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Turned Metal Parts - Your One-Stop Shop for High Quality Machined Components

In today's high-tech world, precision turned metal parts play a crucial role in manufacturing and engineering. From small consumer products to large industrial equipment, quality machined components help ensure optimal performance and longevity. As demand rises for smaller, more complex designs across industries, finding a reliable turned parts supplier becomes increasingly important.

That's where we come in. As an experienced CNC turned parts manufacturer, we provide top-notch brass, steel, aluminum and other metal turned components to meet your exact specifications and production needs. With decades of experience and state-of-the-art equipment, we deliver unparalleled quality control and on-time delivery at competitive prices.

Our Capabilities and Services

- CNC Turning - Our computer numerical control (CNC) lathes utilize programmed automation to precision turn metal rods, bars or blocks into customized parts and components. We can produce simple to complex turned parts with fine tolerances, excellent surface finishes and repeatable accuracy.

- Milling - In addition to turning, we offer CNC milling services to manufacture prismatic parts by shaping blocks of material. Our multi-axis milling produces intricate contours and complex 3D geometries.

- Secondary Processing - To provide finished components, we also incorporate drilling, tapping, grooving, knurling and other secondary machining operations into our production process.

- Surface Treatments - From heat treating to plating and coating, we apply specialized finishing processes to enhance durability, wear resistance, corrosion protection and aesthetic appeal.

- In-House Tooling - Our experienced toolmakers design and fabricate high-performance tooling optimized for your parts. This helps improve quality while reducing machining time and costs.

- Raw Materials - We source a wide range of raw materials for your turned parts including aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass, titanium, plastics and more. Our suppliers provide certified metals to ensure material traceability.

- Quality Control - Throughout manufacturing, we conduct rigorous inspections and quality testing using coordinate measuring machines (CMM), gauges, scales and other devices. This allows us to maintain extremely tight tolerances.

- On-Demand Production - Our flexible manufacturing enables us to produce prototype and low-to-high volume runs based on your schedule. We can scale output according to your changing needs.

- Rapid Turnaround - Our streamlined processes allow us to deliver urgent orders in a matter of days versus weeks. Just let us know your required timeframes.

We cater to a broad clientele spanning the medical, automotive, aerospace, electronics, industrial machinery and various other industries. Over the years, we've produced millions of turned metal components used in surgical instruments, pumps, valves, motors, turbines, landing gear and much more. The exceptional quality of our parts has allowed many customers to improve product performance while reducing reject rates.

State-of-the-Art Facility and Machinery

A key reason for our consistent quality and timely delivery is our use of the latest CNC technology and equipment. Our facility houses an extensive range of precision turning and milling centers ideal for high-mix, low-to-medium volume production.

Our advanced CNC lathes feature powerful spindle motors, live tooling, C-axis capabilities and ample work envelopes to turn parts up to 25 inches in diameter. They can produce intricate features like threads, tapers, eccentric diameters and polygons in a single setup. The machines are also equipped with automated feeding and parts collection systems for lights-out production.

We utilize feature-rich CNC mills that perform 3-axis interpolating, 5-axis simultaneous machining and other complex operations. They provide excellent surface finish while holding incredibly tight tolerances. The CNC controllers make programming fast and efficient.

Robust quality control and inspection equipment, combined with climate-controlled facilities, complement our production machines. We constantly invest in new technology to improve capabilities and keep pace with evolving industry needs.

Experienced In-House Staff

An important asset is our talented team of engineers, machinists, quality technicians and other specialists. Their in-depth knowledge and years of experience in CNC programming, setup, tooling, fixturing and machining ensures you receive turned metal components produced right the first time.

Our staff stays ahead of the latest advancements through continuing education and training. We also nurture important partnerships with tooling suppliers, metrology experts and raw material providers. This allows us to recommend ideal materials, treatments and design refinements to optimize your parts for performance and manufacturability.

Range of Turned Parts We Manufacture

With extensive in-house expertise and production capacity, we manufacture a diverse range of turned components. Common examples include:

- Bushings
- Shafts
- Spacers
- Rollers
- Knobs
- Valve Bodies
- Fitting
- Pistons
- Pulleys
- Rod Ends
- Fasteners
- Sleeves
- Manifolds
- Gears
- Collars

And many more! No project is too unique or complex. Our engineering team works closely with you to turn your blueprints or 3D CAD models into high-quality, functional turned parts produced on-time and on-budget.

Value-Added Services for Complete Solutions

To streamline procurement and enhance part functionality, we provide a range of value-added manufacturing services. This includes:

- Part Assembly - We can fully assemble multi-component products so you receive ready-to-install modules.

- Kitting - Our kitting service provides batches of pre-counted components for improved logistics and production scheduling.

- Product Testing - Our quality lab provides destructive and non-destructive testing to validate performance under real-world conditions.

- Inventory Management - We can store finished products in our warehouse and ship to your location based on fluctuating demand.

- Kanban Programs - These just-in-time delivery programs integrate with your assembly processes for greater efficiency.

- Design for Manufacturing - We help optimize part designs for peak machinability, performance and production economy.

- Engineering Changes - As product revisions occur, we manage updates to drawings, tooling and processes with minimal disruption.

Our comprehensive capabilities make us a trusted one-stop shop able to take projects from initial concept through full-scale production and delivery. This provides significant value through improved quality control, faster turnaround and less supply chain complexity.

Contact Us Today!

To discuss your specific turned metal part requirements with our engineering team and receive a competitive quotation, contact us today! We look forward to crafting a precision machining solution tailored for your application. CNC Milling CNC Machining