Report is amounted to to connect in roll out strengthen model car (mill) system of bed numerical control

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The awaken of spring is abundant in April, report is amounted to to connect the PUTNC-H4CL-T(M) that rolls out to have innovation to design to strengthen in model car (mill) bed system. This product is had 10.

LCD of 4 inches of color and fission type operate platform, make its handlers eye shot more bigger, clearer, convenient, the operation is more agile; Its are the biggest control servo number of axle is 4 servo axis; Among them H4CL-T lathe system, have the design concept of machine of car mill an organic whole. Can realize tap of bore of axial of bore of axial of milling of chamfer of graduation of thread machining of rigid tap, high accuracy, aleatoric angle, helix, X, Z, prejudicial tigidity to wait for rich treatment function; And main shaft of system of H4CL-M milling machine can complete aleatoric interpolation action with other axis. Can realize milling of chamfer of graduation of rigid tap, aleatoric angle, helix to wait for rich treatment function. Other characteristic is as follows: · opens LCD interface program, the customer that satisfies mechanical manufacturer is made change requirement. Liquid crystal of LCD of · high-definition clear shows, lathe system has function of process designing of simple and easy to talking about function of type school knife and milling machine system to have graph, the interface is more friendly. · resolution but set comes 7 digit, framework of full closed-loop control, control precision is taller. · has rich cutting tool to compensate a function. · has machinery to carry unoccupied place compensation and filar lever on the back pitch error compensates a function. The program handwheel with distinctive · checks a function, prevent bump machine, the operation is safer. · has program imitate, only part, jump paragraph and program restart function, the function is more powerful. · backs a car (mill) outside process designing of code of bed standard G, T code, S code, more offer a variety of fixed cutting loops, double entry loop and MACRO macroinstruction process designing. 512Kbyte of · program memory capacity, NC program series is not as high as 1000 groups. · offers RS232C standard port, can join personal computer (PC) relaxed implementation program is transmitted, support DNC online treatment more. Introduce according to expert of domestic numerical control, be like the technical reformation of the industry such as car, mechanical, home appliance, spin, agriculture machinery, environmental protection as traditional industry, continue to climb to the demand of numerical control machine tool litre, favorable economic environment provided broad market space to develop the numerical control system that has own intellectual property energetically. Report is amounted to to connect in in the market competition with intense future, will develop new technology new product ceaselessly, the high grade product that offers stability of high speed, high accuracy, function for the client and quick service, satisfy the higher demand of different client thereby, make contribution for the development of Chinese automation. CNC Milling CNC Machining