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Guest Post Guideline:

If you’re looking for submitting a guest post for MEGA BIZ NEWS, please follow the following guidelines. Mega Biz News accept guest posts on Finance, Business, Marketing, Technology, HR and many more topics from bloggers and other experts. Do you have content on a topic that you’d love to write and share with our audience? These are a perfect way to share your expertise with others so that they can start, grow your business. To maintain quality & maximize the chances that your Guest Post will appear at Mega Biz News, we ask writers to adhere to the following guidelines:

Please submit original article and not to post it on other website else.

Internal Links in a post are allow, but must be relevant (non-promotional) to the post. We do not allow affiliate and commercial links.  All content must be at least 700 words and may contain relevant videos, images that improve the overall experience of our blog.

Your articles may be edited prior to publishing.

Once a pitch has been sent through and meets our criteria, our editors will review and get in touch with any questions or feedback, and give you the go-ahead.

Here are few of the topics that we cover and open for Guest Posts.





HR & Staffing

Note: – We welcome bloggers to guest post who want to post their own blogs.

Ready to submit your guest post? Simply email us – info at megabiznews dot com.