Ling Yang 16 frequency conversion are odd a machine for college Electromechanical control major makes platform of education scientific research

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Does the 12nd big IC design the whole world company approach in relief science and technology (did SUNPLUS) announce: recently?  of discharge of Shi of Ti of  of Bei of extensive of Huang of  ü  whistles 5 copy is proud duckweed of Meng of a coffin with corpse in namely  of Gou Ъ Ping shuts?6 of Yan of ping of M of whistle of  of discharge of Mou of  Jiao Chang odd a machine -- series of Ling Yang SPMC75, for Chinese college Electromechanical control major makes sheet of 16 frequency conversion piece platform of machine education scientific research. The education that plan of college of approach in relief science and technology is property of gain of a blame extends a plan, this plan aims to carry Yo of the state religion in be opposite and sheet piece machine all-pervading is devoted, improve sheet of domestic universities and colleges piece the education condition of machine, the practice that makes the student of Chinese universities and colleges raise study starts work ability, the synchronism that promotes education and new technology develops. The SPMC75 series chip that this Ling Yang faces Chinese college to popularize, it is You Lingyang what science and technology designs development independently is high-powered 16 general MCU, have very strong interference rejection function, rich the resource that uses easily and fine structure, the time tally that increases especially and PWM output a function. SPMC75 series MCU uses Ling Yang U ' NSP kernel, u ' NSP kernel is a kind of efficient 16 CISC kernel. Supportive multiplication, multiplication cumulative, 32/16 the high-powered operation such as division, FIR; Support breaks pattern two kinds. PWM of vector of OK and convenient generation SPWM wave, space (SVPWM) wait for weaveform of all sorts of electric machinery drive. Besides having high-powered CPU, SPMC75 series MCU is compositive still a variety of function module: Muti_function I/O mouth, synchronism and asynchronous are serial mouth, high-powered ADC, common time tally, muti_function capture compare drive of electric machinery of module, BLDC special place diagnoses coder of increment of interface, two-phase interface, can produce all sorts of electric machinery the PWM of drive weaveform generator. In the meantime, SPMC75 set is single a machine interior is compositive the SRAM of the Flash of 32KWords and 2KWords. Use these to set support forcedly, SPMC75 set is single a chance is the driver of industrial frequency conversion that can achieve drive of frequency conversion of report of such as family expenses, level, much the complex application such as the servo drive system of annulus. CNC Milling CNC Machining