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Come more than 30 years, company of Steinkamp industry pattern (German Espelkamp) the machine tool photograph with the labour force with presiding apparitor will well-trained Ingolf Steinkamp and advanced technology is united in wedlock, chase newest metallic processing technique actively. Be in Germany afterwar after military service is being taken during rebuilding, mr Steinkamp began to attend a college 1965 and obtain engineering master's degree. According to German system of education, the person that obtains this degree is qualified open apprentice to groom class, the personage that processes a trade to the metal undertakes grooming. Below the help that planned to offer in Marshall 1970, mr Steinkamp is in Espelkamp open the first his mechanical factory. At the beginning resource scarcity, but Mr Steinkamp uses a simple design conception to gain sth used to one's own advantage, promoted the inchoate development of the factory. He designed a simple and effective guard against theft for trailer of globose bolt hook implement win patent. What plant of metal of this chicken egg-shaped loads trailer bolt to hook is globose, insert in the key inside when tine type locks up a canister, stretch. This product is very successful, as a result can acquire at Mr Steinkamp machine tool, make his factory sets foot on successful path solidly. Steinkamp pattern company (German Espelkamp) presiding apparitor Mr Ingolf Steinkamp Mr Steinkamp expands aircraft processing factory in Espelkamp all the time, until 20 old later, he discovered the 2nd " demon egg " , his factory begins to use high speed cutting at that time (HSM) . After Steinkamp mould factory used HSM 1996, company business expanded very quickly 50% , labour force broke up one time. At present this company has 150 stuff in Germany, the plant that was built at Kentucky Erlanger 1999 has 15 stuff. Last year, this company earns 10 million dollar about, basically offer a mould for car assembly manufacturer. These moulds are decreased with what will make car engine and suspension mostly brace up component. In the job of mould factory, about 90% involve the epispastic model, model that blow model and balata injection mould, injection mould, mould place uses the tool steel that material is hardness 60HRc left and right sides normally. Treatment of begin difficult high speed is different from the small part that hooks a design for trailer bolt, the advantage that experiences high speed is machined is by no means the thing of in one day. "Grinding of adroitness control high speed spent a year of time of half almost, " he says, "Original every undertake one hour machining, we should spend 10 hours to come process designing, we know this kind of circumstance has a problem for certain, then we are checked ceaselessly and improve a method. " this kind of patience got get one's own back: Of program and cutting time break up than the ground like the miracle, and this one trend continues up to now. First study phase ends, steinkamp pattern company can expand process capability and optimize workmanship further, this pair of overall competition positions that improve a company especially advantageous. Current, steinkamp pattern company uses machining center of two high speed to produce mixed much antrum pattern in the factory of Kentucky Erlanger. Kendaji is the same as take root to be compared in the plant phase of German Espelkamp, steinkamp pattern company is in Kendaji the shop of Erlanger is small much, but have well-trained professional and advanced technique likewise. In fact, the worker of Erlanger grooms in Germany mostly. Steinkamp pattern company shares 75 machine tools, it is current company of Mikron processing technique (Swiss Nidau) all over the world user of the biggest machine tool. Kendaji's factory uses a variety of device, include 2 3 9 milling machine, lathe, grinder and 2 EDM machine tool. 4 milling machine are made by Mikron, among them one is 42 what contain Bosch HS Plus CNC, mill of 000 Rpm high speed. Company of automation of two the machine tool of SV-503/40 high speed that this factory still has Irving) of Texas of a Mori Seiki USA (to make, Haas (the VF2 vertical machining center that California city Oxnard) makes and company of a Mazak (the VTC 250/50 machine tool that Kentucky Florence) makes. Think to the company the progress in car domain undertakes forecasting probably, mr Steinkamp say: "We are in for certain in American business growth, estimation walks along situation general this kind to last annual. Each plants that we are in Germany are same also. " the job of Mr Steinkamp plans to be discharged completely, and had planned to enlarge Erlanger factory. Steinkamp pattern company concentrates professional work gradually, basically offer for top-ranking car manufacturer decrease brace up the mould that the component needs, this company can eliminate hardware data error. Fewer but better the obstacle that the final value of high speed cutting depends on it can eliminating craft of a few influences in groovy cutting to improve. "If regard groovy cutting as,the metal machines an orbit on road, high speed milling is the 2nd orbit nowadays. " Mr Steinkamp says. If see the detail share of all sorts of mould spare partses of this company treatment carefully, you perhaps think discharge is machined and these parts are become, but Steinkamp pattern company already nicety of a lot of working procedure instead that need EDM formerly high speed milling. Additional, the exterior mass that high speed cutting reachs now does not need manual essence completely to grind, while accordingly this company is offerring better spare parts precision and consistency, return can managing many time. The company pays attention to optimize use labour force: Day shift basically undertakes rough machining, the possibility that needs artificial interpose because of rough machining is larger, and evening shift basically leaves high speed precision work. In rough machining process, the condition that cutting tool meets bad is compared apparently much, another when this reflected high speed cutting " fewer but better " advantage. Pass reasonable process designing, the time of failure free operation that high speed cutting circulates is greatly much at groovy cutting. The workload in view of the rough machining that needs higher rate now and semifinishing machining increasingly grow in quantity, the advantage with long time of failure free operation is in outspread to major working procedure. For example, since since using HSM, raise what metallic excision leads to accumulate effect and the time related its (or man-hour) managing, make the manufacturing time of Steinkamp factory decreased 30% the left and right sides. The factory still is in shorten for commodity cycle the respect obtained similar result. The pattern that Nextpage produces because of Steinkamp pattern company basically uses the car part that makes certain variety, so the factory has not experienced a problem that other factory encounters: Client product is changeful often affect a mould to process data. Normally, the company is used from the data enough that gets over there the client, beardless commutation. Because concentrate energy at the product market of a certain fractionize, the factory excluded the factor of another change adventitious. Current, the factory has Kendaji only the member that CAD of a full-time is designed, and machine tool operator also is process designing at the same time member, this is a when use the aircraft processing factory of high speed cutting to gain a success truly main factor. Mr Steinkamp says: "We the process designing that all operator are adroitness member. " the strategy of HSM and program are being improved ceaselessly, and the rate that reflected treatment craft itself, because of this process designing member can the effect of the instant observation, process designing strategy that evaluates oneself is quite important. Really, for development and perfect HSM technology, differentiate manufacturing staff the groovy course of action of the member that it is process designing and machine tool jockey is improper. Mould of this many antrum by a few long insert a composition, with will shape complex part. Be out of shape to avoid what groovy heat treatment arises, this factory uses plasma nitriding craft to undertake sclerotic processing to the spare parts. The much antrum mould that improves production of factory of heat treatment Steinkamp includes a lot of comparison to be inserted longly, use the part with the complex form that make. For this, must avoid a metal to happen in heat treatment process be out of shape. On this, mr Steinkamp is right " plasma nitriding " the result of craft is very satisfactory, it avoided a few crucial problems related groovy heat treatment. In plasma nitriding process, put metallic spare parts into an airtight room first, recycle vavuum pump is smoked clean indoor air, vapor and hydrocarbon contaminant, next hydrogen of a kind of nitrogen gas mixture opens airtight room, spend till indoor vacuum achieve about 2 hold in the palm (atmosphere is 760 hold in the palm) . For safe for the purpose of, vacuum room ground connection and connect with power source anode, and the metallic spare parts that waits for processing connects with negative pole. Add 200 ~ 1, after 000V voltage, the electron breaks away from surface of metallic spare parts and shoot quickly to airtight room wall. In this process, the azotic element in splashing ejaculation electron to be the same as gas mixture produces high speed collision, generation takes the azotic ion of positive electrical charge, after that, the azotic ion that takes positive electrical charge leaves the outside with extremely tall acceleration collision spare parts in tall voltage again. This process brings about spare parts surface to produce glow discharge, above all, the iron element of the surface of spare parts of azotic ion drive that high speed collides and contaminant, this process cries " splash shoot " . Splash ejaculation iron atom to be united in wedlock and form nitrogen to change iron with neuter nitrogen atom. Deposit of this kind of compound is in spare parts apparently, next, continual ionic bombard makes nitrogen is changed iron is decomposed and produce atomic nitrogen. Atomic nitrogen dispersion arrives inside the metal, form the sclerotic layer of nitriding around spare parts surface thereby. The main good point of nitriding sclerosis craft is: Heat temperature is inferior, and do not need completely to quench. The average temperature limits of plasma nitriding is 750 ° ~ 1, 040 ° F. Because plasma nitriding is,diffuse process, is not pure besmear plating, the wear-resisting with so larger generation, be able to bear or endure exhaustion and corrosion resistance. The stress that accompanies this process eliminates reaction also excel convention method, because glow discharge forms evener heat,distributing. Plasma nitriding can offer 60-65 HRc or taller exterior hardness. At present Steinkamp company inserts the mould send Sun iron and steel to treat a company (Mixiegen city South Lyon) undertake nitriding is handled. Use this kind of technology, the spare parts basically does not have any is out of shape. To one is paid attention to very prevent plant of spare parts metabolic for, method of this kind of heat treatment is a of perfect and whole process main component. High speed treatment makes Steinkamp pattern company can replace EDM to machine complex part with milling, can offer enough surface at the same time bright and clean degree, leave out manual essence is ground. Groom difficult problem Mr Steinkamp admits, the worker that discovers the technology is adept hard is a common phenomenon, on this, the difficulty that the mould factory that is located in Kendaji encounters is more than the difficult problem of major servicing respect. What Germany is different from the United States is, germany has a basis to face trade and technical occupational firm double system of education, according to this system, the apprentice that offers in the factory grooms class (charge is assumed actively by employer) it is with what the government aids financially between school study, having extensive collaboration. Although Mr Steinkamp tries a few times to build a similar system in Kentucky north, but the vestibule school that he discovers place is unresponsive. Serve as to settle way temporarily, this company allocated the worker that grooms in Germany afresh. But as Kendaji factory continuity develops, mr Steinkamp also faces labor shortage problem with other factory of the United States. "We have enough portfolio to accelerate development rate in Kendaji, but above all we must find eligible employee. " he says. Speak of a metal machining a profession, mr Steinkamp undertook to American youth and German youth a few compare interestingly. American youth often plant of machining of look down upon, but he discovers, to such negative view, german youth wants not quite agree without giving serious thought. Of course, it is not easy that change youth machines occupational view to the metal, among them difficulty is the United States grooms and apprentice grooms the topic that plan organizer discusses again and again. Prospective speed has used the shop factory owner of high speed cutting more quickly to think generally, the technology that has acquired now is improved just is an iceberg one horn. These technologies still have future to develop and improve margin quite greatly it seems that. Accordingly, like Steinkamp pattern company such manufacturer is in every day take the lead in carrying out high speed cutting, in this process, metallic cutting expert is rolling out new technology with all-time rate. Their effort has sufficient reason to envelop in a kind of excited feeling, and, because HSM advocate had gained distinct competitive advantage, this kind of excited phenomenon will warm up further. For this, the main goal that Mr Steinkamp will come to is to continue to increase HSM to produce the rate in total output. Very simple, high speed machine tool runs, his company will go up from every spare parts gain more profit. A German Mold Maker Expands Operations From Europe To America On The Wings Of High Speed Machining.

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