Use muti_function the machine tool is efficient treatment PCD cutting tool

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Content summary: ? Herd of Ban of fish hawk of apprentice of widow Pai Lou shows flatter  to pour ひ island bald charming to exhibit bud of A Chinese-style unlined garment of ひ archives neon to look for ご of commonplace of Ku of Xing of Yun of  of Bi Tiao Bo to whiz herd disrelishs cutting tool of CD of Zuo of ㄈ of poisonous Lu of refute of Mei some  to death) demand also increases ceaselessly. But, the grinding finished cost of PCD cutting tool is high, process is complex, take time is arduous, restricted the promotion application of this kind of cutting tool. Make this kind be in as light-duty metal stuff the use of auto industry and aviation industry increasingly grow in quantity, exceed strong cutting tool to what cutting machines this kind of material to use (like PCD cutting tool) demand also increases ceaselessly. But, the grinding finished cost of PCD cutting tool is high, process is complex, take time is arduous, restricted the promotion application of this kind of cutting tool. PCD cutting tool is PCD compound piece solder of point of a knife receives hard alloy razor blade or make on arbor matrix. When making this kind of cutting tool, need machines PCD point of a knife and hard alloy matrix respectively on different machine tool. Hard alloy matrix uses conventional grinding craft treatment commonly; PCD is compound piece need to use discharge to corrode craft (line cut or discharge grinding) undertake machining. To simplify the treatment working procedure of PCD cutting tool, improve manufacturing efficiency, people was developed can go up to grinding of implementation of cutting tool of the PCD of surface of He Chaoguang clean, PCBN processes form of intricate to having geometry and discharge in same table machine tool those who corrode treatment is muti_function machine tool. This kind of new-style machine tool can come true efficient, muti_function the key of treatment is to electric spark generator undertook optimizing improvement, make handlers can undertake be controllinged accurately to electric spark discharge thereby, in order to avoid scathing work appearance, quality of surface of ameliorable treatment. The another characteristic of system of this kind of new-style treatment was to deploy Gao Lingmin to measure head, advanced control software and emulation software, realize automation treatment easily. Waerte of Power+Diamond muti_function the Waerte of machine tool Germany company (Walter AG) those who developed a kind to call Diamond of Helitronic Power + is muti_function machine tool. Machine tool of this kind of 5 axes can undertake to hard alloy and high-speed steel matrix traditional grinding is machined already, can be opposite again PCD is compound piece undertake grinding is machined discharging, can machine in these two kinds transition has conveniently between means. Because this machine tool has double treatment function, through installation can finish hard alloy matrix and PCD compound piece treatment, this entered PCD tool market to offer advantage for the cutting tool production company with a few lesser dimensions. This machine tool is had enough big tigidity, can make machine tool vibration is decreased to the smallest, assure to be maintained constant by the discharge intermittence between treatment cutting tool and electrode. Traditional grinding treatment and discharge grinding treatment but common and same cover cooling fluid / system of insulation fluid feed flow. Company of Yi made of baked clay pattern (Ewag AG) rolled out a kind what the name is Ewamatic is muti_function grinder. The grinding that this machine tool can install matrix of didymous hard alloy through is machined and compound to PCD piece discharge corrodes treatment. Method of this kind of treatment avoided to machine what need to transfer work another machine tool from a machine tool in process of cutting tool of PCD hard alloy to assemble and unassemble for many times before process, can reduce thereby accumulate an error by what install clip to cause for many times. Ewamatic is muti_function grinder is used modular design, handlers is usable grind annulus outside circular arc and tangential end panel equal to having or the cutting tool of the horn after differring has edge. A of this machine tool important characteristic was to use astral form wheelhead, the axis that 6 independence configured on wheelhead (can install 12 to grind at most annulus) . Through adjusting working head, achievable to cutting tool outside the grinding treatment of blade of horn of round face, cutting, cutting. This machine tool can machine a diameter 0.

The 1 ~ 35mm, cylindrical or round taper that has straight tine or helix a tooth-like part of anything PCD cutting tool. Company of Vollmer Werke Maschinenfabrik GmbH carries the research that corrodes processing technique to electric spark of PCD cutting tool, development gave QWD755/760 series cut of line of CNC of 5 axes horizontal machines a machine tool. This series machine tool can is opposite complex form cutting tool undertakes cutting tool of a flight of stairs, processing cutting tool and other walk along a processing continuously. This machine tool the 5th axis (E axis) the electrode silk that go up uses horizontal position installation, overcame silk of electrode of machine tool of traditional line cut the defect that perpendicular installation causes workpiece outline to machine difficulty, because the level installs the electrode silk of outfit to be able to realize radial and axial to walk along silk, because this can is opposite,the appearance outline of complex cutting tool has cutting tool of a flight of stairs and other processing. Clip is held in workpiece in, circumgyrate job head (E axis and A axis) can undertake inside limits of older point of view cut is machined. The output power that machines via optimizing improvement electric spark generator to make handlers can be corroded to report undertakes be controllinged accurately, can obtain ≤ Ra0 thereby.

The treatment surface surface roughness of 2 μ M. This series machine tool still configured emulation software, process to control software and optimize software. The cutting tool size range of pipe bent of QWD760 machine tool uprights between size range of pipe bent of top center line and QWD755 machine tool, this machine tool did not install tailstock, suit to machine the PCD cutting tool with longer arbor. Rolled out on the Ligna fair that the Lach-Diamant branch of company of German Jakob Lach GmbH held in Hannuowei in May 2003 via redesigned Dia-Profile discharge grinding machines a machine tool. Machine tool of this kind of 8 axes configured new-style electric spark generator and drive axis electric machinery, treatment can acquire the exterior quality that excel line cut machines when PCD cutting tool. When craft of the cut that use a line machines PCD cutting tool, PCD will lose partial conductivity after drill rod solder, and machine PCD to be able to maintain its conductivity with grinding of Dia-Profile machine tool, this is very important to optimizing the treatment surface quality of PCD cutting tool. The black lead that Dia-Profile machine tool uses means of a smaller part annulus (or cupreous annulus) right given cutting tool outline undertakes discharging cankerous machining, grind annulus working principle and CNC lathe treatment are very similar, it corrodes treatment to give the rough profile of PCD cutting tool above all, be opposite next grind annulus undertake nap, have precision work again, relapse so, the surface that till PCD cutting tool is achieved,asks is bright and clean degree. CNC Milling CNC Machining