PDM technology develops medium application in model

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Summary: The article is brief the idea that introduced product data management, history, current situation and function, combine business to use PDM software - IMAN is in my place is preliminary executive circumstance, discussed PDM technology to develop medium initial application in some typical type product, specific include to build in coordination formula product develops an environment, implementation is collateral product of the foundation to develop pattern with the network; Build product object to run a system, component of library of implementation product object is integrated the management of information; Build working flow to run a system, implementation product develops those who produce all sorts of flow in the process to extend with modification control; Develop detail collect function, provide unified product data source for each function branch. The important meaning that discussed an enterprise to implement PDM project finally reachs the issue that the attention answers in executive process. 1. Introductive product data manages (Product Data Management) design product data effectively from notional design, phase, design of detailed design, computation analysis, technological process, treatment is made, the sale is safeguarded, keep in storage comes surely the product reachs his inside whole lifecycle the relevant data of each phase tries according to definite mathematical pattern, make product data keeps consistent inside whole lifecycle, newest, share reach safety. Much product data (like project plan, design data of standard of blueprint of model of data, product, project, technology, operation instruction handbook, craft, NC is machined file, finite form of model of yuan of analysis result, CAD, electron and all sorts of data of concerned spare parts) be. They store in blueprint, magnetizing mediums, file or documentation, some store even in the brains in personnel of certain project technology. They involve each branches of the enterprise, like plan, design, production, treatment, material, purchase, the branch such as analysis, financial, quality, inventory and sale, major company still comes for fundamental method with paper file the digitlization information that attune of chime of management, control is a foundation with the computer, and even the product of whole industry develops a process. This kind of much still relies on artificial administrative method, take a lot of work extremely not only take time and make mistake easily, create a company between departmental door " dispute over trifles " the phenomenon is serious, work efficiency is low. Because the project designs the centralized management that lacks product data to production control system, bring about product compose man-hour to increase 20 % , cost rises 10 % . So product data manages the bottleneck that is contemporary business management, already the widespread attention of group of technology of work up project, begin to undertake consider and be developinged to it. 2. The technology of action Product Data Management(PDM) of PDM is one of the fastest technologies grow in CIM domain in last few years. In the overall report of the CIMS project that designs each recently almost, the system that PDM subsystem is regarded as a key will plan and be carried out. Make as a kind can technology, PDM system can run the course that involves in all as whole as the information related the product and product lifecycle inside enterprise limits. Just about this kind of ability makes PDM technology is comparatived take seriously. Product data manages (PDM) is a kind of when begin to be formed in the international market in the ability at the beginning of 90 time new technology. It is EDM is reached in CAD/CAM/CAE (project data manages) the work up on the foundation rises. Actually, be in early 1992, donald E.

Carie1r and Therese M.

Sullivan the 3rd pace in 5 measure that foresight ground puts PDM technology in the enterprise to march toward automation environment. From attached drawing 1 can see, the first pace but the computational environment that each other operates, the 2nd pace but the tool that each other operates and task correspondence are worn the information in CIMS is compositive. The process in the CIMS with corresponding management of process of the 4th pace is compositive. Product data manages (PDM) serves as the 3rd measure, it is the result with before two compositive paces on one hand, it is the foundation with below one compositive process on the other hand. Real PDM product, besides function of product data management, still included flow management function commonly. Since entering 90 age, in intense market competitive pressure falls, the enterprise values oneself property more and more the decisive action in competition. Regard improvement as one of main measures of company performance, technology of computer information processing and network technology had produced effect in the management department of each enterprises, shortened thereby the collect that runs message, convey and handle time, effectively supported research and development of market sale, product and resource management to wait a series of decision-making dominate an activity with the enterprise. And PDM is accelerating design and manufacturing iformation flow to connect, shorten the action since the field place such as cycle of new products plan and the bridge that wear a design process and administrative process already also was more and more company place to agree with. The maturity that the computer assists technology, database technology, computer hardware technology and computer network technology and rise steadily, the development that is PDM laid solid foundation. It already did not have paper to design as what execute collateral project and product / the production technology that prop up. Accordingly, PDM takes seriously what be made systematic expert and entrepreneur highly more and more, more and more enterprises are in or the plan implements PDM project, PDM has become the heat of current business. PDM has 3 kinds of main functions: The structured management of the product and the project that the structure deploys procedure of functional; products plan manage mechanism and working flow control; The product is all and relevant the management of data and control mechanism. The concept of PDM, it is a compositive concept above all, in its executive process, must use the idea of systematic project, on the basis that understands user requirement adequately, change measure and ceaseless software to safeguard through orderly client, implementation goes to what software project uses a system to change from software product. PDM is compositive the project that turn, it involves each aspects of the enterprise, all sorts of tools that like the person of the enterprise, money, content, production object and enterprise are development product place to use. Applied mark of system of PDM of an enterprise implementation is worn it is very important that this enterprise strode ahead and arduous one pace, PDM will be the drive that whole industry product develops, it will make the enterprise achieves undermentioned goal: L inquires conveniently and share the product information in distributed environment, implement collateral project. Once build a product advocate after the model, different branch (be like section office, workshop, machining center) can share product data, make computational analysis, blueprint paper, treatment emulates the job that waits for a branch with tool design to undertake in coordination. Project of design of L convenient implementation and of production project dog and report, reduce a product to discard as useless, repeat dog and spare part. L realizes engineering design and the height of production system to center, in PDM environment need not the flow that file of reoccupy paper quality will come to manage and control a product to digitlize information, transmit and use, the design do not have paper that realizes a product truly / production technology. L is in PDM environment, project technology personnel handles affairs each provision that makes strictly according to the enterprise, but significant favourable geographical position uses all sorts of project levels, make sure the product develops working success, and be helpful for all sorts of current software on international and standard conform, go to the lavatory to begin technical communication and trade association with abroad. L reduces a product effectively to put the market on time, can accelerate 50 % ~ commonly 200 % ; Will substantially reduce engineering design to revise (can amount to 40 % according to investigation) with the phenomenon of do poorly done work over again in making. L product information is digitlized entirely, orderly ground is deposited in the database, facilitating implementation quality manages. My place is market scientific research, unripe the science and technology that originates in an organic whole is hypostatic, have rich products plan experience and advanced treatment, level of management. In me from 80 time end main product develops place technology of CAD / CAM was used in the process, to enhance actual strength of industry technology competition further, I am in foundation of CAM of original CAD / to go up, the decision implements PDM project. Because the CAD/CAM software of my place is UGII, IMAN and UGII are the product of UGS company together, fruit of its market effect is good, accordingly we use IMAN to regard me as the frame platform that carries out PDM, the PDM that carries out the product that is main target with some product to develop development activity with UGS company cooperation is pilot system, implement the PDM system that serves for research and development of whole place product on the foundation that accumulates experience. 3. Of PDM carry out 3.

1 build in coordination formula product develops an environment, the branch is collateral related support the job, implementation is fundamental product to develop project management mechanism with network technology. The job between the branch such as the products plan of my place, treatment, analysis, experiment is at present a kind serial process, the job between each branches becomes independent each other. The malpractice of this kind of traditional serial design is working actually middling often causes adverse effect. After a process is finished, another process ability begins, and among them if anyone link gave an issue, can create the job cannot proceed goes down. The harmony between them must undertake through coming artificially. For example, through the division of science and technology harmonious, through extending artificially the task changes sheet, attemper through leaving can wait a moment. Expend a lot of time, manpower and material resources in aeriform lieutenant general so, increased a product to developed charge to lengthen a product to develop time again already. This will be shortened with me product development cycle, reduce a product to develop fare, enhance technical competition actual strength, improve product quality, creation is much better the target of economic benefits runs in the opposite direction. Of PDM project build, will make what what I run paralell, in coordination the formation of type work environment, promote each branches to coordinate the work between each other. A kind of collateral job mode shows 2 times like attached drawing: This kind attachs most importance to a dot with product research and development, it is the collateral working mode of core with products plan, make each branches are coordinated each other rise, the information between them is delivered is to adopt network technique, of all sorts of information convey to be able to be accomplished with feedback seasonable, accurate. Appear in whole research and development such or in that way problem information will is by memory inside the server, unified put on record, be helpful for the inquiry henceforth and reference. The traditional method that transmit and information is coordinated between each branches with paper file will be replaced by electronic method, accelerated the rate that iformation flow knows already, saved the harmonious time between each branches again. 3.

2 build product object to run a system, component of library of implementation product object is integrated the management of information; Organize documentation for basic data unit with product component; Control the version of product object and documentation. The product component that my place is aimed at some product at present is integrated the management of information is to pass blueprint, documentation and other method store. For example a spare parts of some product, the information related to its includes attribute to express (spare parts type, name, weight, classification, material, suttle, dimensions, amount, what belong to model, products plan person etc) , model of blueprint of result of analysis of NC code, FEA, 2 dimension, three-dimensional CAD, relevant technical documentation is waited a moment. These information store respectively at different form, different branch, in different medium, each other are independent, because this inquiry between them, backup is mixed,expend manpower material resources to expend time again already surely, information keeps secret the gender is differred, security is low, damage easily missing. Accordingly, the method that uses this kind of convention will manage information to be able to produce a lot of malpractice. Use PDM system, these malpractice general is able to eliminate, IMAN is all sorts of information related to some product component integrated below an Item, and below each components whole product and Folder of pertinent information existence, unified memory is in the server, the some product Xg2000 that following plan institute show, the spare parts includes Ss01, Ss02 and Ss03 related its, be centered below Ss01 with the information related Ss01 spare parts among them. Control attributive to undertake installing to the visit of every user through systematic manager, in order to prevent pair of information consult illegally, revise, copy and delete. This kind of method safeguards the integral sex of information data already, go to the lavatory again the inquiry of the user, security is high, dependability is good. IMAN still can achieve the version administration of pair of product objects and documentation. For example, according to me an actual condition, can be cent of whole product process M, C, S, D, P5 level, for example, lie to some product C phase, go up to still can divide it in this phase for Ca, cb, the version such as Cc, ca, cb, the information between Cc version itself and them will is by memory below unified catalogue item, consult in order to have inquiry is mixed. If all jobs on this phase had been examined and approve,end, so the system will give out automatically level number C. Each phase all can have version classification and computer automatic level number. This kind of version manages IMAN function already the pertinent information of each condition centers each phase all products together, the inquiry that wait, reference mixes personnel of convenient design personnel, treatment personnel, analysis, administrator use, unite again managed data, safeguarded integral sex of the system. At the same time data often can back up, be lost not easily and destroy. 3.

3 build working flow to run a system, in realizing a product to develop manufacturing process all sorts of extending with change flow control, the level sex that realizes a product to develop production manages. The working flow on the tradition is through be agency with paper quality, extend by hand. Need examination file, blueprint to wait to need a course to convey artificially, sign by hand, cause confidential sex difference so, process loaded down with trivial details, examine and approve time to grow, efficiency is low. If an orthodox 6 course examine and approve a process: The each class that this 6 class examine and approve is it is agency with paper quality, need conveys artificially, take time is arduous. The development that this kind of traditional flow runs already incommensurate modern science and technology and intense market compete. IMAN has flow management module, provided all sorts of functions of process management, if build, supervise, management and control. Management of two kinds of fundamental applied technological process were offerred to be examined and approve namely in the flow management of IMAN extend and change management. The compositive software development kit that uses IMAN to offer (ITK) can make fit pattern of flow control of my place appropriative. For example, can build a kind to string together collateral working flow, if attached drawing shows 4 times: Use this kind of means that defines oneself, can very approve in careful conveniently extend in the process, give the department of another independence through the computer is built or referring an exercise or task, undertake writing further, the job such as examine and verify or approval. Refer by drawing office for example or multinomial blueprint undertakes to craft room craft weaves, this kind is referred is to pass computer network to come true, convenient, quick. Management was changed to offer multistage to extend in working flow measure, different limits of authority examines and approve level and regulation various examine and approve, corresponding concerned mission is executed instantly after passing. The information between each flow class conveys is to pass a network to come true, can wait with feedback information about between them through email, for example, sign agree, object and unpolled opinion, feedback improves an opinion, put forward to change a proposal to wait a moment, these jobs can come true through IMAN flow management. This kind of email is transmitted replaced convey artificially, computer memory replaces paper memory, the electron is examined and approve replace handiwork to examine and approve, saved much labor power, material resources and time, improved efficiency. The flow government that uses IMAN so is the concussion that the working flow to the tradition manages, it is a kind of new idea replaces old idea, a kind of new method replaces old method, a kind of burgeoning technology replaces traditional technique. 3.

4 development detail collects general function, can build detail of of all kinds product and pool automatically according to product configuration, provide unified product data source for each function branch, assure the seasonable sex of data and accuracy. In the process of real product development of my place, each branches should arise many, various form, like product attribute inventory of watch of type of list of watch, product, product, product is expressed etc. The forms for reporting statistics that every branch place needs is endless and same, to get the forms for reporting statistics that needs to themselves place, every branch must oneself make the etc that accords with oneself to need, each branches make etc without unified practicable tool. Use the function of forms for reporting statistics of IMAN, each IMAN user can need according to his, print a forms for reporting statistics that accords with oneself to need and documentation. If product attribute is expressed, craft card, assignment certificate is waited a moment. IMAN passes the couple with tripartite software, still can realize an electron to sign a plan (in the spare parts three-dimensional or on 2 dimension blueprint, realize the punctuate to the graph, add specification is waited a moment, but do not change original intent itself) , can pass the transmission with quick email and feedback information so, make architect, the person that machine, the person that write craft can receive information in time to undertake adjustment etc. Saved time not only so, and reduced manual error. Anyhow, use IMAN software to be in my place is preliminary project of executive PDM system, basically be a few respects are carried out and apply in above, the application of other respect, will as project of system of my place PDM carry out and perfect begin stage by stage, make PDM becomes an enterprise to carry out the overall frame of collateral project and CIMS finally. The target of executive PDM of enterprise and institute is to make a person very of hearten, but executive PDM project is not as easy in that way as applied CAD/CAM. After be being bought because of CAD/CAM system, after project technology personnel grooms slightly can use very quickly rise; And PDM is different, it provides product data definition, organization and pilot framework for enterprise and institute only, so enterprise and institute should implement PDM project successfully, need to note following issue: 1.

Organize PDM leading group, learn survey seriously. What team staff wants to come from different branch is adept, gather the mainest information of the unit seriously, make clear target of product research and development and current product condition, make detailed analysis to the technical infrastructure of the unit, the problem that can see through daily and multifarious technology work need is solved is essential. 2.

Undertake feasibility is proved, have many sided check to the enterprise. Consider the dimensions of the enterprise above all, product structure is complex, line of the products is enough much, need thereby use significant software to manage extensive product data; The situation that is an enterprise next is enough big, need thereby consider issue of distributed data processing; Consider PDM technology to be in even finally cost, quality, appear on the market time, technology grooms the development that the benefit that waits for a reason to be brought to the enterprise and company will come. 3.

Renew culture idea, develop group spirit. Long-term since, enterprise or institute are to use the method that delivers paper document artificially between each branches and section office, will organize control and the process of research and development that conduct a product, and the forbidding of next door base of each sectional administrative or technical offices, bounds is trenchant, people already was used to this one, these are the biggest obstacles of executive PDM project. So, undertake grooming to technology and administrator, change old idea, lay thought foundation to carry out PDM. 4.

Overcome funds worry, use fund to edge. Because be led commonly,often lack understanding to PDM new technology, often be not worth with funds for PDM carry out strangle in the cradle. And the industrialist that has contemporary consciousness and leader had realised, PDM is the effective prescription of chronic and stubborn disease of cure convention industry. And need to emphasize is, the software in investing charge one part, and compositive, advisory service mixes the system groom charge should take the charge that comparative. Because PDM system inserts the characteristic that electrify source can work in that way unlike other software,this is of the decision. 5.

The model leads a way, cent pace is carried out. Executive PDM project is a complex systematic project to enterprise and institute, the project involves an area wide, content is multifarious, span each branches inside the unit and section office, last inside the cycle of whole product research and development, so at the beginning everybody cannot say well and truly to be clear about, and the method that cannot copy other company and institute again. Accordingly, need adopts a model to lead a way, cent pace is carried out, the first phase makes the demonstrative project with pilot PDM inside the local limits that is a target with some type product, need pair of particular products and the information related to its to have many investigation, and be the same as the clasp such as the design personnel related to the product, undertake a lot of other phases sexes work even. My place is an object to undertake pilot project obtained PDM to succeed with some type product namely, and passed level check and accept. 4, conclusion PDM project is long-term, complex systematic project, its carry out assist and take seriously what should rely on each branches and leader. Of this one project carry out finally can bring enormous economic benefits to the institute, accelerate the process of research and development of scientific research product, improve quality level of management, enhance market competition ability, be an institute development lays next solid foundations in the future. From the point of long-term point of view, of PDM project carry out imperative, PDM project is the mark of contemporary company. PDM will be the drive that whole industry product develops, PDM of an enterprise implementation is indicating this enterprise is forward it is very important to strode and arduous one pace. CNC Milling CNC Machining