System of hydraulic pressure of lathe of numerical control wheel is designed

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Summary: Introduce design of system of hydraulic pressure of lathe of wheel of some numerical control, include the application of crucial technology, and the processing of the problem that encounters in trial-produce, analyse the principle of its structure principle, characteristic and component choice. Keyword: System of hydraulic pressure of lathe of numerical control wheel; Scale pressure-relief valve; Machine tool industry of oil cylinder synchronism is the foundation of whole manufacturing industry, and high speed, efficient environmental protection, intelligence is changed, of machine tool function compound the direction that changing is development of numerical control machine tool. System of hydraulic pressure of lathe of wheel of some numerical control basically is essential jumping-off place with energy-saving, efficient, environmental protection, complete the treatment to workpiece, the main drive of the machine tool is tendency drive, workpiece outfit card is easy, reduce cutting waste as far as possible, cutting decreases to measure when maintaining a wheel, assure the utilization rate of material. The electric control system of this machine tool is Xi Menzi 840 D, the feed of the whirl of workpiece and cutting tool is controlled by machinery, hydraulic pressure part basically controls workpiece raise, the workpiece float in cutting process, namely tendency drive. Hydraulic pressure basically finishs the outfit check of workpiece, workpiece because wool embryo is irregular the problem is easy the unbalance that brings about transmission to go up. Basically finish the measurement of workpiece with pneumatic. The difficult point with main system of this hydraulic pressure: Because the gravity of workpiece causes the change of pressure of hydraulic pressure system, basically use control of scale pressure-relief valve; The synchronous question that workpiece asks an oil cylinder by adjustable type timing a powerful person comes true; After workpiece treatment is finished, when dropping definitely for solution, abrupt change is moved, drop by adjustable type throttle control. 1 .

The working principle of the lathe of working principle wheel of wheel lathe sees graph 1 . The working principle   of lathe of graph 1 wheel 2.

The machine tool structure of the lathe of wheel of machine tool structure of wheel lathe sees a picture 2, 3. Graph the machine tool structure of 2 wheel lathe pursues (one) graph the machine tool structure of 3 wheel lathe pursues (2)     3.

The system of hydraulic pressure of the machine tool when choosing a consideration to carry for nothing of component of wheel lathe hydraulic pressure props up oil cylinder speed and friction pulley to last the high pressure when to load, choose duplex pump, have little flow of low-pressure large flow and high pressure; Considering the change of workpiece gravity, choose scale pressure-relief valve to be adjusted at any time continuously the pressure when to load; Consider to the system may appear to quit the job among cutting, or the situation that creates workpiece to drop without pressure, choose fluid to charge one-way a powerful person. 4.

Principle of job of wheel lathe hydraulic pressure double mix even pump by pump of low-pressure and variable lamina composition of pump of high-pressured force plunger, the action in the system is maximum pressure is used when working, discharge of complement of pump of variable of the low pressure when rising quickly, namely fast when can fast, when having load, turn for high pressure. The main effect of one-way a powerful person is the rapid movement return that achieves double pump to offer oil. The action of scale pressure-relief valve is the pressure when implementing laden change along with move. The main effect of reversal valve is control oil cylinder rise, drop, the abidance of workpiece to load. The action of timing a powerful person is the synchronous sex that adjusts oil cylinder, assure the synchronism when oil cylinder sky carries. The function that fluid controls one-way a powerful person is the safety when making sure the system quits movement. Graph movement of hydraulic pressure of graph of principle of system of hydraulic pressure of 4 wheel lathe is ordinal: Reversal valve 8 electrify, 4 carry rise oil cylinder to rise, rise reach the designated position, turn the wheel to 4 to carry from slideway litre of oil cylinder upper part. Press the axle box outside mixing supports apparatus fixed wheel. A powerful person 4, 5, 8 electrify, continuously to load. Mechanical friction pulley drives a wheel to turn, tool carrier begins cutting. The cutting that finish, remove continuously to load, a powerful person 8 electrify, carry rise oil cylinder to drop, finish a loop. 5.

The problem proportioning valve that proportioning valve encounters when the action in wheel lathe and trial-produce is in the action in system of this hydraulic pressure is the gravity according to car wheel pair adjusts pressure, make last to load is in from beginning to end a reasonable range, cannot too big bring about press buy of remove theatrical makeup and costume to be carried on the head bad; Man-hour is added in the wheel cannot too small, attrition force is small when insuperable cutting force, the meeting when cutting is caused skid. Pressure sensor was installed in system of this hydraulic pressure, can reflect systematic pressure to electrical system directly, the input voltage that installed scale pressure-relief valve on operation pushbutton station controls pushbutton, the abidance that can adjust a system at any time to load pressure. Carry in what the machine tool debugs the proportioning valve that encounters first to bring about the question that raises oil cylinder is analytic: Oil cylinder carries litre reach the designated position, workpiece installs card to finish, continuously when to load, carry litre of oil cylinder is irretentive, the pressure on pressure sensor is 0.


3 MP a , this pressure can't raise 4 to carry litre of oil cylinder. Checking discovery is not the pressure prediction of a person's luck in a given year that leak problem causes, detect next scale pressure-relief valve inputs voltage, discover input tension is too little, the position that makes scale pressure-relief valve lies to be shut probably, bring about a system to do not have pressure. 6.

4 carry when the synchronism that rises oil cylinder just began to design system of this hydraulic pressure, did not carry considering 4 the synchronous question that raises oil cylinder. Because oil cylinder carries,is load when rising, it is to carry for nothing rise, the discovery after trial-produce carries one by one of 4 oil cylinder when rising is raised, although big to the machine tool function field does not have an influence, but the feeling is sick, field assembly personnel also offerred an opinion to the author in the light of this circumstance. Made two plan to this problem: One is to use billabong collect to shed a powerful person to control 4 oil cylinder, another is every oil cylinder adds a powerful person of a timing. Compare two plan discovery: The place that with billabong collect need drifting a powerful person alters is too much, agglomerate need redesigns part; And timing a powerful person is done not have so troublesome, on overlay OK. To the principle the graph undertakes modification, bring mount in kind, to the fine tuning of timing a powerful person on 4 oil cylinder, feel the effect is OK still, basically can realize synchronism to rise. 7.

Oil cylinder moves a problem to discover when trial-produce in the abrupt change when dropping, be in continuously after to load cutting is finished, remove continuously in the process that to load drops, load is caused carry abrupt change uses litre of oil cylinder. Be aimed at this problem, drop in oil cylinder especially time a throttle increases on oil, increase the back pressure that answer oil, make oil cylinder is in drop from time to tome amortize, solved abrupt change to move. 8.

The problem that the system of wheel lathe hydraulic pressure that the last word designs discovers in trial-produce process has undertaken was settlemented, apply successfully already at the product, user report is favorable. Origin: Author of Inc. of Qinghai saline industry: Ma Shiyun CNC Milling CNC Machining