Solder of semiconductor laser drill rod applies at white automobile body

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Certain moment, reduce cost while also can change the appearance of the car, make a better car. For instance: Apply solder of laser drill rod to come joint car roof and side panel. Solder with laser or photograph of electronic spot welding is compared, what solder of laser drill rod improves juncture greatly is beautiful degree, so that can omit,juncture is acted the role of. And consumer also got more benefit: The car is more light, quiet, strong with safety, have extra plastic part no longer. Accordingly, the verdict that experience of article author basis gets is: Need not go the shop repairs plastic component to play the issue that give -- this is cost already normally costly. Omit extra part still means car line more smooth, because juncture surface is successive, and did not accumulate the aperture of bilge easily. The history goes 20 years in, laser is introduced extensively product line of white automobile body. Although Woerwo and BMW are the brand that puts into practice the earliest, but masses car is very fast try hard to catch up, ascend before long personally at forward position, in Germany the factory of Woerfusibao and world each district installed Nd:Y of riverside of hundreds lamp pumpAG laser. First laser juncture is invisible solder, basically use at narrowing flange dimension is mixed to reduce automobile body weight, the pillar that passes use hydraulic forming makes automobile body structure more strong. These structural sexes solder all the time continue to use up to now. But, the advantage of laser juncture is when armor plate of galvanization of solder of laser drill rod, or it is pair of class A surfaces when use fill welding wire undertakes laser beam welding receives aluminium board, most apparent. To these surfaces, one already got ready accept paint spray, almost need not what later period handles is low degree bend, strong juncture, make this machines a process to become unique. Was introduced to use by Ao Di TT 1997 to the solder of drill rod of class A laser of galvanization armor plate. C column join comes back wall side panel, can use C post at open car to be used at litter racing bike again already, and on the boot lid that comes in masses car treasure, must punch is over two parts, give next joint. Equipment element runs the first consideration element that rate is equipment of car plant site normally. Normally, normal moving ratio asks to be more than 99.

5% , the longest when equipment of more than 30 minutes is started and restarting, grow. Although this and telegraphic equipment differ very far (be like dependability) , but to industry laser system, this is a very big challenge, also be one of main problems that initial stage encounters. The method that adopts a work along both lines normally will solve: A reliable laser, add a feasible equipment manoeuvre. A lot of factories are used so called " laser farm " , all at using same the laser of a product line is placed the environment of centrally controls a site, it is the interlining that is put in the building normally. The laser that the spot uses distributes normally in the factory everywhere, need is very long fiber-optic have advanced control through factory network, transmit a solution as beam of light. When Nd:Y of lamp pump riversideAG laser is exclusive still available when industrial laser, this is best solution. These systematic volume are huge, efficiency is low, and need makes often be mixed inside the plan the maintenance outside the plan. Laser of newest generation industry -- laser of fiber-optic coupling semiconductor, fiber-optic laser or disc laser -- be based on diode, and have better inherent reliability. In new establishment, semiconductor laser finds a place for normally around laser equipment (see a picture 1) . Equipment manoeuvre is to be based on normally additional fiber-optic with converter of beam of light, allow time-sharing to use most 6 fiber-optic (with sacrificial cycle time is cost) , in many laser equipment or automobile body two side work, lest the system moves,interrupt. Reserve equipment installation is on the machine that connect casting, when occurrence breakdown of a laser, OK apace moves spare laser by laser equipment, solved the time problem that maintains breakdown laser in manufacturing workshop thereby. Installation of laser of a few kilowatt is on the machine that connect casting, resolved the another demand of car line of business. Raised light produced by electricity to change efficiency to just may design smaller than freezer of American family expenses laser only. The efficiency of changeover of light produced by electricity of disc laser and fiber-optic laser is respectively 25% with 30% , and the laser of fiber-optic coupling semiconductor that is used at drill rod solder, its light produced by electricity changes efficiency to be able to exceed 40% . This narrowed the auxiliary component inside laser (be supplied like power source and cooling system) dimension, because this narrowed integral bulk. This also is meant can set cooling plant interiorly or adjacent laser generator; Compare with photograph of system of lamp pump riverside, reduced the demand to exterior refrigeration greatly. Of speed of drill rod solder raising semiconductor laser to regard drill rod solder as the tool first is the tailgate that application is producing Ao Di A3. Normally treatment speed is 2.

4 meters / minute. To raise yield, masses car made the target that raises rate of drill rod solder below the premise that does not affect quality. The road that is located in Woerfusibao in masses car installs car product line, to Nd:YThe treatment process of AG laser and laser of fiber-optic coupling semiconductor is done quite. Existing YAG laser is used medicinal powder anxious beam of light, and what new-style semiconductor laser uses is focusing beam of light, focal diameter is 3.

2 millimeter. The use of Nextpage semiconductor laser improved speed of drill rod solder and juncture quality. The job inside focus of beam of light is stimulated in what distributing equably, can obtain better power density to distributing inside juncture component limits. Through using laser of 6 kilowatt semiconductor, can reduce the brim cut of 75% , speed of the biggest processing can increase minutely 4.

4 meters. All YAG laser that the masses decides to in bringing way solder of car drill rod to apply, be used changes semiconductor laser. Aluminous surface uses same treatment method, use fill welding wire solders aluminium makes structure of white automobile body is a lot of Motor Corporation are solving juncture the step that takes necessarily when aluminium board problem. Juncture mode almost just the same, also use same treatment head. Graph 2 showed the test facilities that is used at boot to cover application, laser of fiber-optic coupling semiconductor was used in the experiment, contain a touch to machine a head. Semiconductor laser is soldering distinct advantage has when aluminous material juncture: The wavelengh limits of diode laser is 900-1060 accept rice, special receive those who be bordering on aluminium to absorb peak value, and the wavelengh of disc laser is 1030 accept rice, the wavelengh limits of fiber-optic laser is 1070-1080 accept rice. Pass old development to plan, ao Di decides use belt is glazed fine (400 micron) laser of 4 kilowatt semiconductor will solder the tailgate of Q5 car, and be being produced in its this moves to cover a system on platform. Company of Kuka North America has asked according to different juncture, use 4 kilowatt successfully / 400 micron laser and 6 kilowatt / 1000 micron laser. Normally solder speed is minutely 3 go to 4 meters. The fiber-optic laser of 1000 micron builds solder to the edge particularly practical, the edge builds solder to ask to solder dinkily intensity, rear even do not need to solder (see a picture 3) . Laserline company (network address: Www.


De) the applied lab that is located in Germany had been begun extensive seam an experiment more, position of card palpability focus and solder angle has laser beam welding of conductor of trifling change half-and-half to receive craft to affect not quite. The experiment still displayed laser of fiber-optic coupling semiconductor to the back to catoptric durable sex. Conclusion asks to satisfy the high reliability of the automobile factory, the new achievement of a close infra-red laser is the design of car automobile body to bring new opportunity. Spare parts of solder of semiconductor laser drill rod can satisfy the highest technology standard of quality of visible juncture optics, and need not additional later period processing. Laser of fiber-optic coupling semiconductor depends on its craft, with extremely stable, speed fast, reliability is high and the characteristic such as cost advantage, for a lot of new white automobile body application is used. CNC Milling CNC Machining