Driver of servo of report of the engine oil that note model controls the application of means many groups

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As the market popularize the development that reachs applied level, develop new function in time, control of much group PID appears particularly important, it solved model machine to issue the requirement of pair of oily report driver in the environment of new technology new requirement. The means of the meaning that the article basically explained much group PID, setting, comparison with PID of 3 paragraphs of type. Well-known, the stage amounts to VFD-VJ of driver of oily report servo to be after the development through nearly two years, the function is in perfect stage by stage while, also more and more trend is steady. On the application that handles in the client, also got easy start easy debugged recognition. The technical personnel of our FAE, agent and terminal client summed up an experience parameter even, thereby more simplified to move machine process and after service. On the machine that note model, each main movement component asks when treatment the movement is fast, smooth, expression asks on hydraulic pressure the rate when voltage build-up is rapid namely, protect the bias voltage when pressing and concussion want when small, pressure release seasonable. The response of the discharge that this often says namely and pressure speed and control precision. In this, the V2 that VJ uses formally at present.

Means of control of 02 edition PID already satisfied major control precision requirement. But the innovation that enlarges the market and client product craft of the product further as VJ, current PID control cannot satisfy control requirement in good conditionly, so the stage is amounted to rolled out new PID to control a function, be in the test that had succeeding before the end of the year 2011. V2.

Mode of control of 02 edition PID is summarized at present V2.

What the mode of 02 edition uses the introduction on manual as VJ is same, say commonly control mode for PID of 3 paragraphs of type, if pursue,1 is shown. This kind of means is the phase that differs pressure control cent for 3, undertake handling to respective phase with PID1, PID2 and PID3. If the watch is shown 1 times,involve parameter. The good point that uses this kind of means is accord the control with different different level is characteristic. And defect is, get used to the movement of all hydraulic pressure components with a parameter. Ask to movement of component of different hydraulic pressure physical characteristic hasten is the same as, craft asks to agree as far as possible. If among them physical characteristic or treatment craft have apparent change, can appear cannot the problem of give attention to two or morethings or plane of not easy air appears. The model engine that plant of one model engine produces corresponding case Ning Bo asks to satisfy the treatment craft of its user, machining certain note when, the time of need of high-pressured lock model of model machine is protected longerly press an action. Undertook for this relevant test works, next graphs are the graph of model of lock of the high pressure when noting model normally commonly and inject. If the setting value of PID expresses 2 to show. Nextpage falls with the circumstance of parameter, undertake high pressure locks up a model to protect the graph appears when pressing 3 circumstances. Apparent, protect in what high pressure locks up a model pressed level to appear acutely concussion. Graph of the result after the parameter that passes several times is amended is shown 4 times. Although be in a few times in test process, the design that model engine plant thinks through self check its high pressure locks up modular part exists a few problems, but the cost of modification design is exorbitant and already batch put into production, also approbate debug a result finally. But this is to pass a loss to shoot those who protect the stability that press to achieve apparently, and high-pressured lock model is protected when pressing, still exist little the concussion of more than, process of whole key plane is very complex, amend parameter to balance all hydraulic pressure movements in order to find an appropriate setting value ceaselessly. V2.

If the PID parameter with 02 final edition expresses 3 to show. Be aimed at this kind of circumstance, the stage is amounted to rolled out quickly 82.

03 test version, classics client cooperated to have a test on same opportunity stage. The application of new edition PID is different from V2.

The PID of 3 paragraphs of type of 02 edition (or a group 3 paragraphs of type) , an existence of new edition mode of two kinds of PID, use parameter chooses among them either is planted. Increased 3 groups complete paragraph of type PID. New test version is acted on little increase control parameter amount, do not change the train of thought that controls parameter number, through increasing the control of PID of 00-38 parameter switch input of 2 mode, MI selects PID group otherwise realized 3 groups complete paragraph of type PID control, the act of a hydraulic pressure that each groups of PID can use at relevant couplet from voltage build-up, protect overwhelm of the whole process of pressure release whole calm. So its control diagram is shown 5 times like the graph. Nextpage passes 3 groups complete paragraph of means of PID, can inject to model machine movement of each hydraulic pressure in machining a process gives out alone character is whole calm, and do not need to consider the interference of each other different exterior physical characteristic. If specific parameter expresses 4 to show. If the graph is shown 6 times,move the curve after machine. The before apparently good Yu Zhi result on the mechanical movement that no matter be returned from graph,is model machine. If the watch is shown 5 times,specific parameter sets a value. (the allocation of 3 groups of PID: PID1 → is shot protect pressure, movement of other of → of model of lock of PID2 → high pressure, PID3) with V2.

02 edition are compared, besides PID outside differring, everybody can discover 00-26 (pressure stabilizes an area) setting value is different also. In V2.

02 in, 00-26 parameter basically is the effect that has switch PID1 and PID2. Common ground needs, setting value is in 25~50, action area and PID2 control area coincide. And 3 groups in new edition complete below the control of paragraph of type PID, in course of start of a hydraulic pressure, only a group (or) PID is in effective, if this parameter setting still presses the experience setting previously, the question with voltage build-up strong or too long time passes apparently after can appearing in real pressure to achieve calm pressure, see 00-26 had better be installed at present so for 100, use its action area to still control area coincide with this paragraphs PID, ability achieves good control result. Although the last word is very much congener product also has similar control function, be like: 3 paragraphs of type or 3 groups of adscititious PID functions get stuck. But after the course is compared, discovery is tone probably machine is too multifarious be like 3 groups 3 paragraphs of type, involve parameter overmuch; It is if adscititious function gets stuck,cost raises probably, circuitry of electric control design is complex, and be on final control result can not achieve an effectiveness that amounts to a product. Pass this client the use of nearly 3 months, on the base that does not need a client to be redesigned to the hydraulic pressure part of model machine, the control of this version is very stable, contented client designs a requirement. Be spent easily hard in air plane and control stability to go up, the client gave out the conclusion of excel competitor. CNC Milling CNC Machining