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Title: The Top CNC Turned Parts Manufacturers for Metal and Brass Components

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining is an essential manufacturing process for producing high-precision metal and brass parts and components. CNC turning uses automated lathes to shape cylindrical parts to tight dimensional tolerances and specifications. There are many advantages to using CNC turned parts over manual lathe machining:

- Higher Accuracy and Consistency - CNC machines can produce parts to within 0.005 mm tolerance repeatedly. This level of consistency is impossible to achieve manually.

- Faster Production Time - CNC turning performs machining tasks faster than manual work. Complex parts can be mass produced efficiently.

- Waste Reduction - Automated tooling changes and precision operation result in less wasted material during CNC turning.

- Cost Effectiveness - For mass production of parts, CNC turning is much cheaper overall compared to manual work.

- Safer Operation - The operator performs tasks away from the machine, reducing risks of injury.

Many industries utilize CNC turning for their small metal component needs, including aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical devices and more. The types of materials commonly machined on CNC lathes include aluminum, stainless steel, brass, titanium and plastic.

Brass in particular is widely used to manufacture precision turned parts and components. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, combining copper's electrical and thermal properties with zinc's mechanical strength. Brass parts offer excellent machinability, corrosion resistance and dimensional stability. Common applications for CNC turned brass components include plumbing fittings, valves, musical instruments and ammunition cartridges.

This article will examine the top manufacturers specializing in CNC turned metal and brass parts and components. We will look at their capabilities, industries served, materials worked with and what sets them apart from competitors.

Mountain Machining

For over 25 years, Mountain Machining has provided CNC precision turned parts to a wide variety of industries across North America. They are an ISO 9001 and AS 9100 certified shop located in Vista, California.

Mountain Machining runs an impressive lineup of CNC lathes to manufacture metal and plastic parts. Their capabilities include turning diameters up to 15 inches, milling, drilling and tapping. Materials worked with include aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass, plastic and specialty alloys.

This shop specializes in aerospace and defense related components. They produce missile and ordnance parts, nuclear components, vacuum technology parts and more. Mountain Machining also makes medical parts for equipment like imaging devices and surgical robotics.

Prairie Precision Products

Prairie Precision Products is located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota and provides CNC precision turned parts for the medical, electronics, automotive and defense industries. They have over 65 CNC lathes for turning, milling and grinding work.

A unique service Prairie Precision offers is design engineering support. Their engineers help optimize part designs for CNC machining and manufacturability. They also make fixture design recommendations to improve quality and productivity.

This manufacturer specializes in small, intricate metal and plastic parts. Their capabilities include turning diameters up to 10 inches and hole drilling down to .008 inches. Materials frequently worked with include stainless steel, brass, aluminum and ABS plastic.

Prairie Precision Products holds ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality certifications for consistently meeting medical part specifications. They also comply with ITAR regulations for manufacturing defense and aerospace components.

Gorilla Metals

Based in Lodi, California, Gorilla Metals provides CNC turned parts in exotic alloys and other hard-to-machine metals. They specialize in hassle-free prototype and low volume production of metal components.

Gorilla Metals produces turned parts from materials like titanium, hastelloy, inconel and magnesium. These metals are difficult to machine but offer superior properties in high performance applications. The shop's CNC lathes can turn diameters up to 15 inches and utilize live tooling capabilities.

Industries served include military, space, semiconductor, chemical processing and motorsports. Example components made by Gorilla Metals include aerospace bushings, RC car drive shafts and drone landing gear parts. Their customers appreciate the quick turnaround, engineering support and strict adherence to print specifications.

Cardinal Components

For over 50 years, Cardinal Components has manufactured machined brass components for OEMs across North America. They are a Woman Business Enterprise (WBE) located in Waterbury, Connecticut.

Cardinal runs an extensive lineup of CNC turning centers, machining centers and support equipment to mass produce brass parts. Oil-free machining, automated deburring and cleaning processes ensure quality finished components.

This shop specializes in making brass fittings, connectors and valves for the plumbing industry. They also manufacture cartridge and shell cases for ammunition manufacturers. Customers include major brands like Moen, American Standard and Heckler & Koch.

All parts are 100% made in the USA from certified brass rod and bar stock. Cardinal Components is ISO 9001:2015 and ITAR registered to consistently meet defense and aerospace requirements. Their high quality, cost-effective brass parts ship to customers across North America and Mexico.

Future CNC

Future CNC is a veteran-owned manufacturing shop located in Tacoma, Washington. They provide CNC turning and milling services to a variety of industries across the United States.

This manufacturer specializes in quick turn prototyping and low volume production runs. Their capabilities are geared towards fast delivery of precision machined metal parts. Future CNC strives to get accurate prototype and first article parts to customers within 1-2 weeks.

They work with all common machining metals, including aluminum, steel, titanium, brass and plastic. Industries served include aerospace, firearms, robotics, medical, automotive and energy. Future CNC is an ITAR registered manufacturer supporting defense and government customers.

CSI CNC Turning

CSI CNC Turning is a full-service contract manufacturer located in Fridley, Minnesota. They offer complete precision CNC turning and milling to meet their customers' component production needs.

CSI runs an array of CNC Swiss screw machines ideal for high volume production of small, complex turned parts. Parts made on their Swiss-type lathes can measure up to 1.25" in diameter. The shop also provides CNC milling, drilling, tapping and finishing services.

Materials commonly machined include aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass, copper and acetal plastic. Industry applications include electronics, medical devices, pneumatics, hydraulics and robotics.

CSI CNC Turning is ISO 9001 and ITAR certified and provides full design engineering support. They're well known for quality, reliability and holding incredibly tight tolerances on turned parts and components.

Colonial Crafted Co.

Colonial Crafted Co. is a veteran-owned machine shop located in King George, Virginia. They provide rapid prototyping and production runs of precision CNC turned and milled metal components.

This manufacturer specializes in supporting defense, government and aerospace customers with ITAR-compliant parts production. Their shop is certified to AS9100D aerospace standards. Colonial Crafted produces parts and assemblies for tactical systems, satellites, aviation systems and ordnance components.

The shop is equipped with an array of CNC lathes, mills and other supporting equipment to manufacture parts. Materials processed include aluminum, stainless steel, titanium alloys, nickel alloys and plastics.

Colonial Crafted sets themselves apart with their engineering support. Their team helps optimize manufacturing by recommending design changes, alternative materials and different production methods. Customers can get parts quoted in 24 hours and delivered quickly.

CNC Turned Parts Buyer's Checklist

Here are a few key factors to consider when selecting a manufacturer of CNC turned metal and brass parts:

- Capability - Make sure the shop can produce your part size and geometric complexity. Understand their tolerance capabilities and precision level.

- Materials - Look for experience working with your required materials like aluminum, steel, titanium or brass. Find out their material sourcing and certification processes.

- Quantity - Match your volume needs with a shop suited for high or low production runs to avoid delays or high costs.

- Quality - Look for ISO and/or AS9100 certified manufacturers with a track record of meeting requirements.

- Location - A shop close to your location can offer faster turnaround on projects and easier communication.

- Cost - Get quotes from a few shops to compare pricing for your specific parts. Be wary of prices that seem too good to be true.

- Delivery - Ask about current lead times and on-time delivery rate to ensure you'll get parts when needed.

- Customer Service - Find a shop with good communication practices and a willingness to work as a partner.

In conclusion, there are many great CNC turned parts manufacturers to choose from in North America capable of producing high-quality metal and brass components. Do your due diligence when sourcing your parts to find a shop truly best suited to meet your needs. The right partner will deliver cost-effective parts on time and to specification. CNC Milling CNC Machining