The application of system of NUM numerical control on lathe of double axis group

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System of NUM numerical control has function of much axis group, much passageway, can control 8 axes group at most, every axis group can control 4 9 interpolation axis, 32 servo axis, main shaft at most, and every passageway all can operate control independently. We use NUM1040T lathe of group of double to Japanese OKUMA axis undertook transforming, obtained satisfactory result. Of lathe of group of double axis of OKUMA of Japan of general situation of 1 machine tool left and on the right side of opposite independence, axis of the X that has independence, Z, main shaft, turn to defend tower type tool carrier, cooling system, automatically the door. Lubricant system, hydraulic pressure system and platoon bits system are the machine tool to have in all. The system of numerical control of control means NUM1040T of group of 2 pairs of axes can control 2 axes group at most, every axis group can control 2 4 interpolation axis, 6 servo axis, main shaft at most. The control of double axis group is the channel that systematic interior has two opposite independence, code of the PLC that every passageway has independence and NC information exchange area, M, T code and PLC variable and mark. The system can be mixed in kind of communal axis group the switch between kind of independent axis group. When the system the job is when kind of communal axis group, two axes group has same working way. When the system the job is when kind of independent axis group, two axes group has different working kind, can operate control independently. Set corresponding system parameter and program of control of work out PLC, can realize control of double axis group. The systematic parameter P97 related group of 3 pairs of axes, the axial set number that defines numerical control system. P0, the axis that system of definition numerical control is shown. P2, system of definition numerical control measures an axis. P3, definition servo control and interpolation axis. P5, the machine tool kind that defines axial group. P9, use rise axial name and practically location connection. P6, use configuration to have the main shaft that measures a function, specify main shaft type. The PLC variable %W2 related group of 4 pairs of axes.

2, communal axis group and switch of independent axis group. %W17.

B, axial group option. Use at showing data of corresponding axis group. %Wg03.

B, choice of way of work of independent axis group. (G-1 ~ 8 number of the set that it is an axis, similarly hereinafter) %Wg00.

5, the M function reply of axial group G. %Wg01.

2, the loop of G of independent axis group starts a request. %Wg01.

1, the loop of G of independent axis group suspends a request. %Wg02.

B, the feed fold of axial group G. %Rg1E.

W, the M function encode with respondent requirement of axial group G. %Rg7C.

L, the cutting tool date of axial group G. The machine program that the user program program of group of 5 pairs of axes shows much axis group is combined at the program of every axis group by correspondence and become. Every program has a collective basic serial number, designate the index name that axial group uses with ever since. The subprogram in machine program does not need index order. For example: %6.

1 axis group the %6 of program serial number of 1.

The number of index of function of T of program serial number of 2 is 2 axes group.

The TXX of cutting tool date in 1 program is OK with other program medium knife has same serial number, and need not be same cutting tool. Cutting tool is corrective the value is all the procedure is common cutting tool is corrective watch. L19 of ~ of L0 of program variable variable, l100 ~ L999, l900 ~ L959, every axis group can use these variable. The function of much axis form of system of use NUM numerical control, provided the control means of a kind of compound machine tool for the user, make a compound machine tool has the function of many onefold machine tool. CNC Milling CNC Machining