Electromotor breakdown analysis reachs a means of settlement

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Electromotor serves as the person that people is produced and the indispensable main motive force in the life is offerred, very much in use process report chance appears calorific very serious phenomenon, but a lot of moment do not know how to be solved, electric machinery appears any breakdown can are opposite production causes an effect, electric staff member must master the processing technique of the basic knowledge that moves about asynchronous electromotor safety and common breakdown, accomplish discover in time and eliminate hidden danger of electric machinery accident, safeguard safety moves. Common breakdown cent is electromotor mechanical failure and electric breakdown two kinds big, electric breakdown includes: The short circuit of stator and rotor winding, open circuit, reach malfunction of the equipment that start; Mechanical failure includes: Vibration crosses overheat of big, bearing, stator and rotor mutual attrition and abnormal noise waits. One, electromotor sky carries the breakdown when starting 1, phenomenon: Breathed noise does not turn again processing: ① examines the tension that electromotor wiring terminal handles with avometer first, if do not have voltage to perhaps have one phase voltage only, explain power source did not put through or power supply source has trouble. ② if voltage of three-phase of place of electromotor wiring terminal is balanced basically, explain wiring of electromotor stator winding has a problem, it is bit neuterer with the best will in the world it is good to did not receive derivative perhaps line good. 2, phenomenon: After receiving electrify source, electromotor has buzz only but not rotational processing: Must disconnect instantly power source, search reason ① again carefully next single-phase move to check power source above all, whether is looking power source breaks line, fuse one photograph fusing, contactor is contacted bad; Check winding of electric machinery stator moreover derivative line, whether to receive good. Whether is part of of ② examination machine blocked. This kind of breakdown is when prestarting inspection electric machinery, see dynamoelectric function deny turn gently, voltage of power source of ③ of very easy discovery is too low or the electromotor ability that ▲ form receives a standard receives Y form, and take load start. Should determine only power source voltage and electromotor wiring pattern can discover whether correctly. 3. Phenomenon: Electrify of people of talent uses electric machinery, fuse is very fast fusing (or shed protective act too) processing: ① checks the rated electric current of fuse and electromotor capacity not to match. Whether is the electromotor that ② checks Y form to receive a standard received by accident ▲ form. ③ electromotor power source has alternate with short circuit to the circuitry between wiring terminal right perhaps short circuit. Disconnect mains switch, ravel electromotor wiring head, use million Europe to express an examination to be able to discover. Derivative perhaps line has winding of ④ electromotor stator alternate with short circuit or ground connection. 2, the unusual electromotor in dynamoelectric accident travel often can appear in move a few frame-up moving phenomena, be like: Electromotor vibration, electromotor crosses sound of bear, electromotor elevatory, electric current increases unusual, bearing and line round temperature reach rotate speed change to wait, these are unusual although won't make electromotor protects behavioral tripping operation, but the safety that already affected electromotor moves. Certain and unusual the important electromotor that move, if be handled not in time, not only can cause electromotor itself trouble, still can cause stop machine, stop the grave accident such as furnace. 1, electromotor is short of photograph moving phenomenon: Ammeter directive rises or be 0; Electromotor noumenon temperature is elevatory, at the same time vibration increases, sound is unusual. Processing: Of electromotor be short of because some kind of reason causes the run mode when loop disconnects,moving is three-phase electromotor. Be being checked above all is the breakdown that power source lacks photograph or electromotor stator loop. Preventing electromotor to lack one of methods that move is the judgement that relies on attendant, discovery hind is handled in time; 2 add in electromotor loop namely outfit be short of photograph protector. 2, electromotor noumenon is calorific phenomenon: When electromotor is spent in this temperature in moving and temperature rise comparing moves normally, lift significantly, and electric current increases. Processing: ① checks a belt to whether mechanical bear has attrition or block acerbity phenomenon. ② checks mechanical bear to whether increase, if, should reduce negative charge, to temperature stability. Whether does ventilated system have ③ examination electromotor breakdown, should drop negative charge at the same time. Whether does each phase current balance ④ examination electromotor, winding breakdown still is short of judgement stator to move. 3, electromotor of ① of electromotor happening vibration and place area are mechanical the center is abhorrent. ② electromotor rotor is lopsided. ③ electromotor bearing damages. Intensity of ④ electromotor foundation insufficient or lower margin screw becomes loose. ⑤ electromotor is short of move. If electromotor vibration is exceeded,allow to be worth Fan Tu, answer to stop electromotor to move instantly. 4, electromotor sound is unusual the reason of respect of ① electromotor machinery: Bearing sound is abnormal, because be short of oil,be like those who cause, answer to be cheered instantly; If bearing already damaged, answer to stop to move instantly. The reason of ② electric field: It is normal to examine voltage and frequency; Check three-phase stator electric current to whether be balanced, whether judgement has line appearance or burn inter block ministry to have circle a short circuit circumstance. 3, it is OK that electromotor burns electromotor of machine three-phase asynchronous to burn the reason of machine to sum up cent is; Laden, insulation of power source, electric machinery, be short of. 1, laden (overload) : Exceed carry to go, bring about electric machinery to give out heat. Or electric machinery is started frequent, bring about electric machinery overheat. This kind burn interior of opportunity occurrence electric machinery to decide rotor two upright metropolises are burned black, burn black place evener (the moving power that because decide,general electric machinery has, say for rated power, the unit is tile (W) , if the under certain circumstance makes use power actually of electric machinery to exceed the rated power of electric machinery, call this kind of phenomenon electric machinery overload) . 2, power source: Voltage is too low add load to be below rated circumstance, electric current is increased, electric machinery overheat. Power source voltage is exorbitant, burn machine. Or electric machinery is short of move. This kind of state of affairs is less, judge very easily also, basically be the mark that circuit has burn. 3, be isolated from: Electric machinery interior is isolated from not to accord with a standard, existence circles an alternate with short circuit. Internal perhaps wiring is wrong. It is easy that this kind burns machine and overload to burn machine some time promiscuous, calm rotor can be burned likewise black, in short circuit nevertheless place can have apparent burn mark, cupreous Liu can appear when having for instance, winding is local and serious burn down. Be short of burn machine: 1, electromotor is the triangle receives a standard: Meet only burn-up one photograph winding, can express with million Europe (shake watch) measure an one photograph winding to be destroyed to ground insulation. 2, electromotor is astral form (Y) receive a standard: Have two-phase winding meeting burn-up, can express with million Europe (shake watch) measure a two-phase winding to be destroyed to ground insulation. 4, electromotor breakdown detects method 1, electromotor does not turn but have buzz: Measure electromotor wiring column, if three-phase voltage is balanced and be worth for rated voltage, can be being judged is serious overload, the measure of the examination: First take out is laden, at this moment the rotate speed of electromotor and sound are normal, can decide laden perhaps machinery has overload partly breakdown, if allow not to turn like that, usable hand turns electromotor axis, if very close or turn to be not moved, measure three-phase electric current again, if three-phase electric current is balanced, but bigger than rating, the mechanical share that shows electromotor is stayed in by card, the likelihood is electromotor is short of oil, bearing becomes rusty dead, or damage is serious, what end is built or oily lid installs is too inclined, rotor and inside chamber photograph is touched (sweep chamber) when the roll that use a hand electromotor axis arrives to feel more demanding when some angle or be heard brush periodicly brush sound, can judge to sweep chamber. 2, electromotor rotate speed is slow and have buzz: Expression of this kind of breakdown is an axis brace up east, if be measured so that one phase current is 0, and additional two-phase electric current exceeds rated electric current greatly, the specification is two-phase movement, its reason is: Circuit or power source opens circuit, or electromotor winding opens circuit. The electromotor of small size can be measured directly with avometer whether to connect. Because winding uses much root wire more and the electromotor of medium capacity circles paralell connection of much spur track, be like among them broken a certain number of roots or disconnect the examination when a shunt-wound spur track rises to compare a trouble, such circumstance uses phase current to balance a way normally or resistance standard. Resistance standard measures the resistance of three-phase winding with bridge, differ like three-phase resistor hundred above, the one photograph with greater resistance is open circuit photograph. 3, of ground connection breakdown detect method: With shake the watch detects electric machinery winding is right the insulation resistance of the ground, when insulation resistance under 0. When 2 million Europe, demonstrative electric machinery is serious be affected with damp be affected with damp. Check stage by stage with avometer resistor archives or desired result lamp, if resistor is lesser or desired result lamp is darker explain this winding is serious be affected with damp be affected with damp, need stoving processing, if resistor is 0 or desired result lamp is close to normal brightness, so this close already ground connection. Winding ground connection happens in electromotor to give line opening commonly, the aperture taking a line of power supply cord or winding extend notch to be in to hind a kind of circumstance, if discover ground connection is not serious, but bamboo piece or insulating paper inserts stator core and winding between, be like classics examination already not ground connection, can wrap up and continue to use after besmear insulating varnish. 4, of breakdown of winding short circuit detect method: Circumstance of winding short circuit has circle a short circuit, alternate with short circuit. 1, use million Europe is expressed or avometer checks the insulation resistance between aleatoric two-phase, if discover,be in 0. 2 million Europe fall or be 0 specifications is alternate with short circuit. (answer when the examination electromotor down-lead all ravel even the line) ; 2, the electric current that measures three-phase winding respectively, electric current is short circuit photograph greatly; 3, check the short circuit between winding with short circuit detector; 4, measure three-phase winding resistance with bridge, resistor is short circuit photograph smally. 5, electromotor runs from time to tome noise: Breakdown distributes the mechanical part of electromotor and electromagnetism share, divisional method: Make electromotor electrify moves first, hear locomotive voice carefully, next power cut, let electromotor borrow inertial continue to move, if at this moment abnormal sound disappears, the specification is the breakdown of electromotor electromagnetism respect, it is the breakdown of electromotor machinery respect otherwise. Mechanical noise: 1, the noise that bearing gives out, the likelihood is damaged of bearing ball bearing, lube is too little, at this moment, build top of one screwdriver head in bearing oil outside, by petiole move one's ear close to, the sound that audibility murmur murmurs. 2, air rub the noise that examine produces. This kind of sound is very even, not be very intense, can judge it is normal to be. 3, the noise that electromotor sweeps chamber to cause, the characteristic of this kind of noise is the sound of Ca having Ca, to just building the motor that pass, moving Shi Refa has noise, can check electric current to whether be balanced, roll is agile, whether does rotate speed reach rated rotate speed, if do not have above problem, the likelihood is the insulating paper inside stator chamfer or bamboo bits dash forward outside stemming from notch, cause rotor and its appearance rub examine at this moment audio characteristic is already pointed tall. Electromagnetism noise: 1, rotor and stator length cooperate bad, rotor length points to the distance of a bearing to another bearing, stator length points to from the distance of room of a bearing to another bearing room, below normal circumstance, stator length grows slightly than rotor length a bit, if differ too much, the likelihood appears a kind grave " buzz " sound. 2, rotor axial shift, this kind of shift produces electromagnetism noise possibly also, and build voidance to carry electric current to increase, the batteries function of electromotor is reduced. 3, stator, rotor chamfer number cooperates undeserved, the fault in rigging a process installed another rotor. 4, the breath between stator rotor is inhomogenous, stator rotor breaks a circle, also may be the axis has bend slightly etc. Electromotor winding is short of, circle a short circuit, alternate with short circuit, cross carry to wait to all can cause electromagnetism noise all right. 6, stator winding ground connection: 1, fumy law: To ground connection winding, try between core and coil inferior voltage, with voltage of voltage regulator adjustment, limitative electric current is in 5 how inside, burn caustic core in case, when electric current is nodded through ground connection, quantity of heat produces in breakdown place, winding insulation will be fumy, produce scintilla even, malfunction thereby dot. 2, electric current is directional law: Be linked together the one photograph premier of breakdown and end photograph, receive into the circuit that be measured, if the voltaic direction inside coil pursues, two electric current flow to ground connection to nod together, in groove the top puts one small magnetic needle, chase groovy shift, the ground of haul of small magnetic needle is nodded, receive a place to be in groove namely, become small magnetic needle along groove again axial is mobile, small magnetic needle is met again in trouble spot haul, so nod at this o'clock for ground connection. Move to assure the safety of asynchronous electromotor, electric staff member must master the basic knowledge that moves about the safety of asynchronous electromotor, strengthen itinerate is checked and safeguard, accomplish the accident hidden danger that discover in time as far as possible and eliminates electromotor, make sure electromotor safety moves. CNC Milling CNC Machining