Breakdown of machine tool of DK77 line cut is analysed

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Machine tool of DK77 line cut by power source of lead plane, interface board, system, lathe bed 4 parts are comprised. Analyse as follows with respect to phenomenon of a few kinds of breakdown now: 1. X axis noise is unusual this machine tool drive uses three-phase 6 pat a pace to control two coordinate of X, Y to move into electric machinery. Three-phase of A of system of examination numerical control, B, C is balanced, when electrify sometimes X axis can chain, do not lock up sometimes, give out when motion " " sound. Roll of the guide screw after cutting off the power does not have unusual sound, measure X axis pace to enter electric machinery winding, discovery has one photograph winding to slant big, should be 8 Ω normally, change the machine tool after the pace enters electric machinery is normal. 2. Y axis dimension is flabby it is normal to check winding of Y axis electric machinery, drive part is electric if the principle pursues 1. Signal lamp of Y axis drive (graph 1 in glow diode) three-phase of A, B, C is normal, the voltage of the three-phase winding that is added on Y electric machinery is balanced, tear open next electric machinery microscope, discover momentum of change of electric machinery axial to slant big, change electric machinery hind is normal. 3. Y axis place shakes if the graph is shown 1 times,do not turn, it is normal to check electric machinery winding, but among them collector of D2373 of A photograph dynatron is tall n 24V from beginning to end. Check its base to be low n, demonstrative D2373 did not guide. Check 3DG12 base signal abnormal, bring about its to did not guide. Check R1 of base electric machinery (2k Ω ) open circuit. Change the machine tool after Rl is normal. 4. Add man-hour automatically not to have high frequency scintilla without high frequency scintilla, hit in air plane to block high frequency power source to have output, occurrence scintilla, explain itself of high frequency power source is normal, if pursue 2. Relay the when often opening bit of control to be machined automatically high frequency power source of J, check 3DG12 base collect is 9V, show puncture of B, C pole, make J cannot be sucked close, do not have high frequency scintilla consequently, change after 3DG12 normal. 5. High frequency scintilla ignore big ignore small because high frequency and automatic treatment is blocked,get feedback sampling signal control, accordingly, this kind of circumstance has trouble besides itself of high frequency power source outside, often still be like below a few kinds of circumstances: It is aluminous silk too loose, 2 it is molybdenum silk and electric conduction piece the contact is undesirable, 3 it is molybdenum silk ground connection or machine tool, insulation resistance is too little between negative pole, 4 be, contact of negative pole wiring is undesirable, these circumstances can bring about high frequency scintilla ignore big ignore small, not stable. CNC Milling CNC Machining