Top 6 Most Common Hiring Mistakes Done by HR Managers
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Top 6 Most Common Hiring Mistakes Done by HR Managers

We often hear that mistakes provide excellent learning opportunities and it makes a man perfect. However, it’s the best not to make mistakes in the first place. Hiring the right employee is a stringent process for every business organization. It requires you to have the best hiring strategy which can limit your probable mistakes. Every HR manager should act proactively in the area of hiring, by selecting the right candidates they can help any organization to get ultimate success. Employers and HR managers make lots of mistakes in the process of hiring and recruiting new employees.

Top 6 Mistakes Done by HR Managers

#1. Not Hiring the Perfect Fit: The most significant mistake done by an HR manager is instead of focusing on a perfect fit they concentrate on finding superheroes. An ideal candidate is a one who can merge into the culture of your organization, and this means that you can neglect on some great fits because you think that their skill level is a little low. Most of the time when you leave a job it is not about the skills you lack; it’s most likely because you were unable to fit into the culture of the organization. Hiring fit candidates and polishing their skills is the best way to go.

#2. Hiring Favorite Candidates: It is the human nature to like some people over others, but it will be best to keep your favoritism out of the hiring procedure. If the HR manager brings a person to the company which will create an alliance with him, then it will create more difficulties for the other employees. Hiring personal favorite candidates means you will favor him more in the future which can be demoralizing for everyone, looking at every candidate as a neutral person is the best way to hire.

#3. Rejecting Overqualified Candidates: No doubt, it is always risky to hire overqualified candidates because there are chances that they won’t like to work in your organization for a more extended period. It is also a truth that without exceptional and highly talented people you are less likely to achieve your goals. So, the best way to hire overqualified people is by assigning them the key responsibilities which will make them feel good. Rewarding and offering attractive incentives are also some great ways to keep them loyal.

#4. Rushing While Hiring: Another problem is with the HR manager as they think everyone as the best candidate. They do not take their time and rush to hire anyone as quickly as possible. The whole hiring process costs a lot of time and money, so it is not easy to repeat the entire procedure if you are on a limited budget. It is essential to take time while hunting down the perfect candidate who fits into the plans of your organization instead of hiring some to fill the vacant position quickly.

#5. Relying Too Much on Interview: Another massive problem with the new HR managers is as they rely too much on interviews and first impressions. An interview alone is a poor tool to determine a right candidate for your organization. The interview should be a vital part of your strategy, but hiring someone on this base can create some problems in the future. The right criterion for recruitment is by equally evaluating the skills, qualification and the interview.

#6. Incomplete Job Description: It is impossible to find the perfect candidate without a clear and complete job description. You need to write down all the relevant skills, experience and personality in detail which you require for a specific job position. A full job description will also allow you to save a lot of your time as you will only get those candidates who think they are a good fit for a particular job.

As an HR manager or an employer, if you are making some of these mistakes while hiring, then it is the time to improve yourself. By eliminating and avoiding all the above mentioned mistakes, you can minimize the risks of hiring a wrong candidate.

Author Bio: Jessica Watson has been writing for websites and blogs for four years now. Currently, she is working with Aurion business consultants who are offering company formation in Saif Zone Sharjah and across all UAE.

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