Machine tool coordinate fastens brief introduction

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Department of machine tool coordinate is decided really (1) the formulary workpiece that the machine tool moves relatively is relatively dormant, and cutting tool moves. On the machine tool, think workpiece is dormant from beginning to end, and cutting tool is motion. Such process designing personnel are in take no account of the workpiece on the machine tool and cutting tool below the circumstance of particular movement, can pursue according to the spare parts appearance, determine the treatment course of the machine tool. (2) the correlation of reference axis of the X in the department of coordinate of formulary level machine tool that machine tool coordinate fastens, Y, Z uses the right hand Cartesian rectangular coordinates is a decision. On numerical control machine tool, the movement of the machine tool is by numerical control device comes pilot, the figuration that goes up to decide numerical control machine tool moves and assist movement, must determine the direction of the displacement of the motion on the machine tool and motion first, this comes true with respect to need through coordinate department, this coordinate fastens what be weighed to be department of machine tool coordinate. Graph   of 1 vertical CNC Milling for example on milling machine, the fore-and-aft motion of organic bed, transverse motion and hang down to motion, if pursue,1 is shown. Should use department of machine tool coordinate to describe in CNC machining, if pursue,2 are shown. Press a plan please 2 in the correlation that pushbutton observes to machine tool coordinate is fastened. Graph the correlation of reference axis of the X in department of coordinate of machine tool of standard of   of department of coordinate of machine tool of 2 numerical control, Y, Z uses the right hand Cartesian rectangular coordinates is a decision: Graph the thumb that 3 rectangular coordinates fasten 1) to reach the right hand, forefinger and middle finger, and each other is 90 degrees. Criterion thumb represents X coordinate, forefinger represents Y coordinate, middle finger represents Z coordinate. Of 2) thumb point to the square that is X coordinate to, of forefinger point to the square that is Y coordinate to, of middle finger point to the square that is Z coordinate to. The whirl that 3) rotates around coordinate of X, Y, Z coordinate uses A, B, C to express respectively, according to formula of right hand helix, of thumb point to the random in be coordinate of X, Y, Z of one axis to, criterion the 4 direction of rotation that point to are the others namely rotate of coordinate A, B, C to, see a picture 3. Press a plan please 4 in the way that pushbutton watchs to the machine tool moves pursues the direction that 4 machine tools move (3) the square that the direction that the provision of athletic way increases cutting tool and work space is each reference axis namely to, if pursue,4 are shown. (click the link below to examine detailed introduction) 2.

Reference axis direction is decided really 3.

Add coordinate is fastened 4.

The setting of machine tool origin 5.

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