Milling of CimatronE numerical control processes the crucial technology of process designing and application

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CimatronE is a CAM software that faces treatment of high speed milling, the crucial technology that the process designing of treatment of numerical control milling that the article offers to CimatronE system involves and its application had relatively detailed introduction, match with corresponding example. The article has theory to have practice again already, tuwenbingmao cannot be not read. One, introductive CimatronE offerred the solution that makes to tool tool from design of products plan, mould, make production circulation process is changed. Its rich data exchanges interface, can undertake counting occupying guiding deriving to CimatronE, Pro/ENGINEER, Catia directly, can have trade with the data format such as IGES, Step, STL, DXF, DWG, Parasolid at the same time; Parameter changes mixture number to build a model output of 2 dimension graph, the spare parts is assembled, the functional module such as standard mould bases; Fast electrode is designed, can distribute a model in the light of curved surface, need not hypostatic changeover; Powerful curved surface function, can go to the lavatory the design of all sorts of moulds, note model model design especially, the fast electrode design that the system offers and MouldDesignInjection Mold Tooling are designed, the to load of the can automatic product that finish is assembled, divide model and standard mould bases choose assemble. The CimatronE software operation that is based on Windows is convenient and fast, yi Xueyi is used. Intelligence changes 2 ~ process designing of 5 axes CNC Machining, program of supportive high-speed NURBS outputs a function. CimatronE supports cut of numerical control milling, turning, line to machine process designing, treatment of milling of 5 axes numerical control includes the treatment process designing such as curve of blade of 5 axes bottom, side edge, 5 axes and bore, the cutting of the treatment that is based on rudimental semifinished product and pattern plate of numerical control process designing machines process designing, be based on gearshift and function of treatment of high speed cutting. CimatronE SDK provided the rich function library that is based on VisualC + + and language of VisualBasic2 second development, use at using Microsoft Visual Studio to be compositive development environment, it is OK to use these function warehouses very develop him appropriative to use a program conveniently, the augment that is systematic function module provided better platform. The article machines process designing in the light of the numerical control milling of some product part, introduced its to process the application in process designing in milling of structural product numerical control. 2, process designing of numerical control of CimatronE of technology of key of treatment of milling of CimatronE numerical control by three-dimensional build editor of contrail of design of contrail of model, cutting tool, cutting tool to revise, treatment is emulated, a few main component such as interface of function of 2 pattern plate of process designing of postposition processing, numerical control, development and data file exchange. Undertake introductory from the related side below. 1.

CimatronE of primary technological process uses process designing of CimatronE numerical control at the CNC Machining of product part, its flow is shown 1 times like the graph commonly. It is to call semifinished product of product part to load above all, call cutting tool of the pattern plate that systematic pattern plate or user define oneself, design; The formula that establishs treatment respectively next, target that defines working procedure, treatment, way that defines treatment makes corresponding treatment form; The user comes according to the content that processes form the type of unripe set prescription of contrail of establish cutting tool, if machine the specific content of the object, of cutting tool guide move knife of angle of rotate speed of step pitch of means, cutting, main shaft, feed, cutting, advance and retreat face of dot, interference and safe plane; Undertake emulation machining to cutting tool contrail, undertake corresponding editor is revised, the operation such as the copy, in order to improve the efficiency of process designing; After waiting for all cutting tool contrail to design qualification, undertake an aftertreatment, the treatment code that makes system of corresponding numerical control undertakes DNC is transmitted with CNC Machining. The flow of numerical control process designing of CimatronE. Systematic interface abides by the CNC Machining flow of real product strictly to design, its operation is accordingly simple, in process of program of design of contrail of whole cutting tool, can modify the content such as parameter of treatment object, cutting arbitrarily. Notable is, as a result of its dependency, when undertaking flow of cutting tool contrail is designed, to machining the definition of the object, had better have an overall program. Can undertake to cutting tool contrail and treatment form copy, stickup, delete and conceal wait for an operation can, can undertake editing modification to plan of specific cutting tool contrail at the same time, of speed of following knives, corner adjust etc. Module of process designing of systematic CNC Machining provides following functions: The circumstance that below graphical means contrail of edge of observation cutting tool moves, undertake the graph is changed revise, have Dao Weiwen duplicate, editor, revise, the function such as cutting tool definition, machine tool and cutting parameter database, if undertake to cutting tool contrail outspread, shorten or revise etc, undertake by user demand agile user is changed revise and the function such as clipping. Imitate of Cimatrons Simulator cutting emulates module, it uses interactive means simulation, examine and show NC machine program, it is the method of program of a kind of convenient numerical control of test and verify. As a result of leave out try cut pattern, can save a machine tool to debug time, reduce cutting tool to wear away to clear with the machine tool the job. Adopt the semifinished product form that defines the spare parts that be cut, call NC Dao Weiwen data, with respect to the validity of the cutting tool method that can examine to be generated by NC. Can show the chromatic spare parts model after treatment, the user examines an incorrect treatment case easily. As examining another part, this module still can be calculated the excision quantity of the bulk of the spare parts after giving treatment and semifinished product, because this defines the loss of raw material easily. It provided a lot of functions, the complete figure that has pair of semifinished product dimension, position and position among them shows, but imitate the milling of 5 axes linkage mixes 2 ~ auger cut treatment of center of treatment, turning and line cut. Can be opposite the INC file of platform of the file of NC G code, file of APT format, SurfCAM undertake imitate emulates treatment. Its imitate speed can have set according to need, in congener software, this simulator speed is otherer slightly fast. The IMSPost of the GPP that aftertreatment program can choose Cimatron company and company of Intelligent Manufacturing Software Inc means of two kinds of aftertreatments, generate numerical control machine tool to be able to identify the program code document of treatment. 2.

Pattern plate of process designing of use numerical control of pattern plate of numerical control process designing is helpful for using already some experience and expert knowledge, achieve the goal that enterprise interior resource shares. The system offerred treatment form pattern plate, cutting tool pattern plate, treatment object pattern plate and pattern plate of cutting tool contrail. Process designing of numerical control of ceaseless in pattern plate infuse member, the knowledge that machines technology division and skilled worker, experience and habit, establish normative CNC Machining process, for aggrandizement enterprise the manufacturing management, treatment efficiency that offers a product and quality lay next good engineering technology foundations. The pattern plate that CimatronE system founds him user, can will beforehand parameter of treatment order, craft, cutting parameter has been installed, machine an object in the light of similar spare parts, applied pattern plate can offer the efficiency of numerical control process designing and quality substantially, reach the treatment that series part becomes like form in mould industry especially, if be opposite when production mould,machine the optimal process when punch and sunken model, it is its definition treatment pattern plate, when machining new product target, need to call pattern plate file only, select wants geometrical system, start this technological process can. The user passes treatment guide to obtain the production process guidance of expert class easily from inside pattern plate, entire content can provide the user that lacks experience effectively, be helpful for absorbing the experience of others, adopt guide, the pattern plate of predefine can be activationed, pass simple generate contrail of CNC Machining cutting tool quickly interactively. Treatment form pattern plate and pattern plate of cutting tool contrail part with * .

Pct, * .

Tpt and * .

The file format of Mtt is saved. 3.

Wait for what system of CimatronE of bulk gearshift cutting offers to wait for function of cutting of gear shift of bulk constant power, suit to compare the cutting of product of old difficult treatment material in the mental allowance on machine tool of ordinary numerical control especially, in order to fill the function of minute of play cutting tool and machine tool. The proportion that holds in existing company place as a result of machine tool of ordinary numerical control is larger, because this uses the strategy of cutting tool contrail of gearshift cutting to be able to reduce production cost well, improve the efficiency of treatment. If pursue,2 show the setting of gearshift cutting function that provides for the system. The high speed milling of CimatronE machines a function to support the precision work that waits for tall storied rough machining and curved surface at the same time, transfer through the form with round horn handling in corner, avoid 90 ° sharp (high speed circumstance damages easily to slideway and electric machinery) , use knife of helix advance and retreat to cooperate the self-adjusting function of feed speed at the same time, special agree with treatment of high speed cutting, the system still is offerred surround equidistant wait for a variety of means to support what high speed machines cutting tool contrail to create strategy. If the graph is shown 8 times,surround for its high speed respectively the sketch map of contrail of cutting cutting tool and example. A) B) Normal Align=center> pursues 2 wait for bulk gearshift cutting to install 4.

Of cutting tool contrail generated control means system to offer bore, tap and bore hole to wait circularly nod a treatment process designing, have a variety of outline treatment, wait for tall be surrounded by mountains to cut cut all right and islands machines function of planar milling process designing. Its offer 5 coordinate of 3 ~ function of process designing of treatment of linkage of much axis of complex curved surface, have be based on outline of rudimental semifinished product, curved surface, etc tall statified, surround streamline of equidistant, curved surface, corner is clear a variety of cutting tool contrail such as 5 axes control root and curve means. The main treatment strategy of cutting tool contrail has: (Be like,milling of bulk of 1) Volume Milling is offerred parallel milling, surround, the milling of bulk rough machining that waits to tall, deep Kong Zuan is cut and be based on a variety of forms such as semifinished product, basically use the cutting of thick finish machining that Yu Dayu measures. (Treatment of outline of 2) Contour Milling basically is used at undertaking finish machining cutting to mouth or the outline flank that close, can undertake 3 axes and 5 axes curve are machined at the same time. (Treatment of 3)Surface Milling curved surface has thick precision work to dimensional curved surface, form of cutting tool contrail can use curved surface streamline, parallel, etc tall statified, surround the form such as helix, radiative shape undertakes curved surface machine. (4)Cleanup remains treatment to going up semifinished product of the remain between the knife of working procedure rough machining and workpiece corner undertake rudimental machining. (5)Pencil corner clear root is aimed at curved surface between intersect area or corner place undertake or for many times clear root treatment. (6)Drill bore loop goes to the Kong Weijin of workpiece 3 axes or 5 axes are gotten cut, bore hole treatment. (Streamline of 7)Flow Line curved surface basically has thick precision work in the light of complex curved surface, the control means of contrail of its cutting tool guides through dimensional curved surface move will control, consequently orbit can be challenged according to need. The blade end the 5 axes that can have dimensional curved surface at the same time and side edge milling machine process designing. Machine strategy in the light of avery kind of, contrail of its cutting tool generates control means to have a variety of, to large surplus model the treatment of antrum and dimensional curved surface, the control means of contrail of its cutting tool has: The helix that is based on rudimental semifinished product is machined circularly (Stock Spiral) ; Parallel of dimensional curved surface is equidistant milling (Parallel Cut, its contrail is parallel go up at XY plane some is linear) ; Go up with plane it is the centre of a circle at some o'clock, orbit edge radial is machined with radiative shape (Radial) ; Etc tall statified milling is machined (By Layer) ; Curved surface outline is three-dimensional surround equidistant (3D Step) ; The appearance of orbit edge curved surface is pressed surround the equidistant treatment inside the XY plane that the form of outline has fixed Z shaft (Profile) ; Deep Kong Zuan cuts rough machining to discharge an amount (Plunge Mill) ; Dimensional curve 3 axes or 5 axes treatment (Curve 3x&Curve 5x) . If strategy of cutting tool contrail and means of control of cutting tool contrail pursue 3 show with 4. A) B) Normal Align=center> pursues strategy of contrail of 3 cutting tool and curved surface of B) of region of level of curved surface of control interface A) are perpendicular region C) is equidistant and statified D) tall statified F) of mill of facing of milling E) edge is three-dimensional and equidistant (5 axes of 3D Step) G) are gotten cut 3 axes of treatment H) face of straight grain of I) of cutting of straight grain face 5 axes cutting.

The aftertreatment program that system of CimatronE of aftertreatment job mode offers can choose GPP and IMSPost means of two kinds of aftertreatments, generate numerical control machine tool to be able to identify the program code document of treatment. It is very OK to use IMSPost aftertreatment undertake installing to corresponding numerical control system conveniently, IMSPost offerred the aftertreatment program that waits for numerical control system like Fanuc, Siemens, DeckelMaho, Heidenhain and Centurion, the grand program function that its provide makes full use of in the meantime, but the basis needs custom-built oneself numerical control system. User grand program is comprised by a few variable and control statement grammar, can fulfil the function of user demand and system of specific numerical control. IMSPost can handle the contrail of numerical control cutting tool that includes the CAD/CAM software such as UnigraphicsNX, MasterCAM, Catia, Pro/ENGINEER, SurfCAM, Euclid, DelCAM and MetalCAM at the same time source file, generate the code of numerical control program that the user can use. Graph the 5 interfaces that undertake for IMSPost system of Heidenhain407 numerical control undertakes installing. Function of aftertreatment of system of numerical control of graph 5 Heidenhain407 is installed 3, if example of process designing of treatment of milling of CimatronE numerical control pursues 6 are shown for part of product of some thin wall structure, its machine a feature to be one airspace curved surface, and the islands that includes numerous and different plane. The numerical control milling that uses CimatronE system machines process designing function, design the parallel milling treatment that like the graph 7 ~ graph shows 9 times, high speed to surround respectively the cutting tool contrail of treatment and corner clear root machines sketch map. Graph 10 with the graph 11 process emulation sketch map and source code of document of partial NC program for its cutting respectively. Can see from inside sketch map of cutting tool contrail and program code, the cutting tool contrail that use CimatronE designs agrees with cutting of power of constant of high speed, gearshift machines a circumstance, the function that use system provides can improve the quality of the efficiency of treatment and numerical control program effectively. Graph sketch map of 6 products treatment pursues sketch map of treatment of 7 parallel cutting pursues 8 high speed surround cutting sketch map pursues sketch map of treatment of 9 ministries clear root pursues sketch map of 10 emulation treatment pursues sketch map of 11 NC code CNC Milling CNC Machining