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The standardization that detector provides, generalization is reflected mediumly in manufacturing industry of contemporary car motor with application

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Normal > the article from microcosmic and macroscopical two respects, in starting machine manufacturing industry to producing the contemporary car that is a characteristic with batch, the structural characteristic that special check provides between working procedure and enterprise protocol detect the angle of program, design made more comprehensive analysis. The practice that adopts an enterprise make a specification with a certain number of application example. Normal >This Article Gives An Analysis Of The Inter-process Dedicated Detection Instruments, enterprise Protocol Detection Planning And The Design Angle In The Volume Production Based Modern Automobile Engine Manufacture.

Practices And Application Cases Of Enterprises Are Used For Illustration.

Check provides standardization, generalization reflect contemporary business, produce the automobile manufacturing industry that is a feature with batch especially, face intense with each passing day field competition already, need to answer again safe, environmental protection, energy-saving, fall to wait for a lot of respect originally the requirement of more and more severe exacting. For this, its product and executive technology must be abided by light quantify, diversity and " green is made " wait for a principle, these are producing what what adopt in the process to detect to the enterprise the technology has oriented effect, and the standardization that the detector that company place configures provides, generalization is one important reflect. What the standardization that detector provides, generalization reflects in those batch production industries is most apparent, say wraparoundly, can from microcosmic and macroscopical two respects report comes out. The article will be with having manufacturing industry of representative contemporary car motor very much exemple give analysis, specification: · " microcosmic " the composition that basically shows detector provides oneself and structural character. · " macroscopical " reflect in place protocol detect in craft, it is what product and the detector that craft serves provide to choose namely, the configuration mode of relevant measure, and the concept of contemporary quality monitoring that company place forms. The new characteristic that compose of special detector recognizance comprises from " microcosmic " angle looks, the standardization that detector provides, generalization mirrors in: Ministry of · function sex (group) , if measure head, electronic-controlled system and processing software, choose (outside buy) general part. The composition that · detector provides oneself is used modular structure, include functional sex module, structural sex module, versatility module to wait. By functional sex ministry (group) form check to provide already became a trend gradually as product of numerous other industry, the special detector of many mature brands provides nowadays to be adopted generally by functional sex ministry (group) the producer type that makes final manufactured goods, not only complex integrated model it is such that check is provided, look namely be like those simple electron gauge (calipers, plug guage) same also. Why to produce manufacturer, namely user people, in product line of design, program detect when craft, can you often use a kind of such means (principle) ? The enterprise can obtain larger choice space, can use the advantage of each equipment supplier and characteristic adequately, the element on these technologies is of course the first, in addition, still also can have the consideration that optimizes investment benefit respect undoubtedly. In fact, say objectively, be in current industry of measure of domestic and international check, resemble (Italy) Marposs and (Japan) it is not much that the special detector that Tokyo nicety enclothes completely on all-round with such very large scale, technology has equipment firm, although they already had taller brand effect and public praise, but the manufacturer home to maturity, especially to those mainstream car engine the enterprise of factory and so on won't be a basis with this only more. Graph 1 it is a typical case, this is to be located in some contemporary car engine factory between working procedure of a product line detect labour, see from inside the graph, its main body is complex integrated model check is provided. The user is making detect following principles carried out when craft: To the whirl in the product kind spare parts (point to crankshaft, connecting rod, camshaft to wait) , uniform choose (Italy) of Marposs company detect equipment is implemental, and all, comprise unit to all choose this company without one exceptional ground each namely. And to the casing in engine kind spare parts (wait like lid of cylinder body, crock, case) , adopted choose by functional sex ministry (group) the pattern that constitutes check to provide, the design that whole check provides, make by (heart) Fridrich company is assumed, and the user makes clear a requirement, check provides what what match to measure a head (inductance sensor) and electronic-controlled the system must be (Italy) of Marposs company, electronic-controlled software criterion regulation uses the data processing in the system (heart) the Q_STAT of Q_DAS company. In fact, similar case is in many enterprises to have, if be located in some car transmission factory the casing of a product line kind integrated model check is provided, although also be (heart) the product of Fridrich company, but check provides what what match to measure a head is the inductance sensor that a professional corporation produces England, what what match is electronic-controlled the system is (heart) the product of Promess company, also it provides data processing software. Graph 1 by functional sex ministry (group) the combination that make integrated check is provided apparently, in above this detector provides standardization, generalization in running, manufacturing company, as above narrates that kind to be the representing's user with plant of car motivation assembly, it is those who be in dominant position, and the professional division of labor of check measure industry offerred a condition. The design that detector provides, make use modular in the design that the structure provides in special detector and production, carry out, carry out modular structural concept, going up early century 90 time metaphase already appeared, be in with famous (Italy) got be reflectinged adequately in the product of the supplier of measure of a few check that Marposs company is a delegate. But be different from on one completely ministry of li of sex of that kind of function that involves (group) , what indicate here is modular the structure is provided to comprise special detector purely, no matter be more complex integrated model check provides simple still electron calipers or plug guage to wait, the foundation is unit, include to turn to orgnaization, elastomer squarely (be equivalent to inchoate those who use is smooth model reed orgnaization) a kind functional sex module, base, bracket a kind structural sex module, and fulcrum of the clamp that measure a head, fixed position () a kind versatility module. Carry incidentally, additionally still many quite main assembly plant use mature bought-in component completely, resemble slideway, air cylinder, post a letter for example implement etc, these all were not included in afore-mentioned modular inside package, but substantially function is same. Graph 2 it is a group of example, a kind of axis that is the Quickset that be called then kind integrated check provides spare parts multi-parameter, reflected completely modular principle of structural design, production. Graph integrated check provides the is used at axis of the drive inside car transmission multi-parameter that 2 medium A end to already was assembled, and graph 2b is Jie is aided a variety of modular the sketch map that package constitutes check to provide. Apparent, to be like a graph 1 in that way casing kind integrated check provides spare parts multi-parameter, used as much modular design concept of the structure, just mix in the practice of main component form on meeting and axis kind integrated check has the part some are different. Axis of graph 2 Quickset kind the spare parts is modular multi-parameter is integrated check provides signal in recent years, accompanying measure with 3 coordinate machine detect between the process that uses increasingly at producing the spot for generalization equipment of the representing, be aimed at each different, even differential huge is measured spare parts, must match stock to measure stand accordingly, because well-known, reliable, stable outfit clip and fixed position are CMM accurate metrical base. The design that is similar to special detector to provide, make, through using modular structure, not only shortened greatly comprise special the time that measures stand, and reduced manufacturing cost significantly, graph 3 B has representative case very much namely, measuring bracket to hold the part of clip is the connecting rod in engine, graph 3a is to make the component that measures stand. However, from the point of technical angle, with before narrate modular structural check provides composition to be compared both still have very big difference, it should call building blocks type actually or spell structure combining form. What the user passes for some time is simple groom and experience is accumulated, completely OK those who comprise a need is proper motion conception, special measure stand. What graph 3a place shows is a famous supplier, (heart) the product of Witti company, besides its all ready, compose builds package unit the process is convenient outside, still have 2 bright characteristics: 1) the material that makes component is high quality aluminium alloy, namely light hard, 2) the production precision of package unit is very tall, two join aperture, no matter be two aperture with two aperture of photograph adjacent or very far apart, the span public errand between is controlled in - 0.

05mm. Nowadays, the business that produces product of similar Witti company still has much home in abroad, although the pattern of its component unit is different, but the effect that have is identical. Building blocks of graph 3 Witti spells component combining form and connecting rod special measure enterprise of Nextpage of bracket give typical examples to make detect the new trend when craft from " macroscopical " angle looks, detect through making in the enterprise namely craft, it is what product and the detector that craft serves provide to choose certainly, in the process of mode of relevant measure configuration, the concept that detector has standardization, generalization is main but from the following 2 sides put oneself in another's position comes out now: · more and more general equipment replaced kind of instrument to serve as in former days detect between working procedure those special detector that configure main body are provided. · detects of the method flexible change, pass those namely in former days special check provides a design evolve into report to come out. Coordinate is measured machine walk into manufacturing site to be measured into trend coordinate gradually machine it is the most important kind in numerous and current equipment. In recent years, those are put only in former days measuring the coordinate in the room machine, be regarded as working procedure increasingly already by park production site online detected important step, string together even receive make a work in product line (refer to a graph 4) . Go up century end, the engine that preexistence of Shanghai current rate builds took case of this one party in the workshop, but become a trend gradually truly or in last few years, this also is measure machine technology day with coordinate attain maturity concerns. Will tell commonly, essence of life measures indoor instrument to be able to maintain precision, very fundamental premise condition is " constant temperature " , most circumstance falls to be asked to be 20C2C. Apparent, although this are in the manufacturing site of those mainstream enterprises also is accomplished hard. For this, each equipment manufacturer is in already on the foundation of some temperature compensation technologies, ceaseless development is more effective, economic with feasible plan. By Hexagon (Qingdao) the bonnet system that the company develops is. Right now, measure machine by although park is located in the workshop, hut that isolates relatively again (bonnet) inside, refer to a graph 5. Be in this " microenvironment " in, no matter be workpiece pass in and out when " window, door " open shut and the set of internal temperature, adjust control by PLC logic. Through using especially clever (Trane) air conditioning, the temperature gradient inside bonnet can achieve formulary requirement. In south the cylinder body of the factory, crock builds engine of steam name the rank of nobility line edge, configured much stage such measurement machine. The graph detects 4 times at one of product line labour bitmap inside bonnet of the spot between 5 Wu Che measure machine nevertheless enterprise majority of abroad still takes simpler half open type, this of course also with over there better manufacturing site environment is not divided. Home is like people power assembly (Shanghai) such enterprise, also chose this kind of plan. Graph 6a is a when abroad has representative old car to produce an enterprise to offer case that offers reference, detect as this be versed in the coordinate of a main body is measured machine it is a kind of Zeiss (Cai Si) the machine DuraMax that the company develops technically for this one purpose, it is special agree with workshop spot, already won success application in many enterprises. Its are main the characteristic is as follows: 1) the structure is compact, take up the space is little, 2) can get used to the working environment with bigger change of the temperature below manufacturing site condition, 3) see from the graph, lade the workpiece that be measured can from on, left, medium, right 4 direction are entered measure machine, very convenient, 4) no matter be the angle from handlers,still be from cooperate with what produce working procedure, suit very, 5) have quite tall measurement precision, wait for the machine of norms to one Taichun, its MPEEmax=2.

4 μ M L/300. Graph 6b is firm configuration of not long ago in people power assembly (Shanghai) build what the crock builds case line edge to measure machine what is actually happening, chosen model is Haikesikang's Global. And by the side of the old line before a few years, it is with a multi-parameter integrated check provides those who give priority to body to detect labour. So, the advantage put oneself in another's position with both formerer photograph over there now because coordinate is measured the generalization of machine, flexible change the multi-parameter with degree general outclass integrated check is provided, they are accordingly undoubted more suit to mix a line to produce kind at the much breed of contemporary auto industry. 6b of to in an attempt to is exemple, photograph comparing old line is measured 3 kinds only, it answers will amount to 8, 9 kinds. Check is provided general can applicable some working procedure, going up those who give priority to body is provide to detect with integrated check in the exemple labour it is to be used at eventually of check. But in that way complex to case of similar crock lid part, need monitoring toward contact some a few working procedure intermediate, and the measurement in graph 6b function serves for 3 working procedure at the same time. Graph the 6 ajar coordinate putting type that suit a workshop to use an environment measure the plan of machine and example Nextpage general kind of instrument equipment breed increasingly grow in quantity and coordinate measure machine likeness, what enter online check to provide mainstream range gradually is general kind the instrument still has a variety of, use at the axis kind of the spare parts detect equipment has representative gens namely. The optics that appears with product form among them measures appearance, about at going up roll out at the beginning of century end, this century, but manufacturing company place is known and be accepted by domestic mainstream engine gradually, true configuration is returned in the spot is in last few years thing. Graph 7, graph 8 have representative product 2 kinds to be in namely the true condition of the workshop, and appear this kind of trend is not accidental of course. Usually, they are axis of the Yu Qu that be used in rough machining and finish machining these 2 working procedure are finished the following measure. Have radial not only right now, the dimension parameter that still has a lot of axial needs sampling observation, it is a few tiny position in addition, if pour wine cup (the development trend of nowadays is pour horn to replace the chamfer that retreat a knife with circular arc) , pour wine cup sometimes or by 2 even composition of 3 circular arc, be like right now or adopt groovy method, that is to do not have a law to measure at all those who go out. The place before be like what is more,the rather that is narrated, the enterprise still must face the reality that gets used to much breed to mix a line to produce, face such situation just about, a kind of Jie aids infra-red scanning and CCD the advanced optical quantity appearance of video exploration principle (see a picture 7) mix another kind with optics umbriferous be united in wedlock with data processing photograph, the axis with very strong versatility kind spare parts measuring instrument (see a picture 8) enter gradually. Former and main be used after working procedure of rough machining of crankshaft product line detect, be decorated to be in below circumstance of majority of a kind of instrument after that the finish machining working procedure of product line draws near, undertake detecting to the workpiece after finish machining. From will be look by check parameter, both and basic identical, which are detecting certainly does the meeting when craft make different choice? The reason is the reason that stems from craft to go up, workpiece is in the sampling observation frequency after rough machining working procedure second finish machining of inevitable prep above, and in front before one kind of optics of the introduction measures appearance, its work efficiency is latter face the sort of wanting tall. Graph 7 with the optical quantity that Wu Qu detects between working procedure of axial rough machining appearance pursues 8 with Wu Qu what detect between working procedure of axial finish machining is general-purpose the combination that measure appearance flexible detect equipment afore-mentioned general kind although have very strong adaptability and flexibility,measure equipment, very agree with much breed mixes a line to produce pattern the development trend of manufacturing industry of this one contemporary automobile, but undeniable, compare a figure 1 with the graph 9 in that way special detector are provided, their efficiency wants low many, and higher to operating personnel to have demand. Accordingly, even if a few general kind of mainstream range that the instrument already entered online check to provide gradually, replace special check completely impossibly also to provide. Appeared then one kind is had already better flexible, hold special detector concurrently to provide again more efficient flexible detect equipment. The graph is used one kind 9 at casing kind the special check of workpiece provides them to be able to be divided roughly for such two kinds, the first kind of cost is relatively inferior, its plan is belonged to " improved " property, it is before those traditions are versed in a structural basis that check provides go up, through configuring a certain number of clamping apparatus, auxiliary unit, measuring appearance likeness workpiece thereby (like casing kind) certain parameter (be like form tolerancepublic errand) when, can one carries a few on the head, flexible it is Jie help portable slide and the many convertibility place on its measure a head to come true. And the 2nd kind is contained representative, can a general designation is " combination flexible detect equipment " , through two typical case gives here specification. Graph 10a is with (beautiful) the articulatory arm type that FARO company produces is measured machine those who give priority to body is flexible detector is provided, basically use at casing kind the measurement of the spare parts, in the graph be measured it is one engine crock lid. Graph 10b is in order to contain sheet sectional those who measure the general robot of calipers to give priority to body is full automatic flexible crankshaft detects equipment, the workpiece that be measured (the standard component that crankshaft is in the graph) bearing is on bracket. Want to pass process designing only, this check is provided can sectional or the sheet of neck of the connecting rod journal that ground of convenient, freely finishs crankshaft of a variety of types, norms, main shaft is much more sectional detect (journal diameter limits can change between 40-60mm) . Because be a static state,measure, becoming basically is to examine protruding is spent when a kind of means after using, namely people often says " Ba Lei line " . The graph is had 2 kinds 10 representative flexible change detect equipment CNC Milling CNC Machining