The fictitious treatment of fictitious prototype realizes machine tool of numerical control of four-axle of single revolving stage

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Technology of will fictitious prototype applies at the design of machine tool of linkage of four-axle of single revolving stage and research. Fictitious treatment is advocated in compose use in environmental process fictitious treatment, three-dimensional build the technology such as the model. Research falls in circumstance of linkage of four-axle of single revolving stage. The treatment method of curve of accurate description space. What this method can realize dimensional curve to machine a process is fictitious emulate. Digitlizing fictitious prototype technology is historic revolution when devise a method to the tradition, it is the occurrence of contemporary design method of the foundation with its, changed the traditional design that is a foundation with physical prototype, OK and subtractive costly and the physical prototype of take time is made reach experiment process, design personnel is OK and direct fast analysis undertakes on the computer, compare a variety of design program, undertake optimizing, discover a problem in time in the design, improve product quality, shorten product development cycle, reduce a product to develop cost. Use fictitious prototype technology to design numerical control machine tool, can establish three-dimensional model not only, of the product that finish fictitious assemble and interference examines, and can undertake kinetic and kinematic emulate, the function before implementation product is made is forecasted, undertake evaluate and optimizing plan. The linkage of four-axle of single revolving stage of bend of armrest of numerical control stair that here we develop to proper motion machine tool, use Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 2.

0 build three-dimensional and hypostatic model, with MFC kind library and OpenGL have to program, those who realize pair of machine tools is kinematic with kinetic emulation analysis. The total construction of system of 1 fictitious treatment designs fictitious treatment is computer of have the aid of, use the process that systematic model has the experiment studies to processing a system actually, it is numerical control machine tool in the computer the map in fictitious environment. Pass fictitious treatment, in can be being designed and changing plan course, the CNC Machining of the spare parts comes true in fictitious environment. This fictitious treatment system is main by module of fictitious treatment unit, treatment quality forecasts module, cutting tool method optimizes module, cutting parameter optimizes module, error compensation module and optimize a report composition of 6 big module, its architecture is shown 1 times like the graph. Graph machine tool of numerical control of linkage of four-axle of 1 single revolving stage is fictitious the architecture that processes a system (module of unit of 1) fictitious treatment: Module of fictitious treatment unit is stair armrest bend machines a process actually to be in the map in the computer, the imitate that is whole to effective treatment process is emulated. Come by numerical control program drive is virtual work, fictitious cutting tool and motion of fictitious clamping apparatus, at the same time virtual work and body of scanning of fictitious cutting tool make Boer poor operation and replace workpiece model, imitate machines process of purify of the cutting motion in the process, timber actually. Module of fictitious treatment unit finishs pair of machine tools at the same time the collision interference between each component detects, win parameter of method of effective cutting tool, cutting and the virtual work that express to machine quality to emulate a result, optimize to come true offerred a condition. (2) machines quality to forecast module: The virtual work that this module makes fictitious treatment and good work model undertake comparative, according to the distributinging circumstance of machining error, decide the appearance precision of workpiece and exterior surface roughness. (Method of 3) cutting tool optimizes module: This module undertakes optimizing to method of cutting tool cutting, the program that interferes to collision happening in treatment process undertakes modification, delete invalid cutting method at the same time, give out of cutting method optimize a report. (4) cutting parameter optimizes module: The treatment state in fictitious treatment process judges this module basis to whether satisfy finished cost of highest treatment efficiency, lowest to wait for a target. If do not satisfy above objective, can use a subgroup to optimize algorithm to search condition of contented much tie to fall (speed of main shaft rotate speed, feed and cutting tool life) cutting parameter is optimal value. (5) error compensates module: Forecast the error case that module wins according to machining quality, whether to need error compensation certainly. Machine place to needing error compensatory, want to decide its error compensation. Generate an error to amend a report at the same time. (6) optimizes report module: This module optimizes report, error to compensate method of report, cutting tool to optimize a report according to cutting parameter, undertake modification to numerical control program, create optimized numerical control program. Unit of 2 fictitious treatment designs fictitious treatment unit is the expression of actual treatment system in the computer, it is machine tool of numerical control of linkage of four-axle of single revolving stage the core of fictitious treatment system. What this unit can realize stair armrest bend to machine a process is fictitious emulate. Nextpage2.

Structure of unit of 1 fictitious treatment is fictitious machine unit to wait for composition by virtual work, fictitious cutting tool, fictitious machine tool and fictitious semifinished product. Structure of fictitious treatment unit is shown 2 times like the graph. Graph structure of unit of 2 fictitious treatment (1) fictitious machine tool: In CNC Machining emulation system, want to build fictitious treatment environment above all, realize machine tool of virtual numerical control. Because the machine tool is,comprise by a lot of component, the structure is relatively complex, build model workload with OpenGL function too big, the modelling in reason preexistence Pro/ENGINEER gives numerical control machine tool each component, save its for WRL format, change file pattern into 3Ds format with Deep Exploration next, can read directly in the program take 3Ds file, assemble its rise. OpenGL was used to demonstrate list skill when scale machine tool, make every component the indication list of an OpenGL, can improve heavy draw efficiency substantially so, satisfy the requirement of real time scale. (2) fictitious clamping apparatus: Fictitious clamping apparatus is the geometrical model of clamping apparatus. This clamping apparatus can rotate, rise to rotate the action of workbench. Of the whirl that passes clamping apparatus and 3 mobile reference axis cooperate, all sorts of complex space curves that can machine a place of stair armrest bend to need. (3) fictitious cutting tool: Because stair armrest is more,shape face, because this is fictitious,cutting tool also is figuration cutting tool more. This cutting tool can be used at colliding to detect. (4) virtual work: Virtual work is the abstract model of real work. After the treatment of each working procedure, pass the already machined the surface inspection of pair of virtual work, will decide whether this working procedure treatment is eligible. The virtual work that processes finished product can be used at machining quality to forecast. 2.

Machine tool of this numerical control is module of 2 sport control machine tool of numerical control of linkage of four-axle of single revolving stage. The athletic coordinate of the machine tool includes X of 3 mobile coordinate, Y, Z and A of a rotational coordinate. The machine tool is kinematic the X of 3 mobile coordinate after begging solution to basically include A of axis of rotation to rotational goniometer calculates and turn through axis of rotation, Y, Z is worth seek solution. Graph relation of roll of vector of 4 coordinate cutter shaft is like 3 single revolving stage the graph is shown 3 times, olXlYlZl machines coordinate department for the machine tool, direction of workbench rotor A and Xt axis way are same, origin of OlXlYlZl coordinate department can follow the different and aleatoric setting of specific treatment condition. Workpiece (workbench) can circle Xt axis 180 ° of ≤ of C of ≤ of rotational C(O ° ) horn. Ok machines coordinate in the machine tool is cutting tool reference point the coordinate in OlXlYlZl is (Xk, yk, zk) . Cutter shaft vector (be located in on cutting tool axes. The vector that points to knife handle direction from cutting tool reference point) γ is unit vector, this vector can be in OlXlYlZl coordinate to fasten medium aleatoric seat. Go to the lavatory for computation, with cutting tool reference point Ok builds coordinate of cutter shaft vector to fasten OlXlYlZl for origin. Department of coordinate of cutter shaft vector and treatment coordinate fasten OlXlYlZl each corresponding axis parallel. γ of cutter shaft vector is in the coordinate in this coordinate department (γ X, γ Y, γ Z) . The whirl of this machine tool workbench can circle Xt axis to rotate only and cutting tool must be located in workpiece upper part, cannot process work otherwise. Accordingly, have 0 grounds of ≥ of Z of γ X =0, γ surely above is foregone condition, the athletic coordinate of computer bed is worth (opposite OlXlYlZl coordinate is) X, Y, Z and corresponding circumgyrate angle C. 2.


The computational corner C of 1 corner C is workpiece (workbench) the rotational angle of opposite cutting tool, it is square with the clockwise to. Circle γ of cutter shaft vector clockwise of Xk axis edge to turn horny C arrives to agree with Zk coordinate direction, if pursue,3 are shown. Completed the transition of cutter shaft vector so, namely the roll of cutting tool photograph to workbench. To machine tool of numerical control of four-axle of single revolving stage, to realize above changeover, workbench rotor arranges C of horn of hour hand roll. The computation of horny C is formulary: Nextpage2.


The computation of X of coordinate of motion of 2 machine tools, Y, Z is right in 0penGL the whirl of the object, translation and shrink the operation that putting is pair of coordinate departments, is not the operation of pair of fictitious object itself. In fictitious treatment process, when virtual work rotates, the seat that virtual work look fastens to machining coordinate did not change, the coordinate of cutting tool produces change ceaselessly. Adopt the method below, can solve how will rotate the corner coming back of workbench is spent suggestive the change to cutting tool position, beg cutting tool reference point namely (Xk, yk, zk) classics work (workbench) in the machine tool treatment coordinate fastens medium positional coordinate after roll (the athletic coordinate X of the machine tool, Y, Z) . Cutter shaft vector circles a machine tool to machine coordinate is the Xt axis in OlXlYlZl C of corner coming back, alternate matrix is: Criterion type (3) spreads out can get: The athletic coordinate X of machine tool of this numerical control, Y, Z is the coordinate that cutting tool machines coordinate to fasten OlXlYlZl at the machine tool relatively, that is to say, athletic coordinate X, Y, Z is the coordinate that machines coordinate to fasten OlXlYlZl to fall in the machine tool, this is this pace calculative basis. 2.

Three-dimensional copy of emulation CNC Machining of process of 3 material purify has developing on the base that uses program interface OpenCL in industrial figure standard really. The sex of high real time that machines according to numerical control machine tool reachs the characteristic of seesaw pattern, this system uses means of real time animation. Real time animation is to be calculated at the same time produce animation directly on computer terminal at the same time, its are alternant capability is strong, can change a picture in real time according to the requirement of the user, but the demand of graphical processing capability to the computer is higher. Double cache technology was used in the process that realizes animation (or) of technology of screen weighing empty, namely tiring-room buffer carries out command scale image, after scale ends, use repaint technology, through exchanging buffer, the trends in sending downstage buffer the graph of tiring-room buffer scale directly shows a figure, enhanced numerical control machine tool to machine a process so what three-dimensional animation shows is successional feel with motion. This process can realize the following function: (1) is generated already processed work, be used at machining quality forecast and error compensation; (2) gets cutting parameter, use at cutting parameter to optimize; (3) is calculated the method taking a knife of each knife, stock report of method of effective cutting tool, optimize with what provide orbit at the knife. 2.

4 motion are emulated and collision detects collision detects basically examine the interference phenomenon that if the blame of clamping apparatus, workpiece machines place and workbench,cutting tool machines a component relative to Yu Fei, also can use the interference appearance between the object that examines be appointed by the user. As a result of the treatment of stair armrest bend the process adopts drive of numerical control program, the block that collide to happening so and interferes can in time be revised. The qualitative examination that has interference is used be based on reseau of regular and hypostatic surface to change ergodic the method that 8 fork establish single ball set to combine a model. Machine tool of 3 epilogue numerical control is fictitious a kind of prototype is development of development of numerical control machine tool brand-new design method. Imposing the function condition of man-hour to analyse numerical control machine tool, in numerical control machine tool fictitious treatment has on fictitious prototype. The system basically has the following advantage: (What 1) realizes dimensional curve to machine a process is fictitious emulate. Research falls in four-axle linkage circumstance, by 3 mobile coordinate of rotational coordinate and three dimensional space close suitably, the treatment method of curve of accurate description space; (2) uses bead subgroup algorithm to assure optimized efficiency. Use a subgroup to optimize algorithm, the across that avoided genetic algorithm, mutation cause the defect with operation low efficiency, the suitable scope that preserved developmental algorithm again performance of wide, rash club is good wait for an advantage; (3) made full use of the advantage of fictitious processing technique. Be based on fictitious processing technique, made sure treatment is emulated not only " authenticity " , and can exceed interference of Cheng, collision mediumly to undertake detecting to machining a process, those who realized logarithm to control a process is all-around test and verify. CNC Milling CNC Machining