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How You Could Benefit with Joomla Hosting for Your Business

Joomla is a free and open source content management system, very much like the WordPress and Drupal. The three CMS platforms power majority of the top websites in the world. Joomla hosting is for all types of businesses be it a small startup or a large traffic website.

Joomla has a huge variety of nearly 6000 plugins and themes. Most of them are free although there are some premium ones as well. Joomla is based on PHP and MySQL. Joomla is widely used by several businesses that run websites like online portals, e-commerce sites, intranets, extranets, blogs, and online publishing.

Amazing support from the community:

The CMS has numerous contributors and web developers that are working on the software and readily available to assist the newcomers.  Newcomers can easily find answers to any queries at the various forums or you could post a question and get instant replies from the Joomla enthusiasts.

Ease of use:

Another added advantage with Joomla hosting is it can be managed easily without the need of high technical expertise. Joomla can be installed on any server platform – shared hosting, VPS hosting, cloud, or dedicated server etc. You must choose a server based on your business goals and the traffic your business is generating.  Newcomers may find it easier with WordPress than Joomla but is far simpler than Drupal.

Attractive features that can help you grow quickly:

Joomla hosting offers the same ease of use like the WordPress while enabling you all the robust features of Drupal.

Enhance your social networking:

It is important to have a social networking strategy for a successful business. Joomla has many simple yet great ways to get your website the right exposure in the social networks. It will help you build your applications and reach your goals. Joomla offers numerous plugins that enable features like messaging, commenting, event creation, blogging, banners, groups etc.

Focus on SEO:

By enabling Joomla cache, you can have an amazing speed drastically bringing down the latency and improving the page loading time. There are many SEO plugins that you could use which will help you identify any vulnerable spots. You could configure and optimize Search Engine friendly URLs to help get a boost in search rankings.  Creating and updating fresh content is also a crucial necessity for better SEO.

Suitable for e-commerce sites:

While building e-commerce sites with Drupal and WordPress is also possible, Joomla can be more suitable for various reasons. Joomla comes with inbuilt security layers that comes as a robust protection against online vulnerabilities. You could add extensions to enhance the security with captchas, protection from XSS attacks, sql injections and similar. With Joomla hosting, you can almost do anything you want. You can create and manage different customer groups, build a multi-lingual online store, host websites in different languages in different regions. You can add membership features, accept donations and contributions, create events, sell tickets, and accept bookings and much more.

Manage any type of content:

Joomla hosting gives you the additional benefit of enabling you to keep track of the entire content like the lines of maintaining a physical library with hordes of books. Manage all your information- audios, videos, documents, blogs, text, photos and similar without any fuss. The software comes with built-in features to manage the content without the need of much coding or designing expertise.

What you need from the Joomla hosting providers:

There are numerous hosting providers that specialize in Joomla. However, it is up to the individual needs of a business that must be taken into consideration when picking up a hosting company. There are a few features that are expected in common from all the providers. These include:

  • 1-click installers that can be managed by through the control panel.
  • Flexible and scalable plans with ample storage space and resources to manage traffic spikes easily
  • Quality and most modern tools like SSDs, SSLs, integrated caching to enhance speed, security etc.
  • Utmost uptime and around the clock technical support.

Free domain and customized email accounts:

It is important to have a domain name that identifies your brand. Make sure your Joomla hosting provider includes email account t with your brand name. This helps in building your business reputation and trust among the customers.


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