Kai Parthy development gives the target that measures level of warp of 3D Printing wire

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To be based on FDM (melt deposit shapes) for 3D Printing machine of the technology, warp may be most dismay letting a person, but be one of very common problems, when using ABS wire especially, produce warp very easily, classics regular meeting is in casual make the 3D Printing exercise of the user is destroyed at once. Decide the wire warp property that they choose to help the user of all sorts of levels, achieve result of first-rate 3D Printing, development of famous KaiParthy of developer of 3D Printing wire went a kind to be able to repeat used standardization to check a method, in order to measure the warp of all sorts of 3D Printing wire " index " and this kind of method needs machine of a FDM3D Printing and scanner of a flat to be able to undertake only. Warp arises, because,be plastic the cooling rate of a departmental cent is different, cause inhomogenous systole, make thereby 3D Printing in should straight place generation bends. Although be compared with ABS photograph, the circumstance of PLA is close friends a bit, but these two kinds of material can produce warp. Solve the method with this one the most commonly used problem to include commonly: Heat the speed of the bed that print, rein in that print and reduce the temperature that print to wait. Besides, manufacturer of wire of a lot of 3D can claim sometimes its wire has low warp or 0 warp attribute -- but Parthy says, these are " sale vocabulary, because do not have,the person can define warp exactly. " " should measuring warp is not an easy thing. " Parthy says: "Commonner misunderstanding is the contractive value that offers with polymer manufacturer come an index million as reflective warp degree. But plastic systole is worth and cannot the warp degree with plastic 3D Printing of bona fide report, because statified printing is a complex thermodynamic process, suffer the effect of ten kinds of parameter. " the settlement of Parthy the grading that method founds a simple 0~10 namely (0= is good, 10= is bad) , will mark given wire can arise actually how old the twist of degree. Important is, parthy reminds the method that weighs him is not to tell you how to reduce warp -- contrary, it is a tool, can help an user undertake comparative to the warp character of different wire, in order to decide which kinds of material fits its project more. This index needs a few simple measure to be able to be obtained only. Above all, you want first 3D Printing uses the boy or girl friend that undertakes warp checks (the example model that Parthy provided a few to be able to download freely) . Next, along Z axis, classification in horizontal way draw a wide line, with as (2D) scanning measures consult. Scan next object (1200dpi of at least 1200 × ) , use graphical software (for instance Inkscape) those who measure these graph layers bend, can obtain arrive accurately the numerical value of 1/100 millimeter. The curves value and layer length photograph that final course will obtain is compared, magnify again 1000 times, can get the numerical value between a 0-10, this is the warp index that Parthy place knows. Parthy says had better be to be in blame warp index is measured on heating 3D Printing bed, and do not use hot bed, because be not,this is heat condition (20-25 ° C) be machine of almost all 3D Printing can be had, and those who because machine model perhaps is installed,heat up a bed is different often reproduce designation condition hard. Say simply even if, blame heat it is good that platform can realize unified, standardization, repeatability, achieve more reliable result thereby. CNC Milling CNC Machining