American development goes new-style aluminium, silicon alloy

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Success of research of center of flight of spaceflight of Marshall of American aerospace bureau can reduce car engine one kind to send out the new-style aluminium of content discharge capacity - silicon alloy. The center of Marshall spaceflight flight that American aerospace bureau establishs in city of Er of Ci Wei of Alabama go smoothly, research can reduce car engine one kind successfully to send out the new-style aluminium of content discharge capacity - silicon alloy. The JonathanLee of structural material engineer that the develop person of this kind of new-style alloy is aerospace bureau and Morgan study company (MorganResearchCorp.

) scientist PoshouChen. 7 years ago, production company of a large car to American aerospace bureau (NASA) puts forward to develop it is a kind of high strenth, low cost, OK to be used at making a piston make of engine send out the aluminium alloy that content discharge capacity reduces. Through research of 7 years, lee and Chen put forward MSFC-398 alloy eventually. This is one kind fights tatty new-style alloy. This kind of alloy is below the temperature of 374 ℃ of 262 ℃ ~ , show seductive high strength. Below 318 ℃ temperature, its intensity is higher than the intensity of traditional cast aluminium alloy 3 ~ 4 times, and its produce cost however under 1 dollar / pound. Report, MSFC398 alloy is OK the component that gives special appearance in the mould in traditional steel pattern or Die Casting model, its mould cost the cost under machine treatment. This kind of new-style alloy is piston of production car engine, connecting rod, gearing, brake piece, rotor the good stuff that wait, it is vessel of car, plane, ship and You Le the very good equipment that place of lathe work course of study requires data of high temperature application picks material. Because environmental protection sends out to internal-combustion engine the stricter requirement of content discharge capacity, force piston architect to redesign send out in order to reduce content discharge capacity. The key that solves this problem is to should make the air aperture volume between piston wall and air cylinder antrum falls the smallest, and the first its annulus when the piston is moving can stand by piston coping closely, if can achieve this rate, present high-powered benzine and derv internal-combustion engine can satisfy the exhaust emission level that reachs hard. For this, the can make the ply of vivid plug lid thinner alloy that the manufacturer of engine needs to have high strenth, low cost. The MSFC-398 alloy that aerospace bureau develops can satisfy afore-mentioned requirements. This kind of alloy is fought grind intensity big, exterior hardness is big, the motor component that makes with it has weight light, cost is low, make capacity of bad news oil drops, engine use time is lengthened wait for an advantage. This achievement already obtained patent in the United States, international patent is being applied. CNC Milling CNC Machining