The development of three-dimensional model library reachs the mechanical cartography that is based on Solid3000 application

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The article discussed mechanical cartography the influence that the action of fictitious model library and it reforms to education, reach the mechanical cartography that is based on this software place to build to Solid3000 software characteristic of fictitious model library reachs the essentials that make to undertake introductory. One, foreword multimedia CAI- - the breach that the computer assists education to regard education as modernization, with its compositive sex, alternant sex, can accuse the characteristic such as gender, real time sex more and more welcome and be taken seriously of extensive teaching staff. In last few years, as network education gain ground, the year after year of computer application level rises, and the application of of all kinds and auxiliary education software appears ceaselessly, provided technical measure for curricular education reform. Education model regards education as the main component of the method, in the process that understands education content in ground of help student figure, producing the effect of active auxiliary education. Mechanical cartography regards the important major of Electromechanical major as fundamental class, no matter be,still be in classroom education after the class exercise, need to use education model in great quantities, in order to increase the student's perceptual knowledge, achieve the education of dimensional thinking ability finally. Orthodox education model because tall, fragile, inconvenience carries its price, cannot revise wait for defect, cannot have satisfied the need of contemporary education. Applied computer software combines multimedia technology to build the fictitious model warehouse that is based on three-dimensional CAD technology, can overcome the weakness of traditional realia completely not only, also be the main component in reform of executive course education. In recent years, my school work up many multimedia classroom, provided advanced computer, the broadband also accepted campus web, campus net and INTERNET are entered on an any computers that teachers and students can be in the school, use a network to undertake prepare lessons and study, these advantageous elements to develop mechanical cartography fictitious model library created a condition. 2, mechanical cartography is fictitious the teaching dominant position of model library 1.

The mechanical cartography that replaces orthodox objective model to apply three-dimensional CAD technology to found is fictitious model library, can use the model with CD storage numerous amount, in use can replace objective model completely, eliminated what objective model causes because of bulk and weight to carry disadvantageous defect thereby. On the other hand, the rate that orthodox objective education model changes is slow and cannot revise quite, and the need that a few years changeless education model already cannot satisfy education and times of science and technology to progress ceaselessly. Fictitious model library is in mechanical cartography the defect that the application in education can prevent traditional realia completely, use advanced three-dimensional CAD technology to establish ground computer model not only precision is tall, qualitative feeling distinct, colour abounds good, figure, the join relation between the metabolic trend that the line still can a string of 1000 cash in body of follow in a continuous line of the exterior of will complex body and lumen, look, spare parts in assembling system is revealed adequately come out, add animation effect, the intellectual difficulty that makes education medium more clear, vivid, figure. Benefit still can undertake with computer software education model is revised conveniently with build, can complement in time not only so the model that accords with content of new teacher and student, still can be aimed at different education object, education to ask to adjust existing model, satisfied the need that the amount reachs to model sort in education adequately, achieve reduce education cost, raise the goal of education quality. 2.

Learn below student class aid learn model class in last few years, when adding those who try to reach mechanical cartography to give lessons as a result of the difference of quality of source of student of same classes or grades in school, number decreases ceaselessly, make the difficulty that coachs after pedagogic class increases. To the student with a few lower rate, if coach not quite seasonable, they once cannot the difficulty in conquer study, shrink back or abandon learning, lost the interest that learns to mechanical cartography. On the other hand, in the learning process of mechanical cartography, read, analysis, more typical mechanical pattern, raise interpret blueprints ability, open eye shot to the student, accumulate experience, the expressive capacity that increases pair of mechanical spare partses has certain help. Fictitious model library can help mechanical cartography the difficulty in student understanding study, key, reflect the education sense that gives priority to body with the student adequately, the student is OK still the study means according to oneself and study ability, have autonomy study. Fictitious model library can be record in mechanical cartography network, do not suffer spatio-temporal limitation to undertake transmission on the net. Difficulty is encountered in the exercise after the class when the student, can enter model library homepage through campus net, the model of a need is found in the library, have careful observation, enhance the organic knowledge to objective, assist the exercise after the class that finish. Additional, a large number of types were collected in computer model library 0, the three-dimensional model of the component and view of 2 dimension project, used different expressive method, the student can be passed with oneself place plot form contrasts, will examine oneself interpret blueprints ability and the expressive ability to parts. Computer model library can change the drab pattern of traditional teaching, conduce to a student turning into to learn actively from passivity study, improve study efficiency thereby. 3.

The material library that regards practicality as education to make the student of enginery major, real work can be competent in manufacturing front line after graduation, the education that carries out ability must be strengthened in school learning process, the purpose of practicality education makes the student can apply learns knowledge integratedly to solve real problem namely. In science and technology of swift and violent development today, the computer assists education to had made one of mechanical cartography course main component, the computer of the 6 multimedia classroom of my school is at present medium besides installed software of 2 dimension plot (drawing board of electron of AutoCAD, CAXA) outside, still have three-dimensional plot software (Solid3000, 3DMAX) , and every computer can enter campus net and INTERNET conveniently, this offerred essential corporeal condition for education of mechanical cartography practicality. The education of mechanical cartography practicality in the past, use the method that measure and spells outfit model to undertake normally, have certain limitation so, it is to should plan a lot of models, take up larger space and more capital are thrown consequently. The 2 sort that are a model are less, limitted the content of practicality education consequently, affected education result. The parameter that uses three-dimensional CAD software to build changes mechanical cartography library of three-dimensional and fictitious model, can solve afore-mentioned problems, make the material warehouse of education of mechanical cartography practicality. In education process, the teacher can need to design different teaching job in group according to education, every groups of students ask according to his teaching job, call spare parts model from inside material library, the measurement that three-dimensional CAD software offers have the aid of and assemble a function to have a part mapping and assemble system go all out outfit, use what software of 2 dimension plot undertakes the scale of part drawing and assembly drawing to spell a picture next. This kind is the education mode of setting with fictitious production environment, force of the observation that is helpful for arousing learner, discovery, imagination, logic associates force, be helpful for cognitive thinking deepening with development, increased to develop the strength of analysis and engineering competence, widened the student's eye shot, great the interest sex that raised study and education efficiency. 3, mechanical cartography is fictitious of model library build mechanical cartography fictitious model library is right actually objective model undertakes computer empty changes processing, benefit makes the fictitious and hypostatic model with clear image with computer software and multimedia technology, replace model of traditional in kind make, manage and use. Fictitious model library basically includes mechanical cartography the following 3 parts: (1) three-dimensional model library; (2) 2 dimension view conveys a library; (3) animation imitate emulates a library (if pursue,1 is shown) . 3 parts are mutual correlation, one to one correspondence. Graph the making platform that 1 mechanical cartography basically chooses Solid3000 software to regard three-dimensional model library, animation library and expression of 2 dimension view as the library in fictitious model library, choose MicrosoftFrontPage2000 to make software as the webpage. The mechanical cartography that is based on this software place to build basically reachs Solid2000 software below the making point of fictitious model library undertakes brief introducing. 1.

Solid2000 of Solid3000 brief introduction has the parameter that is based on a feature to change the modelling of hypostatic modelling, NURBS complex curved surface, substance and curved surface confluence, assembly that is based on a tie switch of data of modelling and IGES, STEP, VDA-FS, DWG and world's particular feature identifies implement (Feature Works) etc a series of advanced, it is 2D plot and be in harmony of 3D modelling technology an organic whole, those who be CAD/CAM of the implementation on the PC is compositive offerred a condition. 2.

Be based on parameter to change diagnostic formative to build modular characteristic Solid3000 to basically include feature of the following main function: The drawing that 1) is based on diagnostic parameter to change hypostatic modelling to use Solid3000, rotate, horn, smoke housing and pour a circle to wait for the tool of three-dimensional and hypostatic modelling that is based on a feature, what can found any complex form expediently, quickly is hypostatic. The geometric constraint that passes draft and dimension restrain a function, can tectonic size is very exact model. (if the graph is shown 2 times) the assembly that 2) assembles body to design Solid3000 designs a tool to be able to be used " support oneself and fall " or be " go up from the bottom " the method is founded and management is included thousands of the assembly of component and child assemble, the assembly that can found explosion automatically view (if pursue,show 3 times) . The three-dimensional model of 3) three-dimensional model and the dependency Solid3000 of 2 dimension view can make blueprint of accurate 2 dimension project automatically, include radical view, oblique drawing, cutaway view and axis to measure a graph to wait, can show dimension and technical requirement explanatory note in 2 dimension view (if pursue,4 are shown) . The two-way and associated function between the 2 dimension view of Solid3000 and three-dimensional model makes the editor of model appearance and dimension more easy, three-dimensional model is changed in designing a process or hold the post of the dimension of view of dimension of just a little, can bring about three-dimensional substance is updated automatically with all 2 dimension view. 4) animation of animation imitate emulation function is a kind of when the computer assists education strong tool, use 3DMAX software to be able to go to the lavatory to mix the part that makes by Solid3000 assemble system, make fascinating AVI animation file, reveal the working way that assembles system and the assembly of the component in assembling system intuitionisticly to concern, make the student observes carefully between the spare parts in assembling system assemble a relation. Solid3000 has high quality apply colours to a drawing function, the material qualitative library that takes oneself, material of the metal with offer a definition good, lumber, stone, plastic the material grain with other type, can add material to pledge for whole spare parts, single trait, individual surface, emulation effect offerred the animation that makes high quality to make to assure. 3.

Mechanical cartography is fictitious of model library network carry out use MicrosoftFrontPage2000 to be able to found the mechanical cartography that shows with network form fictitious model library. In the process that make, pedagogic need plans meticulously the webpage with website structure, concise and lively design, speed is transmitted on consideration net even at the same time. Fictitious model library has mechanical cartography many picture and animation data. The graphical file form that the network supports basically is GIF and JPGE two kinds. These two kinds are the graphical file that the course compresses, the graph is lesser, suit to convey on the network. General picture is bigger, the graphical file with rich color uses JPGE form, image is lesser, color is drab, and the figure that needs special processing, with GIF format. Be defeated to facilitate the net uploads, make the student can be browsed conveniently with download, the ground on the webpage is odd piece the picture had better not exceed 30K, gross of every page picture does not exceed 60K, animation should be controlled in 15K less than, bigger picture can break up little picture. Additional, reasonable use JPGE format and GIF form crucial also, the image of high resolution uses JPGE form, the image of low resolution uses GIF form. Mechanical cartography is fictitious the union of model library and contemporary network technology, reflected the advantage of network times adequately, the student can go up through the net browse, undertake autonomy the geoscience reviews and be reviewed, increasing self-study capacity while open understanding inscribes train of thought, be fostered at the same time and developed their observation and imagination, make they can faster, master the course with this very strong practicality better. 4, the application of fictitious model library and experience practice prove mechanical cartography, it is successful that ground of fictitious model library designs mechanical cartography, computer of have the aid of is fictitious the help of the model, the problem of a few keys in give lessons if: Cut hands in ground of the content clarity such as body of body, look follow in a continuous line, assembly, cutaway view, vivid, figure to reveal before the student, difficulty becomes easy understanding, the student's perceptual knowledge increased, obtains information content also increased. On the other hand, fictitious model library reduced mechanical cartography of the teacher coach workload, the student can need according to his, the ground repeats for many times to undertake the geoscience reviews concerned content on the net. Although have mechanical cartography,fictitious model library still is perfected not quite, still put in a few problems to need to solve, if material is insufficient amount of ideal, model is limited wait, but ground of fictitious model library applies mechanical cartography foreground is very capacious, its build will advantageous ground to promote reform of teaching method land. We are expecting to will come library of as can fictitious as the mechanical cartography of more school model shares the contact between time of resource, school, center the fictitious model library of many sided rich and colorful, offer more convenience for modern education. CNC Milling CNC Machining