Laser beam welding receives the application in mould industry

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The mould is a kind of when industrial production is machined or the metal machines basic appliance, what its apply this shows is extensive. And the surface of traditional mould material solders the technology satisfies more high-powered to the mould use requirement hard. Laser beam welding receives what replaced a tradition gradually to solder technology, be accepted by market place gradually in mould industry. So, laser solders what to there is in the typical case of the application of whole mould industry, solder quality how? The mould repairs laser beam welding to receive the applied laser beam welding of machine to accept the case with the most typical application in mould industry is the mould repairs plane of laser beam welding, handlers of this kind of equipment is used easily, can raise the rate that solder fills greatly, and repair the effect and precision be adjacent perfect, this makes this equipment solders in the mould domain application is very wide. Of this kind of welder repair solder hot influence area is very small, and have do not need to heat ahead of schedule, be soldered after the job workpiece also won't appear the advantage of anneal phenomenon. Filling technology of this kind of laser beam welding can be used at mould tatty rehabilitate to work not only, still can be opposite small and accurate area implementation essence solders definitely, after repairing, also won't appear be out of shape or the phenomenon such as air hole. This kind of laser repairs welder solder quality can satisfy the to the mould use requirement on industry, this is the problem that place of a lot of users cares. We also mention this kind of welder above solder the characteristic won't appear namely be out of shape, the phenomenon such as stomatic, trachoma, this raised the beautiful sex of the mould and performance characteristics greatly. Additional, welder of this kind of laser is OK as perfect as computer technology union, raised automation rate, can realize more accurate, more efficient operation, of automation technology propping up also is the best method that assures mould quality. CNC Milling CNC Machining