The development trend of CAD technology suggests with what deepen promotion application

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CAD technology is advanced the main component of production technology, it is computer technology makes technology of the most influential in waiting for a domain new and high application in engineering design, machinery. The development of CAD system and application make traditional products plan method and manufacturing mode produced profound change, already generation, inevitable continue to produce enormous socioeconomy beneficial result. Since entering 21 centuries, the technical personnel that is engaged in scientific research and application development CAD realises, want to let CAD technology become productivity, the key is to let design personnel to be used, can use CAD system. State committee of science and technology is certain with " throw drawing board " the breach that the project goal with this dramatic image will come to realize plot to design automation to regard promotion application as CAD technology, practice proves to this is effective decision-making. Today, computer network technology, CAD/CAM technology all has qualitative flight, CAD technology application already laid good foundation. Below this kind of situation, how to understand correctly " throw drawing board " , deepen technology of promotion application CAD, the small and medium sized business that how makes amount to very much also can use CAD technology and avoid soft hardware to invest the error that go up, how to offer better technology to seek advice from a service for technology of promotion application CAD, these problems are worth to be discussed seriously and be analysed. The new technology of the development of technology of 1 computer network and network economy today's computer network is the computer with simple numerous connection not just, more important is the intelligence that couplet catchs countless information, person and person. From go up at all changed information to get, the kind that accept and distributes processing, changed the environment of people life, job, study and cooperative communication. As Internet, Intranet popularize application, people is entering the age of intelligent network. Industry organization is mixed between in-house, enterprise the extensive interconnection between social organization, allow production and commercial activity more and more rely on a network public information infrastructure. New network organization structure is from what go up to conceive an organization afresh at all the function is mixed property and mutual the relation between, this kind of new company that organizes the internet network that be called (InternetworkedEnterprise) , make the industry can obtain resource effectively, make cooperating with be managed on design of ground of the job, different, net wait for an activity, not only get between the enterprise outspread, return couplet to receive client, supplier, include a competitor even. This is based on the public network environment of Internet mode to fall namely, digitlizing economy and network economy in what form. CAD technology will be a kind of crucial technology below mode of this kind of economy is propped up, knowing this to popularize applied CAD technology to lasting is beneficial. The development trend of the technology of CAD of development trend understanding of technology of 2   CAD is very important to promotion application technology, be helpful for CAD plan design, type selecting getting used to the need that the technology admits. As a whole, the development trend of CAD technology has the following sides: (1) is based on 32/64 the CAD system of the platform of Windows operating system of personal computer times welcome, also roll out personal computer edition in succession like the Pro/E, I-DEAS software that runs at workstation. (2 dimension plot and three-dimensional substance build 2) modular unifinication, be based on diagnostic parameter to convert design software ought to be the main function requirement of CAD system. Information of requirement CAD and CAPP, CAM, CAE is compositive at the same time, provide the product information model that accords with standard of IGES, STEP. (3) is based on a the technical solution of Windows/Objects/Wcb is current CAD software important characteristic, ask CAD software can cooperate with in the support below network environment namely design, different ground design and information are shared [4] . (The product figure that 4) supports collateral design manages (PDM) unifinication is compositive. (The intelligence of 5)CAD system is changed, visible with standardization. The 3 questions that deepen existence of technology of promotion application CAD are discussing before deepening technology of promotion application CAD and two respects content is narrated before putting forward first, basically be to explain CAD technology still is burgeoning technology, still develop in high speed. The because be it drove productivity,uses development that its expand, brought efficiency to the enterprise. But be in some places, some enterprises however the effect is not apparent, the reason has many sided, the following problems are main. 3.

The error on understanding of hardware of 1 pair of software to going up CAD project project, to the policymaker of a few enterprises, it is to fall to buy workstation of how many computer, printer, graph plotter, big screen to wait for the thing that sees so that see be being felt really mostly. And to software, a few pieces of CD, want to spend a good deal of money, as " copy " software will use. But the software of the copy is on the function, the respect such as technical service is to cannot get those who assure. However, we understand project of great majority CAD to invest is to be used at buying hardware. The end that uses CAD technology is generation benefit, the organic union of software and hardware just can act well truly. To computer hardware, buy need not the most harmful, it is impossible to keep a cost. Everybody knows, 18 months add the operation speed every other of the core CPU of the PC one times (possible even fast) . Buy the computer now, do not follow two years to go up later tide, perhaps 2/3 did not have its value. So where did its value go? Its value is the benefit of the generation in use process. Scale of investment of foreign soft hardware achieved 7 ∶ 3(commonly namely the capital of 70% is used at software, 30% use at hardware) . Be aimed at domestic actual condition, come over 3 ∶ 7 or 5 ∶ 5 also be should OK those who accept. 3.

The understanding that software of 2   CAD develops 2 times has different product as a result of different company, it is endless and identical that its design structure of method, product. Current, the commodity CAD software on market belongs to the general development tool that contains general character feature, buy the software that fits need of all products plan impossibly from software company. This namely the account that CAD software all offers development means 2 times, for example AutoCAD, already provided the language that has 4 kinds of 2 second development at present. So, when project of the CAD on the enterprise, appropriate takes development problem seriously adequately 2 times. 3.

The key that the technology of education   CAD of talent of 3 pairs of CAD application uses successfully depends on a talent. The enterprise should notice to strengthen CAD technology to apply the talent's education above all. The stress that company person with ability develops is applied good software, solve real problem. The talent key of institution of higher learing and scientific research unit is development. Generally speaking, the development person with ability that him small and medium sized business develops CAD technology is unsuited. Should take the way of joint development application. 4 pairs of proposals that extend applied CAD technology deep can believe completely, in different area technology of disparate industry CAD will obtain thorough promotion to apply. How to combine feeling of national condition, province, have the promotion application of CAD technology in the light of afore-mentioned problems, I think work of the following fields is important. 4.

Technology of 1 development CAD seeks advice from service industry technology to seek advice from a service is connection a kind of bridge of businessman of soft hardware of object of each business application and computer. Want to deepen technology of promotion application CAD, due the orgnaization of advisory service system with higher level of relatively more perfect, indifferent, technology serves for the enterprise. Its are main task responsibility is: (1) grooms to advisory argumentation of enterprise CAD plan, technology, debug system of test, software to safeguard, move to support and be improved perfect, also include the advisory service such as communication network, database, PDM. (2) is collected, the example that arranges enterprise CAD system to fail successfully. Put forward according to technical development a few current program of relatively proper systematic soft hardware. (3) collects the relevant data of CAD system software and development trend, undertake assessment to index of common CAD/CAM system performance, offer a report. (4) changes development according to 2 needs to undertake software users of the enterprise and groom industry technology qualified personnel. The technology seeks advice from a service to be in abroad already industrialization, but belong to in home just start level, need what the government gives policy and capital to go up to give aid to, provide necessary soft hardware environment. This is one is helpful for enterprise, service the technical activity at the society, the industrialization road that can move toward ego to develop stage by stage only comes up. 4.

The 2 measure authors that deepen technology of promotion application CAD think " throw drawing board " need of this kind of formulation is extended on range and deepness, include two fields: It is to attract more businesses, especially promotion of small and medium sized business uses CAD technology, participate in " throw drawing board " project; 2 it is the CAD technology that uses real significance on quality in the light of disparate industry, disparate arrangement of ideas, contain computer plot not just, due still the content such as management of archives of design analysis, CAPP, graph. Accordingly, in the enterprise applied CAD technology can divide for following 3 paces: (The broad sense of the unifinication such as plot of 1) promotion design, 2 dimension and three-dimensional design, CAD and CAPP, CAE, CAM " throw drawing board " project. (2) to the design information is compositive develop with administrative depth, data of promotion application product manages (PDM) technology, make the enterprise marchs toward C3P(CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM) stage by stage. (3) uses an advanced technique to realize the CAD on real significance, include ground of collateral project, distributinging different to cooperate design, optimize fictitious and design and intelligent design, fast prototype to make etc. 4.

For the enterprise that the research that 3 support are oriented CAD technics with application transforms to market economic system to be in, the competition that should meet market economy adequately to emphasize the first principle, this decided the company is right technical forward position, especially the demand that products plan technology innovates, and the deepens application to will conduce to this one target implementation of CAD technology. Current, beginning to study CAD system is not actual from the ground floor of 2 dimension plot. The author thinks to answer be in a kind or on the software platform of a few kinds of in a popular style, open architecture, be aimed at the specific requirement of production enterprise, undertake is the research of the CAD technology direction of the target in order to apply. To supporting CAD fundamental application technology studies the key should put in the following respects: (1) branch line of business has a base, the 2 peace keeping of standard general part are three-dimensional the job that build a warehouse. Current, 2 Wei Jianku's jobs are more mature already, three-dimensional and hypostatic design is development direction, 2 dimension and three-dimensional and mutual union should be a kind of mode of CAD of domestic company application. Current, appropriate begins the development work of the three-dimensional software that build a warehouse as soon as possible. (2) is based on research of compositive technics of CAD/CAM/CAE of unified product model. Generally speaking " throw drawing board " after the target is achieved, the information that should march toward design process is compositive level. Although many CAD/CAM software systems claim,be compositive, many problems still exist in be being used actually, because this answers,begin those who combine company product characteristic to build a model to be the core, compositive technology research that is guidance with STEP standard with the feature. (3) has the research of CAPP software platform of certain versatility. Current software of the CAD/CAM on market is very much, but have not have as popular like AutoCAD CAPP system, the reason is multiterminal of workmanship problem change, object of different company, different product, same product but the company with production different resource its workmanship differs likely. Accordingly, be aimed at some kind the tool of demand development CAPP of production enterprise is expected to succeed. (4) product data manages (the research of PDM) and collateral design method, what collaboration of ground of the pattern of management of product information resource that lays in network environment especially, distributinging different designs mode to wait to already fundamental theory studies is necessary, have wide applied perspective again. Abroad considers to still also belong to task of technical forward position in this respect, for example the efforts that CSCW(computer supports works) , be based on the design of Web to wait to still be in exploratory study phase. Regard a technology as preparation, supporting the research that has this side also is significant. CNC Milling CNC Machining