Factory of the first machine tool rolls out Shenyang sexual price compares product of series of tall electron lathe

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On exhibition of machine tool of the 9th China International, factory of the first machine tool rolled out Shenyang product of series of E-CA6140 electron lathe. The market fixed position of this product is: The price of general car, the function of numerical control. The price of numerical control lathe is in commonly ten to hundred thousands of yuan between, price on the high side affected what its process a trade in home to popularize application. Shen Yi machine the E-CA6140 electron lathe of this second development is lathe of a kind of economy that replaces common lathe numerical control, it is used on the foundation of bed of CA6140 general be open to traffic introduce numerical control technology, suit large quantities of quantities to process all sorts of rods, dish swing tower of curve of Kongji of surface of kind of cylinder of aid of spare parts inside and outside, cone, whorl, bore, bore with a reamer. Plan of Shen Yi chance produced May lathe of 90 E-CA6140 electron, predict to achieve inside year produce per month 150 CNC Milling CNC Machining