casting aluminous Casting, casting of Copper casting copper, casting of Grayiron casting grey iron, casting of Malleableiron malleable iron, other is other cast Casting, chainmakingtools of drive of catenary of Chaindrive of Steel cast steel builds catenary machine Chamfermachines to pour horny chance Chucks to place dish of Clamping/holdingsystems clamping apparatus / turn of numerical control of computer of supportive system CNCbendingpresses loses numerical control of computer of CNCEDMwire-cuttingmachines of drilling machine of numerical control of computer of CNCdrillingmachines of boring machine of numerical control of machine CNCboringmachines computer electric spark of numerical control of computer of CNCelectricdischargemachines of machine of cutting of electric spark line computer of CNCgrindingmachines of engraving tool of numerical control of machine CNCengravingmachines computerDrillingmachines of drilling machine of High-speed high speed, drillingmachines of drilling machine of Multi-spindle much axis, drillingmachines of Radial radial drilling machine, engravingmachines of engraving tool of Engravingmachines of dynamoelectric cutting tool of Electricpowertools of electric spark machine of Electricdischargemachines(EDM) of broach of Drills of Vertical vertical drilling machine, etchingmachines of Laser laser engraving tool etchs Forging of forging die of Forgingdies of clamping apparatus of Fixture of machine of machine Finishingmachines nap, aluminium forge aluminous Forging, forging of Cold cold forging, forging of Copper copper forge, other is other forging Forging, foundryequipment of Steel steel forge casts gravity of Gravitycastingmachines of gear of Gears of machine of cutting of equipment Gearcuttingmachines gear to cast Grinders of workbench of machine Grinderbench grinder, grinders of Thread whorl grinder, grinders of Tools&cutters tool grinding machine, grindingmachines of grinder of Grindingmachines of machine of Ultrasonic ultrasonic burnish, grindingmachines of Centerless inadvertently grinder, grindingmachines of Cylindrical cylindrical grinder, grindingwheels of abrasive tool of Grindingtools of Universal all-purpose grinder grinds round of Handtools to provide Hard/softandfreeexpansionsheetmakingplant by hand hard (soft) board (piece) furnace Honingmachines evade grinds heat treatment of frit of Heatingtreatmentfunaces of material and holding furnace of Heatpreservingfurnaces of group of free and epispastic trigger hydraulic pressure of Hydraulicrotarycylinders of cell of power of hydraulic pressure of Hydraulicpowerunits of tool of hydraulic pressure of Hydraulicpowertools of component of machine Hydrauliccomponents hydraulic pressure, centerless inadvertently essence grinds Lathes of workbench of lathe of Lathebench of machine of cut of armor plate of laser of machine LasercuttingLaser CuttingLasercuttingforSMTstensil, lathes of Automatic automatic lathe, lathes of Heavy-duty heavy-duty lathe, lathes of lathe of High-speed high speed, lathes of Turret turret lathe, machiningcenters of machine of oiling of Lubricators of lubricant system of LubricationSystems of lubricating fluid of Lubricants of Vertical vertical lathe, machiningcenters of General general machining center, machiningcenters of Horizontal horizontal machining center, horizontal&vertical horizontal reachs Machiningcenters of vertical machining center, machiningcenters of Vertical vertical machining center, gather of Manifolds of magnetic tool of machining center Magnetictools runs Verticaldouble-columntype vertical double column Millingmachines of milling machine of Millingmachines of Millingheads milling head, millingmachines of milling machine of type of Bedtype lathe bed, millingmachines of milling machine of Duplicating profile modeling, millingmachines of Horizontal horizontal milling machine, millingmachines of milling machine of turretvertical6 horn vertical, millingmachines of Universal all-purpose milling machine, millingmachines of Vertical vertical milling machine, vertical&horizontal vertical and Moldchangingsystems of unit of mould of Mold&diecomponents of horizontal milling machine change heater of mould of Moldheaters/chillers of core of model of modular system Moldcore / burnish of condenser Moldpolishing/texturing mould / Nailmakingmachines of mould of Molds of maintenance of mould of the Moldrepair that grind grain builds Overflowcuttingmachinesforaluminiumwheels of oily condenser of hammer machine Oilcoolers aluminium annulus rising head cuts off high polymer of machine PtypePVCwaterproofrolledsheetmakingplantP PVC waterproof PCBfinepiecingsystems pressworks electric equipment board, presses of punch of Coldforging cold forging, presses of Crank brace compressor, presses of Eccentric centrifugal compressor, presses of Forging forging press, presses of punching machine of Hydraulic hydraulic pressure, presses of compressor of type of Knucklejoint ancon lever, presses of Pneumatic pneumatic punching machine, presses of Servo servo punching machine, punch of Punchformers of tool set of Pressingdies of Transfer automatic compressor is abrade implement Quickdiechangesystems fast Quickmoldchangesystems of the system that change a pattern changes Sawingmachines of sawing machine of Sawingmachines of revolving stage of Rotarytables of press of Zhan of Rollingmachines of platen of Rollers of reverberator of modular system Reverberatoryfurnaces quickly, saws of Band band sawing machine, saws of Band band saw, saws of Hack bow saw, saws of Horizontalband horizontal band saw, shearingmachines of shaping machine of axial Shapers of Shafts of Verticalband vertical band saw cuts plate of Sheetmetalworkingmachines of forming machine of machine Sheetmetalformingmachines plate to machine switch of Switches&buttons of straightening machine of Straighteningmachines of punch of Stampingparts of main shaft of Spindles of machine Slottingmachines slotting machine and pushbutton Tappingmachines to attack Vises of vice of Vises of broaching machine of oil pressure of vertical of Verticalhydraulicbroachingmachine of pipe bender of Tubebendingmachines of catenary of drive of screw machine Transmittedchains, nap of emery wheel of Wheeldressers of Tool-maker accurate flat-nose pliers implement Woven-Cuttingmachines knits machine of wheat Laser Cutting Wrenches spanner CNC Milling CNC Machining